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July 2:eager::wow::heart::excited: <---- that's all I will say for now... I have to find out for sure... so you'll hear from me again in this journal soon Or if it's "changed" news then I will just be deleting this :peace:

Update: July 17th
I will be able to tell you all On August 1st :eager:

Update: July 23rd
Forget it I will just tell you guys since we already told our folks :XD:
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 3 years and we have taken about 4 at home tests and they all said pregnant so there you have it that is our big news.
My first doctors appointment is August first to do all kinds of first time tests and such and then I guess we will know for sure but I'm nervous and excited so I just had to tell you guys :D I guess I just fear we are excited and then go to doctor and something is wrong with me or it and have to get it out you know so I didn't want to say anything 'til the doctor visit but lets just keep on the positive side ;)

Update: July 31st
Tomorrow is the day.. 10:40am I go to the doctor :eager:

Update: August 1st
It's official..went to the doctor and she said I am about 9 weeks along and everything looks good so far :thumbsup:

Update: This journal I mentioned I was 13 weeks…

Update: October 12, 2012
I'm 20 weeks now! :wow: (give or take a day or so) I go in for my 4th doctor visit (not counting hospital ultrasound visit at 16 weeks) wed. oct. 17th We should be able to find out the sex if he/she is cooperative :giggle: if you guys are curious I'll let ya know.. I'd do some creative photography shot to show you the sex but all I have these days is my cell phone which has a nice camera considering. :peace: I'm pretty sure I felt fetal movement around 16 weeks and today at 20* weeks It feels stronger.. a lot of kicking today.. but it also feels like muscle spasms in my stomach :giggle:

Update: October 18, 2012
Went to my 4th appointment yesterday morning..waited for longer than usual but she's a busy doctor :shrug: lol. I am 20 weeks "and 3 days" now :eager: AND GUESS what ? :XD: I knew this baby was stubborn :giggle: Still don't know sex :P The umbilical cord was between the legs therefore we couldn't tell 100% :lol: Next appointment November 7th :happybounce: I think I'm starting to show now :heart:

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I'd like her to be a girl :la: lol