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Adopted OC - Mish-Mash by SavannaEGoth Adopted OC - Mish-Mash by SavannaEGoth
I finally made a reference for my boys!  I went to the college today to get some things for geology, and bummed out in my mom's classroom just drawing on my laptop until she was finished teaching.  It was a fun time.


Name:  Mish-Mash
Gender:  Both are male, though lacking in . . . the parts
Age:  Mish is 4 years (~17.78 human years) | Mash is 5 years (~22.22 human years) as of this upload
Birthday:  Mish's birthday is December 21 | Mash's birthday is June 21
Zodiac:  Mish is a Sagittarius | Mash is a Cancer
Height:  3'6" at the shoulder
Species:  Supernatural Conjoined Wolven Canines
Orientation:  Mish is heterosexual | Mash is pansexual
Relationship Status:  Mish is single | Mash is single

Bulletmidnight - Mish
Bulletcream - Mash

BulletmidnightCool temperatures
BulletmidnightDark places
BulletmidnightPlaying in snow
BulletmidnightSmell of rain
BulletmidnightWalking alongside fast-flowing rivers
BulletmidnightProspect of intense weather
BulletmidnightThick forests
BulletmidnightHaving fun
BulletcreamWarm temperatures
BulletcreamBasking in the sun
BulletcreamSmell of growing grass
BulletcreamCrickets and cicadas chirping
BulletcreamRational thinking/reasoning

BulletmidnightOverly-serious people/creatures
BulletmidnightProlonged hard work
BulletmidnightWaking before noon
BulletmidnightTaking things for granted
BulletmidnightHaving his sight limited to the eye on his chest
BulletmidnightBig Responsibilities
BulletcreamChildish hehavior
BulletcreamBeing kept waiting
BulletcreamBig changes
BulletcreamDripping goo getting in his chest fur/mouth
BulletcreamPhysical fighting

BulletmidnightCremnophobia - Fear of precipices/cliffs.
BulletmidnightIllyngophobia - Fear of vertigo or feeling dizzy.
BulletcreamAutomatonophobia - Fear of anything that falsely represents a sentient being (animatronics, dummies, statues, etc.)
BulletcreamTetanophobia - Fear of lockjaw, tetanus.

BulletmidnightMish has situational depression at times.
BulletcreamBipolar disorder
BulletcreamSlight anxiety

BulletmidnightBlind in his true eyes, limited field of vision and depth perception
BulletcreamUnable to use his true mouth

Illnesses/Conditions:  Both suffer from the same effects of the supernatural forces interacting with the magical ones, resulting in black ooze which seems to be harmless if messy.

Goals:  To find out why they were joined, who joined them, and to go back to their normal selves.

Personality:  Mish is the more laidback of the two canines, and finds it easier to follow than to lead both metaphorically and litrally--he doesn't like being responsible for leading or making decisions that could affect others, and he has a hard time seeing due to his limited field of vision.  He tends to walk backwards to allow Mash to lead the two when they're out and about.  He likes to find the humor in things, and tries to lighten the mood whenever Mash is growing too serious or upset over something.  He likes taking things one step at a time, and is patient.  He enjoys the little things and despite his less than favorable state of being, he very much enjoys being alive as well as marveling at the creatures all around him.  He is usually calm and agreeable, going with the flow, rolling with the punches.
    Mash is a more serious and logical canine.  He prefers solving problems as soon as they arise, and doesn't like wasting time.  He prefers that others around him also treat situations with maturity.  He's rather dominant, and almost demands things go his way, though he does see it fit to take into account Mish's preferences every so often as well, worrying that any upset in Mish's temperment could negatively affect them both due to a shared supernatural connection.  He leaves little room for argument when making decisions, usually going with what he thinks or knows to be right.  He becomes stressed very easily, though, and is quick to anger.  He also has insecurities and may lash out to feel as though he's defending himself.  For as harsh and curt as he can be, he isn't necessarily a mean creature--he does the things he does because he wishes to preserve his life as well as that of his partner for the ride.
    The moods of the two canines are usually opposite of one another.  If Mish is happy, Mash is usually irritated or upset.  If Mash is happy, Mish is usually unsure or tentatively anxious.  If one is angry the other is usually neutral or emotionless.  If one is homicidal towards the other, then the other may be a cheeky, mischievous shit.  However, it seems that the one emotion they both feel strongly at the same time is sadness.  If one is depressed or sullen then the other is very aware of it.  If Mish is depressed then Mash becomes somwhat quiet and may become a little more patient or willing to take time out from their wandering journey to allow Mish to recuperate.  If Mash is sad, Mish will talk positively and and consolingly in a softer tone to improve Mash's mood.

