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Adopted OC - Dashiell by SavannaEGoth Adopted OC - Dashiell by SavannaEGoth
I was supposed to upload this earlier, but I got sidetracked with livestreams and Bojack Horseman compilations so yeah.  But here's my version of the vampy-doggy's ref sheet finally.  I borrowed the bats from FuturisticWonderland 's sheet of him.  They looked really pretty, sorry-  I also spent awhile going over this description, and may make changes later.  I don't really know if I like what I've written below or not, TBH.


Name:  Dashiell 
Sex/Gender:  Male/Male
Age:  104 (as of this upload)
Birthday:  October 5th
Zodiac:  Libra
Height:  29.52 inches (75 cm) at the shoulder
Species:  Vampiric Giant Schnauzer
Orientation:  ?
Relationship Status:  Single

 - Quiet historic neighborhoods
 - Victorian architecture
 - Writing
 - The privacy of his library
 - Classical music
 - Violins and piano
 - Wine
 - Formal attire
 - Keepin' that hair coiffed
 - Eye makeup
 - Bats and other nocturnal creatures
 - Feeding birds
 - Preparing elaborate, gourmet meals with harvested blood

 - War
 - Having to kill his prey
 - Getting his paws or clothes dirty
 - Nosy individuals
 - Newer music and modern art
 - Hot weather
 - Vampire/werebeast politics

Goals:  To keep his vampirism in control, and avoid being outed for his affliction.

Personality:  Dashiel is quiet and stoic, and tends to come across as intimidating or mysterious.  He doesn't open up to others, and rarely engages in conversation with anyone he doesn't need to interact with.  He has trouble trusting others, and isn't very interested in building relationships.  He doesn't intend to be mean, he just believes it's for the best that he doesn't grow attached and that others don't grow attached to him in turn.  Actually, he's quite polite if outwardly emotionless.  He addresses those he does interact with formally and politely, keeping small talk to a minimum if not nonexistent.  He has great self control, but doesn't completely trust himself with the safety of others for fear he'll develop a hunger for them.

    He has little experience dealing with excitable or energetic people, and has trouble understanding newer generations, turning him off from interacting with others even more.

History:  Dashiell's mother reared his litter back in the early 1900's.  They were a family of immigrants living in a strange area during a rocky period of international conflict.  He grew up poor and with few friends, but was content to spend his time with his family.  Unfortunately, international affairs grew more and more tense until a breaking point was reached, and war broke out among canine and feline kind.  His homelife became even poorer, and resources were much harder to come by than before for his little family.

    Eventually, the war moved closer to his family's home, and began to destroy the area he called home.  His mother, growing increasingly worried for her family's safety began to seek out protection from some shady-looking characters Dashiell had distinctly remembered being told to stay away from as a pup.

    One day she left to go meet up with them again after a skirmish had broken out close to their home, not returning until the next morning, looking pale and stiff, her eyes wide and her emotions gone.  Dashiell had felt afraid of her despite her emotionless reassurances that she was fine, and soon, so would they.  Not understanding, and growing increasingly nervous of his mother's involvement with the scary-looking dogs from before, Dashiell began to fear his own parent.

    A fight had once again broken out very near to the family's home, and it ended up destroying a good amount of the private property around them before inevitably reaching their front yard.  Terrified of the screams and angry shouting, Dashiell had cowered with his siblings while their mother, normally a quiet and fretful dam, guarded the front door unmovingly.

    Moments later the fight had reached their front door and as the invaders broke into their home his mother descended upon them, and from the shadows of their home emerged the shady characters from before.  They swarmed the invading creatures with fury and nightmarish lethality.  Despite their best efforts, though, the enemy's numbers were great and they had defeated some of the strange characters.  Their mother, sensing their pending defeat, fled with her children out the back of their home, giving up the fight, and ushered them into the woods to hide them away from the fray.  She would not stay with them, though, as she was desperate to protect her children, and instead ordered them to run while she slowed down enemy scouts.

