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So holy moly I have had a set of years that were trying and terrible. BUT! I am getting back on track, and I'm really pleased and proud to announce the launch of my new store, !! It's got all my designs and will be where I'll be posting and submitting all the new and exciting things and products I come up with. Be sure to follow and check it out! I'll be attempting to be more active on this site too--I didn't realize how much art I've been slacking on uploading!!!

For black friday, we are doing a special deal where until tuesday, if you enter code "blacksparrow" at checkout, you get 20% off your entire order!

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Divinitypek's avatar
Yay! take my money!!
ghost-reaper's avatar
Nice to see you back. May you draw ever more.
savagesparrow's avatar
But of course! =D 
WCDireWolf's avatar
... Who are you?  Are you a ghost?!

... I mean Welcome Back, Sparrow. XD