History:  Who were they before?  They barely remember.  Mish lived a life where one night blended into the next as he slept in and out of rythm, enjoying a life of solitude in the thick, dark forests he called home.  There weren't a lot of creatures there, and the ones that did live there were nocturnal.  Mish altered his sleep schedule to exist as they did, and to give himself some more company.  He became fascinted by the nightlife of nocturnal animals--bats probably being his favorites.  He was very independent, yet still very social.  There weren't any other canines in his neck of the woods, and after some sorry attempts at getting a mate when he came of two years he decided that a celibate life was probably best . . . unless some female wandered into his life, that is, but he himself wouldn't actively pursue anyone.  That wasn't to say that he didn't like adventure or excitement.  He enjoyed the thrill of violent storms and bad weather.  The potential for flash floods or tornadoes to take place were particularly exciting for him, and he would often visit the river and pay attention to the weather to predict when some threat could arise.  In the event one did, he would excitedly race the storm and if he got caught up in one then he'd fight it, take shelter, get to some high point, and watch as things changed around him.
    Mash was very different from Mish in his life.  He had grown up in a large pack on the sunny outskirts of a pine forest that met up with rolling moors.  He didn't particularly being around lots of others, however, and would try to get as much time from everyone as he could.  He wwas more interested in finding a mate, though it seemed not a lot of females were interested, and thus he looked to males.  None of the males were really interested, either.  They all seemed to find Mash too difficult to get along with.  This somewhat depressed and infuriated him, and so he spitefully abandoned his pack, traveling the moors to find something else.  He kept traveling until he found a large, dark forest.  He didn't really want to leave the sunny fields behind, though, but not wanting to feel indecisive about the fork in his path he forced himself onwards.
    Mish and Mash never met one another prior to the happening.  They simply . . . blacked out before they could ever run into one another.  Something happened . . . some being whether it be creature or human or witch decided that it would be interesting to take the two of them--for as different as they were--and put them together.  When they awoke they found themselves in a clearing in an area that was familiar to neither of them, and found themselves conjoined.  Their hind ends were gone, severed, and replaced with the front half of a stranger.  Understandably they were both very startled and confused, and believed themselves to be dreaming or hallucinating the whole ordeal.  The longer they went on without waking or sobering, though, they realized the situation they were in was very much real, and they panicked.  When they began to panic and try to movre or run away from each other, though, something happened starting from within the pair of them--something dark and terrifying.  They felt pain and anguish, the purest, strongest terror either of them had ever experienced, and they howled in torment as they underwent further transformation.  Mish lost his sight, his eyes becoming sealed shut while Mash's mouth became stitched shut by a strong thread that appeared out of thin air.  After this had happened they continued to panic and writhe, but eventually wore themselves out.  After lying in that clearing for hours, Mish began talking to Mash, attempting to find out what had happened, though Mash could only make unintelligible, muffled noises.  This worried Mish who was now blind.  Mash was still quite afraid of their situation and attempted to get them both up and move around.  This in itself was an ugly ordeal as Mish didn't know where Mash wanted them to go, and wasn't very trusting of this stranger just yet.
    Another long moment had passed and the two were getting nowhere fast.  That's when someone else stumbled upon the pair of them.  The stranger turned out to be another creature capable of strange abilities, though theirs were less supernatural and more magical.  This creature, a female wolverine with a pelt like the midnight sky speckled with small, bright points of light fur.  This midnight wolverine came to them both as the last light faded from the sky and after she greeted them the two awkwardly worked together to inform her of their plight and beg her for help once they determined that this wasn't who had put them in this situation.  The wolverine pondered what to do, but was afraid that she couldn't quite undo all that had been done without seriously risking the lives of the two involved.  She could, however, make things a little easier on them to better equip them both with the means of communicating.
