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Rogue Series: Part One



The Series ~~> [link]

#1- Rogue's first costume, circa 1981, worn during her early appearances as a villain and member of Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, as well as her early days with the X-Men. I kinda messed the face up a little, it's been a while since I've drawn. Different versions of this look include slightly different boots/gloves, an off-center Star Fleet style jacket opening, and the placement of her hair stripe along her temples. I don't like that, so I put it on the top. I always thought this costume looked like pj's.

#2- Another of Rogue's early costumes, a tunic style piece over what appears to be a body suit. Seems like a very conscious effort to completely cover herself. I like this outfit, it's different and looks comfortable. Circa 1984.

#3- Circa 1984, during John Romita Jr.'s run on Uncanny X-Men, Rogue went through a series of odd outfits, starting with this jumpsuit/bodysuit combo. I altered the original design a bit (because it's stupid), mostly by changing the collar and neckline and adding the zipper. The original had a wide open neck that looked dumb.

#4- From 1985 to 1988, J.R. Jr. seemed to have some ADD regarding the characters' costumes, Rogue's most of all. Her outfits varied widely between a range of ensembles and accessories, most of the time looking, like most Romita characters in the 1980's, that she was in between an aerobics class and night out at CBGB’s. The outfit shown here is just my attempt at an amalgam of these various looks.

To be continued...

ROGUE is property of Marvel Comics
Art by Michele Mixell, Savage Mouse Studios 2008
Materials: Sharpies, Microns and Prismas on legal-sized printing paper.

Acknowledgement: Along with my personal comic collection and knowledge of X-Men history, I referenced several other sources for this series, including the unbelievably comprehensive (, (, Kataclysm’s X-Men: Evolution Page (, and various other fansites across the internet, as well as the wonderful fanarts found here on DeviantART. Check ‘em out.
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I swear Tetsuya Nomura reached back in time and possessed John Romita Jr. when he was designing Rogue. SO MANY BELT. SO MUCH ACCESSORY.

Rogue's original costume has always been really cool, if a bit simplistic. It looks better with the white accents it was sometimes drawn with, as they create a nice contrast, but I know it's been done both ways. I liked it when she went back to it in the 90s but retained her usual waterall of comic-book hair.