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Psylocke Series: Part Three



*May contain spoilers.*

The Series ~~> [link]

#1- Circa 1989. After going through the bullshit-magic-no-way “Siege Perilous” thing, Psylocke’s body washes up on shore on some island where the Hand were having their Spring Break, unconscious and with no memories. The Hand take her to their leader Matsuo, who in turn took her to Spiral in hopes of using her body to save his girlfriend Kwannon, who was brain-dead. Spiral used the Body Shoppe to switch the psyche’s of both women and mix their physical features up a little bit just for the hell of it. They both ended up with Psylocke’s memories and telepathic powers. Matsuo turned Psylocke, now a Japanese ninja with Kwannon’s physical abilities, over to the Mandarin, who made her his personal assassin, Lady Mandarin, in this very uncomfortable looking armor. I got the details and colors as close as I could, the original artwork was a bit confusing. (UNCANNY X-MEN #255)

#2- After hooking up with Wolverine and Jubilee a few issues later, and regaining her own memories (UNCANNY X-MEN #257-258), Psylocke took to wearing what would become her standard costume up to the present day, the “ninja bathing suit.” She embraced her new life and abilities, finally becoming the formidable warrior she had always wanted to be, and eventually made her way back to the X-Men and re-joined the team. Fanboys everywhere rejoiced to finally have an X-Woman willing to kick ass and flash ass at the same time. Anyway. There are several different versions of this costume, mostly depending on the artist, and I included several of them in this series (though they are basically the same) mostly for the sake of filler, as Betsy sticks with this suit for most of the last two decades. This is also the version used for the couple of episodes of the original X-MEN animated series in which Psylocke appears.

#3- In the massive UNCANNY X-MEN #275, circa 1991, Psylocke and the rest of the X-Men all take on the new version of the team standard blue & gold uniform. Since the various members of the team had been scattered for so long and were in the process of reuniting, this was likely an attempt to help pull them together into a single unit again. Possibly. I don’t really know. It sounds right, though. Anyway, yeah, this would be Betsy’s standard X uniform. Ta-da.

To be continued...

Psylocke & Kwannon are property of Marvel Comics
Art by Michele Mixell, Savage Mouse Studios 2009

Acknowledgement: Along with my personal comic collection and knowledge of X-Men history, I referenced several other sources for this series, including the unbelievably comprehensive ( & Comicvine (, along with the Marvel Database Project ([link]) and various other fansites across the internet, as well as the wonderful fanarts found here on DeviantART. Check ‘em out.
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I love her psi-armor! It looks cool! I could live with her wearing it more often!