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Have you seen the new Robocop trailer? It sucks.

Ok let's break it down. He doesn't get shot he get blown up. His wife and kid are in it though out the movie, which I wouldn't mind but in this it looks like it will be an actress with not much to do and being an emotional drag. I will admit this is me being pessimistic but for now I'm not convinced.

Next he still has two limbs which looses the whole Johnny got his gun/Frankenstein metaphor. He still has emotions and a personality which looses all sense of him becoming a machine.

But they do pay some homage to the original; they brought back the matte black paint job from Robocop's car. And put it all over this suit. (Michael Keaton just because you were Batman doesn't mean you can make everything black.) Some people have said they don't have a problem with the suit being black. Really people? Come on it boring, it looks unfinished. When I first saw it I thought it was one colour because they were going to put CGI graphics over the top. The two tone silver on black looks way more interesting. I wouldn't have minded if they changed it to grey on black at least there would have been something going on. It's too slick, he moves too fast, it's trying too hard to be cool. I think some producer said the immortal works "Ironman is really popular with the teenage to early 20 something demographic".

And there isn't any humour. The first Robocop is pretty much a tragic comedy full of dark social satire. This one is taking itself too seriously. They are missing a great opportunity to poke fun at the news, post 9/11 politics and social media. Kind of like the way "The Manchurian Candidate" remake updated the political landscape from 1960s red scare to the post 9/11 war on terror paranoia. Because believe it or not I don't mind remakes and them trying different things. I think there is room to make a "bit" more of a serious film but not too serious. The points I just made about not being in the original, like Murphy getting blown up rather than getting shot to death. I'm not saying this cos I want a shot for shot remake, it's because those scenes were integral to the plot and the character's development. One of my favourite movies is 1982s The Thing a remake of 1951s The Thing from Another World a very different movie from the original. It's the fact "this" remake just looks so uninspired and lazy and trying to be cool, compared with a movie that is so full of social satire and an inventive special effects and "is" cool because they were just trying to make a good movie.

If you wanted a social message of morality being choked off by an uncaring money crazed world fuelled by big business. Then tough luck cos all you get is an old weak ass played out message about "you can't control the human spirit" or some other out of date watered down 2nd hand Orwellian philosophy.

And they make it look like Murphy is going up against Omni Corp in the trailer. Robocop didn't fight the power he fought scumbag criminals. Robocop wasn't about the down trodden man rising up and beating the system, Robocop is about the system always winning, yeh you can get one over on the system (Ronny Cox getting shot and falling through the window) but as a whole the system always wins. Speaking of which this movie desperately needs a good cold blooded ruthless villain like Clarence Boddicker from the original. Could have gotten Walton Goggins to play him that would have been sweet.

Peter Weller said he was glad that the original 1987 Robocop didn't become slick and fast (cos they didn't have the skills back then to make the suit sleek and agile. To the point that the film almost didn't get made. As the first Peter Weller interview below explains). Weller said Robocop became a beast like a Golem. A metal cyber Golem doing the bidding of the corporation. An analogy that has completely been lost on the remake. The original Robocop predicted the future pretty much, a future where corporations are more powerful than the government. A concept that would have translated perfectly into this generation but who care about that when you can watch bland mediocrity.

Oh and another thing why the hell did Omni Corp tell Murphy's wife he is still alive? The original they tell her he's dead because they want to own him so they could do whatever they wanted with him. And since the producer saw the ticket sales for "Dredd" there is absolutely no cartoonish over the top violence so it's going to be PG-13. First Total Recall what next Starship Troopers.

People say that you shouldn't compare this to the original and judge it on its own merits. To those people I say, Robocop was perfect, no it was, it was perfect. People just didn't and still don't get Paul Verhoeven style of satire. Or more accurately they don't realise it is satire at all and think it was just some dumb over the top action movie from the 80s where everything was stupid. But me saying that the original is perfect isn't me saying I don't think a good remake can be made of it, it's just the margin for error is very big. And second as far as judging it on its own merits? It just looks like every single generic sci-fi/action movie made in the last decade. It's a Saturday morning cartoon with an added mature looking aesthetic to fool you into thinking it disserves to be on the big screen. It's Robocop the TV series from the mid 90s. Some remakes you can separate from the original and others you just can't and this remake comes under the latter. It's watered down for the masses that don't really like movies to begin with, and they will forget about after a week.

I'm not asking for a shot for shot remake I just want them to acknowledge the first on and expand on its ideas and have parallels to what is happening now.

These interviews with Peter Weller say it all.……

If these film makes had seen this and actually gave a crap we would be getting a better movie. But hey it's a trailer and trailers can lie so it better do something fantastic to win me over.

On the positive it has a great cast its got Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Michael K. Williams, Jackie Earle Haley and Samuel L. Jackson but Jackson is in everything these days so I suppose he doesn't count.

My overall opinion is that the producer for this must be Laurence Olivier from Marathon Man cos this trailer looks safe (jokes, Ive got them). I feel like something really interesting could be done with the source material here. Something dark and edgy SOMETHING!!! I do hope this is just a badly made trailer and there is more to the film than meets the eye but for now I'm not getting a good feeling about this.

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