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Art Trade For ThatFurryArtist by SavannaEGoth Art Trade For ThatFurryArtist by SavannaEGoth

Ahhhh, look!  I managed to get it done quickly!  :'D
I hope you like what I've done with your characters, deary.  I tried to follow their refs as closely as I could, and I really think I did okay!  I especially loved drawing Pharoah.  I absolutely adore designs that play off Egyptian mythology, and I particularly enjoy those that reference Anubis, so getting to draw this boy was like a dream come true.  <3<3<3
Thank you again for letting me trade some art for the lovely shadow beast!  I'll try to be a good partent for him, promise.  ;u;


Art (c) Me
Characters (c) ThatFurryArtist 
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ThatFurryArtist Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
OK SORRY FOR MY LATE-ISH COMMENT!! I meant to comment a few hours ago but I didn't have enough time to properly look at it/leave a reply ;A;
And uhhhh sorry for such a long comment in advance, I want to show my appreciation for these because I honestly love them to bits hhh <33

But oH MY LORDY LORD THIS IS FANTASTIC! This is SO much more outstanding that I ever would have imagined oh my gosh, I'm in love with your style for my charas so much !!!

I'll start with Jacob first >:'D
I honestly adore everything about him oml, from the wings (all those feathers must have taken a painstakingly long time to do oh good lord) right down to the dynamic pose and expression - you've honestly captured him so perfectly!! I especially love your take on his ears (they look so long and nice hh) and even the small detail of the tops of the nostrils being raised a bit gives a TON more depth to his face - I know it's a weird detail to make out haha, but I really like it! The facial structure in general looks fantastic, and you've done such good anatomy for the body - and then look at all that fluff!! Amazing!!

Personally, whenever I draw him I always find it hard to put him in a pose that deviates from the standing standing-hands-by-sides because it's difficult to pose hands that are so hecking big, but you've managed to put him in a pose that's so engaging and fun to look at, and it gives him aos much character! Great job getting those colours and markings down, I especially love the bit of blending/fade in the markings on the hair, it flows really nice ;u; And again, your anatomy is flawless! Your take on his facial structure is a really interesting one, and the more jutting-out chin, mouth lines, and curve of the ears look absolutely amazing.

You did an INSANE amount of justice to both of these characters and I couldn't ask for anything better, thank you for putting such effort in - and for getting it done so quickly too!! I'm honestly floored by how awesome this is, I just c a n n o t
I'm definitely eyeing off your commissions, I have one character that I think would look gorgeous in your style, so as soon as I make a proper ref for her I'm probably going to go and drop by ehe ;w; <3

Thank you so much for these!! Enjoy your new bab, I feel like you'll be a great owner for them <3
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, you're fine!  :'D  I figured you just were busy or whatever.  The in-depth response was really fantastic to see!  It was honestly incredibly reassuring to know that you enjoyed my work and appreciated the art.  I've honestly been really insecure about my art/style for a long time now, especially considering I've been trying to make a comeback on DA only to get very little attention in return for my efforts.  So just the fact that you're overjoyed with something I made is really theraputic and wonderful to hear.

I'm really relieved that he turned out as well as he did.  Like, I haven't really drawn dragons in . . . years.  He was kind of practice for me, and I had to redraw his face several times because I wasn't getting the jaw line and nasal bridge to my liking.  I tried to get the muzzle/nose to look as lamb-like as possibly, and I honestly really like giving little nostril raise-lines to things I'm drawing for the depth as you noticed.  You noticing them makes me feel better about doing it, like, the little details were all noted and appreciated and it's so refreshing.  Haha, the tail gets kind of narrow in the middle so I was worried it would look weird, but I didn't have it in me to redraw it at that point, and the feathers weren't too bad, there were just a lot of them.

Pharoah was a riot, and even though he didn't take as much effort he was by far my favorite to work with.  I know the struggle of posing characters with big hands.  I kind of stopped drawing the ones I had with them because it's so awkward and demands most of the attention from the piece, but heck his design is fantastic and the curves of the arms just kind of figured themselves out as I sketched.  I hope his face isn't too off.  I tried doing a perspective thing from underneath the chin, so a  lot of his face is hidden by the direction his head is pointed.  I was also less than confident in the paws.  (Like, I've been really hit or miss with paw anatomy for awhile and a lot of the practice I do with them just disappears and I have to focus super hard to make it come back, but yeah.  Drawing toes from different angles isn't the easiest for me right now.  quq)

Again, I want to thank you so much for letting me do this for you and giving me the practice with different creatures/body types.  This comment literally made my morning and I had to wait until I was up and not busy to give a response worthy enough of what you wrote me.  QuQ
ThatFurryArtist Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think you should be worried at all, your style is absolutely gorgeous <3 I'm sorry to hear you haven't been getting much attention - you really do deserve it! I've already shown a few of my friends your work so I don't know if they came back to watch you afterwards, but I'll make a little status post later on and hopefully a few more people will see <3

Of course, I think the raised nose is a really neat detail! I always try to see all the little details whenever someone does me a piece of art, because the details make it all the more wonderful to see all the work that went in - and I can tell you put in a lot of effort, so thank you ;w; <3

I'm really glad you had fun working with drawing him!! That's too true about the big hands, but I'm glad they didn't pose too much of a challenege for you :D
The face isn't off at all, I love people doing their own unique twists on my characters and I especially loved the way you drew it! I was actually sketching him with that kind of facial structure the other day after I saw this to get a feel for the shape, and it's really nice :D
All good, I know that they can sometime be a pain - I flick between paw styles a lot myself >< But again, I do think they came out looking really nice :D

No worries at all, if my characters can help with varying the things you draw even in the slightest bit then that makes me more than happy!! I'm really glad, and thank you for the long comment in return, I don't usually get ones like that back so it's really great to have a more lengthy discussion about your piece!! And again, thank you for it <3
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I really appreciate the kind words!  I wasn't anticipating the share, but I really appreciate it!  And I do think a handful of them ended up coming my way, so I have you to thank for that kindness, as well!

>u<  I don't like fudging trades or gifts, so I try to make something worth everyone's time.  You're absolutely welcome!

Ohhhhphewgood.  I was looking at the sketch of his face in the corner of that one refernce sheet to get a better grasp of his mouth and everything, so I was worried I made the chin too dramatic.  XD  He does have a really handsome profile.

Ah- I wish all art-related interactions were as pleasant and wholesome as this one, TBH.  Like, this whole exchange has just felt really wholesome.  And yeah!  You put in a lot of time and effort into your reply so I wanted to return the gesture.  It isn't often I am treated with something like that, and it's nice to return the favor whenever possible.  <3
ThatFurryArtist Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Good to hear that some people came your way ^w^

Not at all, I think you've drawn the perfect level of dramatic xD

I'm glad hehe ^^ Thanks again!! <3
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome!
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