The Black Bells Part 2

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The Black Bells
Part Two
"And that concludes today's service. Feel free to enter the hall, where we will be serving tea and biscuits, and don't forget that we still need donations for our earthquake in Indonesia fund. Sisters and brothers, go in peace to serve the lord." "Amen." the crowd replied, and like ants to cake, they began scuttling out of the old stone building they called their church, red, greens and blues shining down on them through the stained glass windows.

Once the rabble had dispersed, Dan took off his hat and slowly entered inside. Strolling along the aisle, he passed the snow-white altar and through a small wooden door to a neatly furnished office, paintings of saints and Christ dangling on the walls. Seated at the desk, eyes scanning page after page from a small orange bible, was Father Sam, a stocky bear dressed in a simple shirt and trousers, semicircular glasses perched on the end of his black nose.

"Good day Father." greeted Dan in a low voice.

"Ahh, agent Clancy." smiled the aging priest. "How nice of you to drop in. Do you feel the good lord's love, then?"

"I believe in one thing, Father; the truth. And I think you know what I mean?" inquired Dan, sitting cross-legged in the chair opposite the priest.

"The missing children? Oh, a very terrible thing." replied Father Sam, getting slowly, with a look of remorse. "Why just this morning, I was counselling the mother of one of the boys. Poor thing is in a state of absolute breakdown."

"Yes, yes, that's all well and good, Father, but tell me… did you know your church is in the epicentre of all these disappearances?"

"Oh, I wasn't informed of that." replied the priest with some stutter.

"Father, I know this will hurt, but… do you think someone working here might be implicated in this? Anyone work overtime or has had any suspicious activity of late?"

"I am most sorry, Agent Clancy, but all of the parishioners are elderly and I very much doubt that any of them could bear any malice towards innocent children, never mind three officers of the law." chuckled Father Sam, sitting on his desk.

"Hold on a sec, Father… how do you know about the missing officers?"

"In these villages, Mr Clancy, nothing stays secret for long, alas. If there is anything I could-"

"No, no. Thank you father, but I must proceed with my search of the area. My partner must have already completed half the task with out me. Good afternoon." and with that, Dan plopped his hat back on and departed from the little office.


Out in a nearby field, lush and green, mooing resounding like Nature's symphony, Risa sat on a mossy stone wall, arms crossed, lost in thought. Then suddenly, she felt a hand clutch her shoulder. "Well, kid?"

"Oh, Christ! Don't do that! And cut the kid already. I'm 25, ya know!"

"Whatever." snided Dan. "Anyways, did you find anything?"

"Not a thing. Cleaner then holy water. No records, no fines, no even j-walking. The guy might as well be Jesus!" moaned Risa, flopping to the ground, all grumpy faced.

"Don't fret. I think I gotta a good hunch going." came Dan, kneeling down.

"What do you mean, Dan?" asked Risa, slightly confused

"In villages, nothing stays secret for long' my hairy ass! Even the local police wouldn't be stupid enough to disclose info about missing cops to anyone, unless-"

"Unless Father Sam knows someone involved in this, and is protecting them" Risa shot, her face wide with realisation.

"Uhhh… yeah, that's right. Just what I was thinking. He he." Dan blushed a little, and since he was green, it showed clear and brought a little titter from the golden fox girl.

"I say we should confront him. In his church. I doubt he could lie before the Lord." Risa slowly got up, determined, brushing off her trousers.

"Oh, if only stuff were that simple Risa" sighed Dan, scratching his forehead.

"What do you mean?"

"If we went into that, and found nothing, he could inform the kidnappers about our quizzing and have time to eliminate evidence and escape, meaning this whole investigation will have been for nothin' "

"So what do we do then?"

Dan slowly paced backwards and forwards, taking his hat on and off like clockwork. Then he froze.

"Once he's in dreamland tonight, we can browse around the church and find any clues that could implicate in this whole affair."

"Of course!" joyed Risa, her face bright as the sun.

"But that's for tonight. Come. I hear there's a great ice cream parlour in the village. Mario's gelato, I believe…" he said, placing his arm around the girl, and leading her down the field, smiling. Something he wasn't know for, it has to be said.


It was pitch black, the night like a massive force, shrouded the bright green fields in darkness, reducing visibility massively. Amidst the dark hills, however, where two dots of pale yellow light. Torches. Taking careful steps so as not to frighten the creatures who slept out in the fields, two figures approached the church, now more like a black demon then anything holy.

The two lights quickly flew around the side of the ancient building, checking for any locks or doors, aside from the obvious ones. Around the back, they stumbled upon a small, rotting door. Carefully, gloved fingers opened the rusty latch and ebbed the door forward to allow the two beings inside. "Right, lets do some church raiding!" came Dan's voice. The two soon went along the main mass hall, scanning the aisle, the pews, the altar, the statues for anything incriminating. Nothing.