    Dashiell and his littermates were horrified to be separated from her, and so they all refused.  To their even greater horror, though, their own mother abruptly leapt upon them and bit each of them hard enough to break their skin and draw their blood.  Panicking and in pain, the children all scattered and ran, never to see their mother again.  After finding a place far away to hide, Dashiell collapsed and passed out, too worn and traumatized to lick his own wounds or find his siblings.  Unbeknownst to him, he would never see most of them alive again.

    Dashiell tries to block out his memories of the night that chnged his life forever--the devastation, the bodies of his neighbors and their attackers, the ruins of his home, and his very first feeding from the countless bodies strewn about his ravaged town.  He left the area and never looked back, distancing himself from the world.  He never learned the exact fate of his family, though he had assumed most of them to be dead until running into one of his younger sisters decades later in a rural village's marketplace.  The time apart, along with their vampiric transformations had greatly shaped the sibilings, and despite trying to stay together, they eventually parted ways, the pain of the past too much for them to face whenever they looked at one another.

Nowadays Dashiell lives by himself and does so quietly.  He has worked to surround himself with nice things and all of the luxuries he never knew as a younger pup, and has numbed himself nearly completely to the past.  He does not make many close friends, and pursues his interests alone, continuously improving upon his skills in the confines of his home.

 - Lives in a very private, older home shielded by thrick trees and hedges at the end of a long, winding residential road.
 - He collects vinyl records and limited edition printings of poetry.
 - He really likes using garden-fresh ingredients in his cooking, but is rubbish at gardening, and doesn't like getting dirt and mud under his claws, so he frequents farmer's markets and smaller grocery stores.
 - He loves animals, and doesn't feel comfortable feeding from them.  He stills buys and eats meat, though.
 - Rarely makes friendships or deep connections with anyone due to his slowed aging and his affliction.  He doesn't enjoy the loss of loved ones, and is afraid to become too overwhelmed by being near anyone for too long.
 - Has been known to occasionally feed off of individuals he knows in secret.
 - Has a cellar full of aging blood-infused wine.
 - He's able to shift into a few other forms, though rarely does this.
 - No one's been inside his house apart from him and the previous tenants, and he intends to keep it that way.

Theme Song(s):

Voice Claim:  ?????

you're a classic act [selling] by FuturisticWonderland <- Original reference sheet <3

Dashiell, art (c) Me
Adopted from (c) FuturisticWonderland 
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FuturisticWonderland Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Student Digital Artist
ik this is a late comment but i mUST SAY HOW HAPPY I AM ABOUT THIS REF
like omg i screamed when i first saw it?? it looks amazing like AH
you literally draw him perfectly! plus i read his entire bio and now i'm ten times
more in love with him! *-*//

poor boy :'U he needs so much love and attention

amazing work tho ahhh it's stunning! //u// <'33
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm really, really happy to hear that!! :'D
I was worried I was getting the proportions of his markings too off, but in the end it turned out okay!
I can't believe you read all that- omfg.  Haha, I was worried I wrote too much for an initial backstory, so I was going to go in and shorten it, but if it's okay then I might just make some basic grammar edits and leave it as is for the most part.\\

Boyo needs all the love, yes.  <3
//Dashi is pet

Ahh!  Thanks!  It's great getting to finally dust off my monitor and build on my art skill.  I was in need of some anatomy practice, for sure.  Thank you for giving me this wonderful guy!
FuturisticWonderland Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Student Digital Artist
of course i read it all i love reading references *-*//
//continues to stalk for any possible updates 

hnnngggg no but seriously it's so awesome what you did 
with him your putting him to better use than i would've cx
eeee well your improving a lot!! and your welcome! ;o;
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
BTS V embarrassed Aigoooo Thank you 
Kal241 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2018
Looks cool =3
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!  Future did a wonderful job with his design!
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