    They were hesitant at first, but accepted her offer, and she instructed that they would wait until midnight for their next transformation to take place.  A few more hours passed as the wolverine wandered off to prepare for the ritual.  The two canines waited by themselves in the clearing for her, not really having anything else to do, and when the time finally came with the arrival of the wolverine as midnight fell over the forest.  She had brought with her strange herbs and instruments with which she used to begin the casting.  Both of the males waited nervously, listening as she gave them a few instructions to follow.  It didn't take long for the magic to begin to take effect.  An eye matching Mash's had opened up on his chest.  With only one eye on a part of his body that he had to angle at things directly to be able to see his depth perception and field of vision were greatly decreased.  A mouth similar to Mish's own appeared respectively on Mash's chest, and allowed him to breathe deeper, speak, and taste.  However, as a side-effect of the magic forces mixing with the supernatural ones a strange black ooze began to leak out of Mish's closed eyes and Mash's stitched maw.  The wolverine explained this off as being a side-effect of the magic attempting to relocate their abilities of sight, taste, etc., while the supernatural forces attempted to keep them restrained.  They would be fine, but the ooze would continue to drip.  Mash at first attempted to argue with her, and Mish was still trying to get used to looking around with his one eye, feeling rather disatisfied himself with this outcome.  The wolverine warned them both that she could take the gifts she'd given them away and leave them to fend for themselves in their more limited form, and she earned an ashamed thanks from Mish, Mash following suit reluctantly.  Not much later the wolverine bid them both adeu and left to disappear back into the woods as mysteriously as she'd appeared.
    Now left to fend for themselves once again the two tried to figure out what had happened before they woke up together.  Neither one had a clue, but figured it had something to do with a supernatural being.  Mash cursed the wolverine for not helping them out more, but Mish suggested that they just be thankful they were helped at all by the stranger.  Eventually the two got moving, setting out to try and find clues in the nearby woods that would direct them towards the source of this power that had done this to them, only coming up short and with more questions.  Days of wandering and enduring one another were becoming taxing, but they somehow survived.  The days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months.  The pair of them went through thick and thin, venturing far as they investigated every nook and niche of the woods, moving on from one forest to the next.  They went through periods of fighting with one another as well.  At first they were unsure of one another, and were very much concerned for themselves rather than their partner.  After time they became more quiet and focused on their task.  This began to ebb as well when they began to lash out at one another with their odd fluctuaions in moods.  They became rather violent towards one another off and on, usually only one feeling antagonistic at a time.  Then they started leaving this phase as they became more sympathetic towards one another and regretful of their past actions and words.  They finally started glowing closer and more attentive to one another's feelings.  Their shared goal of finding out whom or what conjoined them and why eventually allowed them to get over the worst of their differences, though their moods were still often in conflict with one another.
    The pair of them are still searching out answers to their questions to this day, wondering if they're any closer to finding an answer than when they started.

 - Mish and Mash weren't their original names, but the names given to them by the wolverine, and used by creatures they come across in their travels more or less to their annoyance.

Theme Song(s):………

Voice Claim:  ?????


Mish-Mash (c) Me
Adopted from Monstaria 
:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: - ASK me if you want to draw them.  I reserve the right to say no, butiprollywon't.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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