Annoyed, Dan was readying to shout, "Oh, in the name of-"

"Shhh! What's that sound?" came Risa's gentle voice, her hand on his shoulder. From behind the altar curtain, they heard strange sounds. Approaching closer, their ears could make that the sounds were of different tones and lengths. Talking! Slipping his fingers in a narrow gap between curtain and wall, Dan ebbed the huge fabric aside and glimpsed several dark looming figures, seated in a circle, through the glass windows that showed what was normally the prayer room.

"So, the dopey kids nice an' secure, then?" came one gruff voice.

"You bet. And the chumps who posed as police 'ave been... seen to... boss is gonna be right pleased!" came a higher one, as if he had sucked a tank of helium.

"What about them two buggers that been goin' around, asking questions?

I saw one of 'em this morning went I left church." whispered another.

"Relax, Bob. Them two ain't no problem. We just take 'em out like anyone else, eh?" assured the first one.

"But Marcy. That tall git with the hat. I seen him before. He ain't gonna let us guys finish the job quietly. I saw 'im blow down 'alf a dozen blokes when I worked for the German Mafia" shot the high one.

"Nah, Joe. He ain't gonna figure this t'ing out before the boss finishes his plan." smirked the gruff Marcy, putting a hand to his fuzzy chin.

Stepping away from the curtain, Dan took Risa by the arm, extinguished the torches and led her back outside the church into the cold night air.

"What's up?"

"This is becoming more then just kiddie pranks, I think." Dan whispered with great nervousness. "If muscle like that is involved, I think Glenarm might be sitting on something pretty big and pretty nasty."

"Paedos? Slave rings? Ransom?" asked Risa, keeping careful steps next to Dan as they moved away from the church and back into the fields.

"Oh, I just don't know. Until we have more concrete evidence that Father Sam is mixed up with this load of punks, we can't prove a thing!" he grumbled. Walking for a good twenty through black terrain, they arrived back in the desolete village. Strolling quietly inside their hotel, they ascended the stairs and opened the door to their room when…

"DOWN, KID!!!!" screamed Dan, pushing Risa to the ground, followed by himself. Overhead, a storm of bullets flew past. Wasting no time, Dan hurled himself and Risa to one side, narrowly missing another storm of lead.

"Man! Crap just got WAY more real!" he cursed, delving into his pockets and pulling out blocks of metal. Clicking into place like Magnetix, the random blocks turned into an Uzi machine gun. "Keep your head down, kid!" yelled Dan, leaping back up into the doorway and unleashing a massive spray of bullets upon the attacker, shattering photos, lamps and even a red vase with white florets painted on it, into crumbs and shards on the floor. The attacker was peppered in his legs, stomach and shoulder, collapsing to the floor with a loud CRASH!

Rushing to his defeated nemesis, Dan clutched his shoulders and barked, "Talk, smart guy! What's the big deal?"

"Go to hell, Law Douche!" spat the bleeding hitman.

His eyes ablaze, Dan clutched the hitman's throat and began applying pressure on nerve points, causing massive pain. "I said TALK!" shouted Dan. The hitman screamed and swore in pain, trying his hardest to give in, but the pain won through, "OK! OK! Sweet Jesus, I'll TALK! JUST STOP!"

Loosening his grip, Dan gave the hitman a moment before he finally spoke,

"I was hired by some fat geezer and a lizard with a moustache. They paid me 2000 quid to ventilate you and the chick. I don't know who they are! I swear! Its all I know!" he squealed, the pain of holes and pressured nerves causing him endless agony. Spinning his head around, Dan eyed the land-lady, her face plastered in green face cream. "CALL AN AMBULANCE! WELL GET ON WITH IT, WOMAN!" he screeched. Like a frightened child, the land-lady fled and grabbed the nearest phone.

"Well?" Risa asked, kneeling down next to Dan.

"Now… the game's gotten hotter!"


Though the hitman didn't make it, Dan and Risa's minds were set on other objectives. Splitting up, they searched every corner of Glenarm, trying to find the lizard with the moustache. They went through clubs, pubs, discos, the football arena, the park and even the XXX shop, but no trace of the man.

Then, late in the afternoon, as the sun began to set and turn an orangey-gold, Rita scouted out the police station, and stared wide-eyed at what she saw; the janitor, dressed in a battered sea-blue uniform, was a lizard, with a thin, twirly moustache! Rushing to Dan, who was immersed in a Times crossword puzzle, she explained her discovery.

"Well… It's worth a shot. He may have gone under disguise" Dan replied, throwing the newspaper aside and loading up two Uzi's under his coat, as well as a handing a small, black automatic to Risa. Armed, they proceeded to rent a car from the local hire service. A few hours later, they sat in a Renault Clio, not far from the station, carefully observing for the moustached lizard. Just they were about to give up, he appeared, this time in a grey jumper and cream pants. Sliding into his Volvo, he started it up and drove off, with Dan and Risa following at a distance. The two followed him as he drove out of town, onto the motorway, and then took a side route leading to a clump of cottages before finally stopping out an old lumberjack warehouse, giant logs from the local forest still mounted up in prism seven times Dan's height.

