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Jean Grey Series: Part Four



*May contain spoilers.*

The Series ~~> [link]

#1- Circa 1990, in UNCANNY X-MEN #263, Jean, while taking some time away from X-Factor, somehow got herself transformed into some weird tentacle thing by Masque and was left to wonder around the Morlock tunnels. She happened across Forge and Banshee, and then a bunch of stuff happened, and then she was back to normal, complete with an updated X-Men team uniform boasting new features like temperature control and body armor. This isn’t quite the uniform the team took on with Jim Lee penciling after the X-TINCTION AGENDA, but it’s very close, with a different neckline and boots, and less straps.

#2- In October 1991, bringing the five original members from X-Factor back to the X-Men, Marvel launched a new X-MEN title and gave everyone new costumes. I’m not totally sure, but I think most of them were designed by Jim Lee. Anyway, this is the look Jean would stick with pretty consistently for the next seven years. She also dropped her Marvel Girl code name, and didn’t come up with another one, so she just went by Jean Grey. I think the editors thought Marvel Girl would be politically incorrect, but really nobody cared. There’s nothing outstanding about this costume, it’s kind of a reverse of her usual look, a yellow body suit instead of a blue one. The padding or body armor on the hips was originally yellow as well, but later issues showed them as blue. I went with the blue because it balances the color on the upper body.

#3- In March 1994, after a 30 year courtship, Scott Summers and Jean Grey finally went and got themselves hitched in X-MEN #30. This is just about the time I was getting into the comics and was one of the first books I bought, so needless to say I had no idea who most of the characters in this issue were. Still, a fun read. Jean’s wedding gown was actually designed by Nichole Miller, and the scarf included a hood, which I did not draw here because I just couldn’t get it to look right. Also, it’s supposed to be shinier, but I couldn’t pull that off without it looking too metal, so I just left it white.

#4- After the wedding, Scott and Jean flew off to St. Bart’s for their honeymoon, but things immediately went awry. In 1994’s THE ADVENTURES OF CYCLOPS AND PHOENIX, Jean and Scott had their minds teleported 2000 years into the future by their daughter, Rachel, the Mother Askani. They were placed in host bodies cloned from their descendants’ DNA, and Rachel gave them their mutant powers to help fight Apocalypse and raise Scott’s son, Nathan, who would later become Cable. Using the names Redd and Slym Dayspring, they raised the boy in the future for twelve years before defeating Apocalypse and returning back to the moment Rachel took them. This is just an amalgam of Jean’s basic look throughout the miniseries in her host body. The arms and legs took a long time.

To be continued...

JEAN GREY is property of Marvel Comics
Art by Michele Mixell, Savage Mouse Studios 2009
Materials: Markers (Sharpie, Prismacolor, Bick Studio, Kuretake ZIG) on legal-sized printing paper.

Acknowledgement: Along with my personal comic collection and knowledge of X-Men history, I referenced several other sources for this series, including the unbelievably comprehensive ( & Comicvine (, along with the Marvel Database Project ([link]) and various other fansites across the internet, as well as the wonderful fanarts found here on DeviantART. Check ‘em out.
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