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Adopted Incubear - Georgie by SavannaEGoth Adopted Incubear - Georgie by SavannaEGoth
Name:  Georgie Hanan  ("farmer, earthworkerf" / "compassionate, merciful")
Gender:  Male
Age:  19 at death, 24 days spent dead, 19 as of 8/20/16
Birthday:  January 1st
Zodiac:  Capricorn
Death Day:  July 28th, 2016
Resurrection Day:  August 20th, 2016
Height:  5'3.5"
Species:  Succubear
Orientation:  Bisexual
Relationship Status:  *Sad noises*

Bullet; BlueCommon  Bullet; RedRare  Bullet; BlackLegendary
Bullet; RedTwo teddybear arms
Bullet; BlueAlmost sane, depressed, lethargic
Bullet; BlueStitched heart, glows
Bullet; BlueUndies, leggings, spiked anklets, choker w/ chains, ear piercings
Bullet; RedTwo eyes, black sclera
Bullet; BlueTeddybear ears
Bullet; BlueDemon horns
Bullet; BlueSimple spade tail

Likes:  Chains, chokers, piercings, eye makeup, tight clothing, long ears on succubears, giving/receiving flowers, cherries, flattery
Dislikes:  His ex, his inability to stop self-harming, liars, insults
Phobias:  Tetanophobia - fear of lockjaw (tetanus), Contreltophobia - fear of sexual abuse
Goals:  To find and murder his ex, to find someone new and be loved.

Personality:  Georgie is very reserved and secretive, but actually dreams of a passionate, intimate relationship.  He finds it difficult to communicate with others almost rendering it impossible for him to initiate any kind of close relationship with anyone.  He also has a hard time identifying others as his friends, and usually refers to them as his acquaintances or associates.  When he does become rather close to someone he'll begin to show interest in things important to them, give them small gifts, and if he develops romantic feelings for them he'll begin to flirt both affectionately and suggestively.  Deep down he's afraid of being betrayed by his lover so he tries to distract them with his tokens of affection, romantic dates, and just his presence in general.
    He may come across as generally indifferent, but he does listen to others and learns about them.  This is how he selects which people he'll get closer to and which ones he won't.  If someone does prove to be persistent in trying to get to know him, however, he may put in extra effort into getting to know them better.  He does, after all, enjoy flattery and positive attention.