As he walked through a rusted door, Dan and Risa scouted the back of the building and saw small opening; a hole behind a set of grimy blue barrels. Squeezing through, they slowly trailed along the sides of the huge saws and milling machines, keeping their heads low. Approaching they saw the lizard walk to an iron door, speak something, and enter. Approaching either side, Dan knocked on the door. A slot opened, green eyes peered through. Seeing nothing, it muttered something in confusion and opened. Out came a muscular badger, a shotgun slung over his back. "Oi! If youse is gonna-"

His outburst was cut off by a swift bang on the head with the butt of Risa's gun. "Hmm. Impressive!" admired Dan. She smiled back and the two slowly crept inside.

Then suddenly, bulging, rock hard arms grabbed them!

They squirmed and kicked, struggling with all their strength, but the goons' grip would not falter. Eventually, more goons came up, taking their guns and anything that could be used as a weapon. That done, they dragged the two agents into the nearby office, despite their fight. Once inside the humble wooden office, their eyes widened when the face that faced them was not that of Father Sam, but that of their own superior…

Montgomery Mammoth!

"Why you two-faced lying BASTARD!" screamed Dan, his eyes burning with hate for his former friend. Mammoth simply strolled up and eyed Dan with contempt. "Oh do calm yourself, dear boy." he replied in his smooth, gentlemanly voice, "Did you really think all I ever do is relay orders from the Baroness to you?"

"WHY? After all these years of kickin' ass, why have you sided with the scum you were hired to eliminate?" asked Dan, teeth bared. "You mistake my itentions, dear boy. I am not a crime boss. On the contrary, I'm simply using 'assistance' to help me claim what is mine."

"You kidnapped those kids?" said Risa with disbelief.

"Damn brats didn't keep their noses out of my business, so I had… take steps, shall we say?"

"You… killed them?"

"Oh heavens no! I need them for another purpose. Have you ever heard of the legend of the Black Bells?" Monty queried. Risa shook her head, but then Dan spoke, "Black… Of course! The Sebestians and their experiments! They created the ultimate weapon. Psychic bells!"

"But, how do know this?" asked Risa, confused completely. "Those books in my under-bridge apartment ain't just for decoration, sweetie," he replied.

"Perhaps you're not just the cheap  gun-blasting thug I had assumed you to be." said Monty. "Nope, but you ARE the fat bastard I had always guessed you-OOOOOPPHH!" A solid punch to the gut from Monty's huge fist ended Dan's little revelation. "I've waited SO long to do that!" mumbled Monty. "Gents, go have some fun with our guest." Evil smiles appeared on all the ugly faces in the room, and the goons dragged Dan outside, laughing and hollering "Oh boy! We getta beat us a bitch, boys!"

"You heartless twat! TWAT!" screamed Risa, her face red with rage at Monty. He simply turned around and placed his hand on her slender face, which she promptly shook off. "Such a shame… you were always the best student at the academy…" the old mammoth sighed, "Men, secure her!"

No sooner had he spoken, then white plastic straps were tightened painfully deep on Risa's wrists and ankles, following by the stuffing of a washcloth deep into her mouth, sealed with an tatty handkerchief, silencing her. A goon hoisted up the struggling girl onto his shoulder and exited the room with Monty.

"OK, boys. Lets get 'im!" screamed a thug, swinging a crowbar high in the air, followed by about ten others. Dan lay on the floor, having taken a sucker punch to his face, blood spewing down his lip. As the goon raised the bar for the kill,  Dan sweep kicked him, before leaping back up and punching another goon square in the face. A series of uppercuts, punches and kicks easily took down the next bunch, before the last one standing had grabbed up a bright yellow chainsaw and was swinging it recklessly, hoping to slice the agent. Keeping on his toes, dodging every swipe from the maniac, grabbing up a metal pipe, causing sparks each time pipe and saw met.

"Just stay still, ya asshole!" screamed the goon, becoming increasingly frustrated with his deflected hits. Nearing the wall, he was sure he had Dan cornered for the butchering. Instead, Dan lured to the power box, so that when was finally touching the wall, he ducked just enough for the chainsaw to hit the box, sending 20,000 volts into the nutcase, blasting back into oil drums, ending it all with flames and a loud KA-BOOM!

Recovering from the sudden battle, Dan ran with what little strength he had left, his gut still sore from Monty's punch, and arrived just in time to see the Volvo with the lizard, Monty & Risa onboard, drive off at a great speed, leaving a dust cloud in its wake.

"Hang on, kid!" he screamed, a tear or two forming in his eyes at the sheer scale of defeat that was washing over him, "I'll save ya! I PROMISE…."

Part 2 of 3.

P1: [link]
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Dan, Risa and all characters are copyright SavageScribe 2010.
© 2010 - 2024 SavageScribe
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Man i'm enjoying this! So mammoth was the one kiidnapped those children andhe's after the black bells? Oh no risa has been taken! I hope he gets her back.Again this is an awesome story! So all your stories are anthro animal characters right?