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Origin Unknown. Commander of Ghost Platoon. Pronounced M.I.A. Last seen in the Cambodian jungle on the 5th April 1969. All other records rescinded. If found proceed with caution, possible hostile.

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Wayne Barlowe, ~AnvilleArt, Olivier Ledroit, Tsutomu Nihei, (Menton J. Matthews III aka *menton3), Salvador Dali, Kris Kuksi, (Juha Arvid Helminen aka ~immanuel) and sometimes H.R.Giger
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Walking Dead, Green Lantern Rebirth, Transmetropolitan, Supercrooks, Secret Service, Secret Invasion and anything with Batman. And much much more.
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Hunter S Thompson, Poe, Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, Geoff Johns, Kirkman, sometimes Mark Millar and Ennis when they arnt writing like immature teenages
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Killzone 3, Dead Space, GTA5 Skyrim, Dragon Age, Far Cry 3, Left 4 Dead, Sniper Elite V2, Star Wars Battlefront, Timesplitters, Red Faction, Rouge Squadron N64, Claw, Lucas Arts games from the 90s, Die Hard Trilogy, Twisted Metal and Wipeout.
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I was Xbox but now I'm Ps3.
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Pencil, Fineliners, Promarkers and MY OWN BLOOD!!!! lol.
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AC/DC, La Coka Nostra, Jedi Mind Tricks, Van Halen, Pantera, Justice, Evile,Sepultura,NIN, Nirvana, Clutch Testament and Thin Lizzy. I like cooking, Drinking, History, writing and of course time travel.
  Have you seen the new Robocop trailer? It sucks. Ok let's break it down. He doesn't get shot he get blown up. His wife and kid are in it though out the movie, which I wouldn't mind but in this it looks like it will be an actress with not much to do and being an emotional drag. I will admit this is me being pessimistic but for now I'm not convinced. Next he still has two limbs which looses the whole Johnny got his gun/Frankenstein metaphor. He still has emotions and a personality which looses all sense of him becoming a machine. But they do pay some homage to the original; they brought back the matte black paint job from Robocop's car. And
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  (Ok these are my first impressions of what I have seen of this DLC so don't freakout.) It's been real freakin hard to be an Aliens fan lately so it feels weird saying this but.... there might be a little hope for Aliens: Colonial Marines after all.   "A LITTLE HOPE" mind you. There is a new DLC called (as the title suggests) Aliens: Colonial Marines: Stasis Interrupted. When I first heard about it I thought what you are thinking "Oh here we go again, hey dog I hear you like patching up old broken franchises so we patched your broken game so you can patch while you patch" Ok a bit of a stretch but shut up.   But when I looked at reviews (ea
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Walking Dead season 3. It was great, makes up for the slowness of the 2nd season. Rick's group has become a zombie killing unit instead of Rick and Daryl having to do all the work. It strays a bit away from the original Governor Storyline but its still good even better in some ways. They kill off the dead weight characters (I won't tell you who they are lol) so they can start fresh and also back pedal from the stuff that happened last season lol. I did have some minor problems with it. I was hoping Andrea would finally become the badass she is in the comics but no. She is so naive it's painful. I thought her dropping all the suicidal baggage
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Also man what u think spidermans going to b like in civil war? There going highschool spidey so its not that comic accurate but they also dont have the fantastic four or clone/robot thor. Would love to see them use peter parker for civil war but in the 2017 spiderman movie they should have him die in the first 10mins and start the miles morales spiderman going. It would b interesting to see a different spiderman orgin story other thn uncle ben getting a lead enyima. Plus miles's suit is awesome
People have been waiting too long for Peter Parker to fight with the Avengers. Its going to take a hell of long time for the movies to start killing off big characters.

Also i hope The Punisher turns up on Daredevil.
Spiderman is like wolverine it'll becone all about him and he is whinny as fuck who cares uncle bens dead. Think punisher might b getting his own series or least turning up in defenders. Tons of iron fist refeneces in daredevil, luke cage will b cool to see espiaclly if he still dresses like black dynamite haha
Yeh Cage hasnt update his look for a while lol. With Spiderman what they could do that they havnt been able to do in the comics is have him grow up into a man instead of being permanently 16 years old.

Could do with a better Blade series, with a budget. Same goes for Constantine, get a budget, you look cheap as hell... pun interned lols.

Also i just saw John Barrowman in Arrow, i nealy passed out and shit myself i laughed so hard.
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Dude just read man without fear awesome comic, love how much the series sticks to it even not getting the suit right until tje end lol
Cool, looks like youve really turned around on Daredevil. Oh and Kingpin is so badass. We have to meet up ive got an idea for a Robocop movie. I call it "Robocop returns". A sequel to the 3rd one not a crappy remake.