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2014 Summary of Art by SavannaEGoth 2014 Summary of Art by SavannaEGoth
Oh look.  My summary of art.  IT IS LITERALLY MOSTLY MY FANTROLL AND GIJINKA STUFF, I SWEAR TO GOD.  I mean, yeah, I uploaded tons of other shit, but this is really all I'm most proud of.  Yay.

JAN:  Hellhound Adopt 2 - CLOSED
I honestly didn't do much this month.  I think I only uploaded an adopt or two and did some fanfiction stuff or whatever.  I hardly uploaded anything, but I was super, super active with rps.  I feel that I was active for a majority of my team with rps.

FEB:  Fantroll Music Video - Dead Hearts
I finished my mot popular YouTube video (channel:  GothSaidWhat) this month . . . sort of.  It's actually an unfinished project, but the most popular thing I ever uploaded there with . . . over six thousand views at the moment, I think?  Four thousand?  It's some even thousand something.  I'm really honored that I got that kind of a response and that I was at least able to get that far with my video.  I pretty much just worked on the scene WIPs during my French and CAT classes and then only drew a few of them on MSPaint.  I got a few other WIPs done that month, as well.  I honestly wasn't very art-active during the beginning of the year.

MAR:  Pokenoir Application - Violetta Nerezza
Ah yes.  The month when I joined my first rp group, Poke-Noir.  Violetta, whom I created on a whim, has actually gotten pretty far in the group and has made a ton of acquaintances and professional, casual, and close relationships.  I'm ever planning her future life with one of my best friends in the group, and I feel it's safe to say that you'll all see much more of her in the future.  I think this is the best full-body drawing I had done up to that point.  (Also . . . now I'm in several rp groups along with my regular rps with my friends.)  I think it was at the end of this month that I broke up with my first boyfriend and afterwards I was . . . weird to interact with, I guess.  But hey.  Don't need to worry about him anymore.  UuU

APR:  <da:thumb id="448925179">
I made a lot of MSPaint deviations this month, and messed around with blending and gradients on the program.  I was also working on proportions and junk, and sort of tweaking my style a little.

MAY:  <da:thumb id="456038325">
AGAIN?  FUCK YOU, DEVIANTART.  This is one of my favorite music videos I've ever made.  I, at the time and still sort of now, was chin-deep in Sav X Vlasse feels.  Like, everything we talked about and rped was depressing and dramatic and I loved ever second of it.

JUN:  <da:thumb id="462983641">
*Sighs*  Getting real tired of your shit, DA.  This was one of my most popular homestuck-related drawings, and really all I did was edit and draw over/recolor panels from Cascade.  I really love the way it turned out, though, and I used my little drawing of my fankid!me as my actual avatar on different web sites and shit.  XD

JUL:  A Different Kind of Dynamic Duo - HI Log 1
I had another slow month in July, and mostly uploaded group-related assignment writings and shit.  Here's my first one for Hunting-Insanity.  Other than that . . . not a lot happened.

AUG:  <da:thumb id="476147080">
Fucking DA.  Why do you not give me consistent posting options you bitchlords?  This was  the month I worked on my fantroll cosplay and made my horns so I could go to ComicCon as Savana.  However, that went downhill as I didn't get the body paint, my graphic came off my shirt, and my brother broke my horn.  *Murder face*  We also moved house that month and got a sweet new room and shit.  I love it here and . . . well . . . I guess I'll miss my room when I go off to my college dorm whenever.

SEP: Nobody Can Save Me Now . . .
I got really into using my sketchbook again in September, and really started finding a definite style while challenging myself with perspectives and other things.  I also used a lot of cross-hatching and shading this month, and I was proud of everything I managed to do.  I got a lot of positive feedback from everyone, too, which led to me working on even more things!  So thanks for the support!  :D

OCT:  Violetta Valeria Melania Nerezza
I attempted more realism that month, but just ended up doing hyper-realistic cartoon-ish drawings.  XD  This is my favorite sketch to date, by the way (only possibly tying with the one prior).  I got a little more busy with school this month, and then I met my new boyfriend, Josh!  We hung out on his birthday and even went trick-or-treating together because he really wanted to and said I needed to go out and do something on my holiday night.  He's been super supportive of me and my art and I'm really glad to have met the dear <3

NOV:  It's Just Medicine
This was my first time trying detailed digital shading and coloring, and it turned out really, really good for an attempt!  :)  I started coloring way more sketches digitally after this and stuff and I've been working a lot more on perfecting my style as it were to get something easier to draw while leaving it to look eye-pleasing and somewhat realistically proportioned.  My shading and attention to detail on eyes has gotten better as well, thanks to practices like this.  I also was more inspired to draw things from rps after this picture, and have a ton more like it in my gallery folders.

DEC:  Booty Swing
This last month has been a nice period of rest and playing catch-up.  I've been working on putting out and finishing way, way more of my WIPs and sketches and stuff.  I did a lot more with digital coloring and stuff, though I got done with it pretty quickly after one of my most recent Violetta pictures.  XD  I also joined another rp group--OtherWorlde--and I am continuing to just casually rp with all of my other friends while I keep making things on MSPaint and play video games which honestly mostly consists of Pokemon, Skyrim, and Sims.  Heh.

I can't wait for another year with you guys and gals.  I'm really improving as an artist, probably this year more than others.  I've still got plenty of art left in me!  XD


Art, Savana, Savana (c) Me
Hell Hound adopted by Shadedforests 
Poke-Noir (c) keldeos
Vlasse (c) HappyFridge 
Meserid (c) ShaeDurii 
Mem (c) TertonDA 
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