History:  Georgie was, in life, a very positive youth.  Ever since he was first enrolled in primary school he had tried to see the best in people and attempted to maintain a fairly friendly or otherwise professional relationship with as many people in his life as possible.  He preferred having things run smoother than having them feel awkward and disconnected.  Due to his friendliness, however, he began to fall prey to those who saw him as someone easy to manipulate.  He entered the dating scene feeling rather optimistic, but found that a lot of people weren't looking for a committed relationship, and those that he thought were would end up leaving him.  Another major problem for him was that a large number of people questioned his masculinity or poked fun at him for appearing feminine.  He had always been accepting and understanding of others, so he was more than disappointed to have people judging him and treating him so poorly.  However, he was only in high school at the time so he put on a brave face and licked his wounds, distracting himself by instead finishing his high school career and putting dating on a hold.
    Georgie graduated high school with high grades and had his self-confidence mostly restored.  He had put an end to negative relationships in his life and felt that he was finally entering a more exciting time in his life.  He moved into a small rental home with a few of his closest high school friends and began to look at colleges that interested him so he could build a better future for himself and enter a fulfilling career.  It was about this time that the friends he had been living with suggested that he give dating another try.  At first Georgie was hesitant, but after some more encouragement from his friends he began to go out more to social hotspots in hopes of meeting someone nice.  His friends seemed to be having luck in their own love lives, and Georgie did find appeal in the idea of finding that special someone.  He began stepping a bit more out of his comfort zone and would start small talk with young men or women who caught his eye in the local shopping centers and food stops.
    Eventually through his friendly flirting Georgie met a nice young lady while out shopping and the two hit it off almost at once.  They began talking almost every night and organized their schedules so that they could see one another more often.  His friends were very happy for him and would help him to plan for dates and other surprises for his new girlfriend.  Georgie was, in turn, very thankful towards them and couldn't imagine being any happier in life.  Over the course of several months Georgie and his girlfriend got to know one another better and she began coming over more and more.  At first, Georgie was concerned that his roommates would be unhappy with having her over all of the time, but they didn't seem to mind at all, and treated her like one of them.  Georgie had, by then, enrolled into an online college to make his commute easier and to spend more time with his girlfriend and his friends.
    Another few months passed and Georgie was beginning to desire a more serious relationship with his girlfriend.  They hadn't really discussed something so dedicated before but he felt that it was the next logical step in their relationship.  The little dates and displays of affection were cute and all, but he really wanted something more longterm and meaningful.  Georgie was a bit nervous, though, and thought that he should go to his closest roommate friend first to talk about it since he was more experienced with women.  Georgie shot his friend a quick text on his way home, but received no reply.  It was a bit odd considering his friends always returned his texts in a timely manner, but he shrugged it off and continued home.  He arrived almost half an hour later and began to relax when he heard a commotion from his roommate's room.  Feeling curious as to why he wouldn't have responded to Georgie in the time between when the message was sent quite awhile ago, he knocked on the doorframe and popped his head in to greet him when he froze in shock.
    Georgie had never known true pain or heartbreak like he did that day.  That day when he returned home he found his roommate, one of his best friends he'd eve known, and the girl of his dreams in bed together.  Georgie felt himself shatter and his stomach sink and twist into a firm knot.  In that moment, however, he couldn't react to what he'd seen.  He had promptly turned around and left his roommate's room, going back to his own, and locked himself inside.  For the next three hours he stayed like that--silent in his room.  His girlfriend had come to the door of his room, begging, pleading, and crying.  He never opened the door, and he ignored the messages flooding his phone from his roommate and his girlfriend.  He felt betrayed, lied to, and broken.  He had loved her and now he had learned yet again that people could be cruel and wretched.
    Eventually their attempts to contact him ceased and Georgie was left on his own once more.  The pain didn't stop, though.  It lasted for weeks.  During that time his girlfriend had left him and his roommate moved out, leaving him with the other one in akward silence.  No matter what they tried they couldn't get Georgie to come back around and forget his ex.  Georgie's grades had slipped at the college and he began neglecting personal hygiene.  For the first time in his life he'd even turned to self-harm as a means of coping with his situational depression.  All he'd ever tried to do was love people and pay them special attention and it had blown up in his face.  Unable to cope with the emotional stress and newfound emotional disorders, Georgie's self-torture increased until one night it came to a tipping point.  His remaining roommate had come home after work one night to find the house a mess with furniture tipped over and things scattered on the floor.  The place was trashed with no sign of Georgie although it was his day off of work and school.  Looking around for his friend worriedly, his roommate found Georgie on the bathroom floor surrounded by empty pill bottles and an empty bottle of rum.  Panicked, his roommate contacted 911, but it was too late and he was pronounced dead before he arrived at the hospital.
    No one from Georgie's family showed up at the funeral.  It turned out that they all lived far away and Georgie had been living with a friend of the family instead of his actual relatives prior to attending college.  The roommate he'd left behind to pay for their rental home had spent most of the time arranging the service themselves along with the family friend Georgie had previously lived with.
    It hadn't even been a month since Georgie had taken his life before his life was restored to him.  He didn't understand completely why he'd been brought back, but it seemed that the woman who brought him back wanted him to get revenge for his heartbreak.  However, as much as he disliked his ex and hated her and his former roommate for what had happned, he wasn't sure he could go through with murdering them.  He wasn't even very proud of the fact that he'd taken his life or that he still felt the urge to harm himself.  Rather than getting a headstart on his assigned "mission" he kept to himself, trying to adjust to his new life.  He took to using needles and pins and would insert them into his limbs, giving himself a constant feeling of pain.  He didn't like it, but for some reason he couldn't stop torturing himself even now that he'd been given a second chance at life.  And as much as he would hate to admit it, he wondered if perhaps he could find someone who could love him even in his new form.  Someone he could shower in affection and not have to worry about leaving or lying to him.

Theme Song(s):

Voice Claim:  ?????


:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: - ASK me if you want to draw them.  I reserve the right to say no, butiprollywon't.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Georgie (c) Me
Succubear Species, this character's design (c) xHotaruChu 
    *Succubears are a CLOSED species!  You cannot make one unless you participate in an event or adopt one from the creator.  Don't steal (duh).
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JadeyW Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I couldn't resist and read all the info about him, ahh ; ; poor thing </3
But well, you did a great job with this character! I really like his design, he looks so cuteee ;///; also, I like your style so much ♥
And that personality really fits them :'D
Hope he finds a special someone, he really deserves it </3
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Omfg, thanks! :'0 yeah....I sort of channeled a lot of angst into him and based him loosely off of recent events in my own life, the lil cinnamon roll. UnU

I appreciate the read, sweetie! Me too~
qhost-milk Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
ahh I love this shiny eye ♥ so beautiful >//u//<
btw you don't need to include the heart next to him in your drawings, I just add them for the case you want to draw them naked//to show the rarity
and I'm sorry I didn't read the text because I hate reading, but it sure looks like you've put alot of effort into this, thank you!! it's appreciated ♥
SavannaEGoth Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh thanks~ Even when I'm just flat-coloring I can't resist the shiny eyes~

Yeah, I know. XD it was just sort of me putting it there so I wouldn't forget what it looks like 'cause I'm a dweeb.
Thank you! I actually procrastinated writing his bio for several hours which is why I uploaded him so late. :/
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