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Sherlock Holmes and The Resurrection Men - Outline

'The Living Dead stalk London's night time streets, but can even the Great Holmes and his loyal companion Dr. Watson unravel such a unearthly conundrum?'

So, for those not in the know, or can't remember, I was working on a Holmes short story pastiche back in summer 2015, due to be submitted as part of Thebes Publishing's 'The Strangest Cases of Sherlock Holmes' anthology. Details up here:!she…
The requirements were a detailed outline sent to the editor (while I worked on the story itself on the side). Alas, I was not chosen and in retrospect, I do see why. Naturally, the opportunity to mesh Holmes and sci-fi/horror fantasy is a no-brainer, and has been done quite successfully many times before (look how often he's fought Dracula, Mr. Hyde, the Opera Phantom and Dr. Frankenstein, as well as been shot into modern times and the far future), and Conan Doyle himself was no stranger to the notion, having written 'Hound of The Baskervilles' as well as his non-Holmes classic, 'The Lost World'.

However, the plot lacks the intricacies of Doyle's work, and feels maybe too straightforward. What I love about Doyle's short stories is how simple yet effectively woven and meticulous they feel with their plots, able to get a lot out despite their brief length (gems like 'Five Orange Pips', 'Speckled Band' and 'Dancing Men' come to mind). I feel for 'Resurrection Men' to have truly shined it needed to be a full story, much like a lot of the supernatural Holmes pastiches, so as to really get the most out of the premise instead of condensing it. In part I put this down to inexperience, this being only my second short story in many years, and in part due to personal issues, including the collapse of another project as well as a loss, that weakened my storytelling abilities.

As for the actual writing of the story, naturally, it is a tad rough, being not even a completed first draft. I wanted to capture Doyle's writing style, having Watson recap the action, and it would've been interesting to see how this evolved and was refined had the story gone further. I really would've loved to have had a crack at writing that wonderful dynamic between the two men and their reactions to this very otherworldly case. Something about someone as logical and matter of fact as Holmes confronting the supernatural is just always a great thing to explore. In truth, this was the part I felt happiest with out of this whole ordeal.

Thankfully though, this is not quite yet dead (A pun? You decide): while it may no longer be a Holmes story, 'Resurrection Men' was retooled instead to be part of my 'Black Butler' series (a Japanese property which owes a lot to Victorian literature in and of itself) 'Trancy's Tale' in the form of a two part animation teleplay, which can be viewed here:…
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