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**** NEW EDIT December 10th ****

These are the only dolls left, unless something changes these are all that are available now.

Peakswood n/s immature girl body (unstrung) - asking for $70 OBO!

Custom Dollzone n/s Renata head - asking for $40 OBO!

Custom Littlefee n/s open-eye Bisou & Chic-line female headback asking for $40 OBO!

Dear Mine white skin blank Priscilla (unstrung) - needs to be fully cleaned, I've only just begun to wipe her blank! $120 OBO!

Some of you know that my wife and I are in a highly abusive situation, and as it turns out, we need to move, and we need to move before March. Our landlord just told us that our rent is gonna be raised by $250 in March, which means I will be paying $1590 in rent. I only make $1477 a month...our bills are really high because we live in the Bay Area and I can't get my wife & I some food.

We're starving ourselves and we're living in fear. On top of that, my wife is disabled, and her nurses are REALLY abusive. She cannot get any other aide right now....but we can get aide if we move back home, 4 hours away. My wife was in another assisted health care agency when we lived there, and they've offered to help her get nurses again, but they can't help us now because we live 4 hours away from where we grew up.

Litara and I have been dealing with very bad stuff for the last 14 months...we're told every day about what horrible, deceptive people we are. We're constantly being told that we're faggots, and we never have enough money to buy food. We have very little money left over after rent is paid & our bills go through, so we eat at Burger King a lot because they have a $1 menu.

And now with our rent being raised, we're gonna be homeless in March.

We're terrified.

I'm selling my dolls...I've been TRYING to sell these dolls for a VERY long time. I have a LOT of parts, I have a LOT of heads, I have a LOT of hybrids & OOAK dolls. MOST of my dolls have damage, our nurses have helped with that. I've come home to Litara's nurses playing with our dolls a lot. What you see here is what you'll get after I've done my best to make these dolls beautiful. These are pretty discounted AND I AM TAKING ALL REASONABLE OFFERS. Please make me a fair offer, these dolls are very expensive and I've put a LOT of money into these dolls over the last 5 years. That said, I will accept ANY FAIR OFFER. Please offer me a reasonable amount & I WILL MEET YOU HALF WAY!

You must pay for shipping, I *WILL* ship you the dolls safely, in bubble-wrap, strung (if applicable,) or unstrung (in most cases.) I WILL get you a TRACKING #, I will ONLY ship via USPS, I *cannot* afford any EXPENSIVE shipping, I can only afford cheap shipping with tracking #'s. I will be VERY careful with my dolls, but my wife and I need $, so we can move back home, where we can live in an AFFORDABLE HOUSE and have nurses who ARE NOT ABUSIVE to my WIFE, CATS, MYSELF, and our OBJECTS.

I CANNOT afford to ship these dolls OVERSEAS, please, USA buyers only, I WILL MAKE EXCEPTIONS FOR MY VERY GOOD OVERSEAS FRIENDS (you lot know who you are. -- I have 3 of you and you have my priority!)

Here is a link to the Craigslist ad. I *will not* list these dolls on DoA because this is really personal.…

This is what the Ad says: (*copy & pasted!*)

"My wife and I collect Ball Jointed Dolls. Unfortunately, we're both in a really abusive situation and we need to move really quickly. It breaks my heart to sell the dolls I've had for roughly 5 years, but I'm offering them for sell because I think it'll help me get some money to help us move. :-(

All of my dolls were purchased at Denver Doll Emporium & at Mint On Card, Inc. None of them are re-casted. However, I have many dolls who are just body parts now; I've sold a lot of heads & bodies in order to just try to make ends meet. We're in a really bad place right now financially. Because some of these dolls are no longer full dolls, those parts will not come with string. Otherwise, full dolls show wear & tear, my wife and I have had these beautiful dolls for at least 5 years now so they're all old.

Ball Jointed Dolls are made is Asia, and they're all hand-made by custom doll-making companies. All BJDs are strung together with tension, and they are made with resin, which is a kind of tough plastic. They are hand-casted in Asia in places like Korea and China. All BJDs can be wiped blank and painted with pastels or acrylic paints, and sealed with a spray matte finish to "seal" the faces. All of my dolls have faces, but some have marks on them from just being old. BJDs also have removable eyes & wigs, you can pretty much change how they look to make them look however you want them to.

BJDs cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars. I'm selling my dolls for under their retail value, most of my dolls cost $450 & $500 dollars. All of *my* prices are for each doll...but I'm willing to take pretty much any *reasonable* offer. My wife and I are living in fear right now -- there's a very abusive person in our life, so we wanna MOVE...ASAP. Please help us get some money so we can do that soon as possible :-(

Here is a list of some of the dolls I own, and pictures, too; please feel free to ask me for more photos, I'd be more than happy to take some photos for you. Craigslist only allows so many photos to be taken. I can take more. Please ask, I really don't mind.

The Mushroom Peddler Squeek the Rat (painted to be a skunk with black pastels.) doesn't have eyes or a tail. strung with elastic. Comes nude. $50

Dika Doll grey skin Bianca with default face-up. does not come with clothes, wig, or eyes; strung with elastic. $150

Fairyland normal skin Minifee / Littlefee hybrid . A-line body. Small bust. Model Legs. Broken Littlefee Headback. Undamaged Littlefee Headback. Chic-line Headback. (No Chic-line headback connector.) Small scratches on the Minifee neck. Comes with the Minifee neck-adaptor for all Minifee heads. (Minifee heads not included.) Custom sleeping Luna faceplate head. Custom open-eyed Bisou faceplate head. Nude, comes with eyes (for Bisou,) comes with x2 wigs - one for Luna, and one for Bisou. Strung with elastic. $265 OBO

Retired Dollzone white-skin Reiko hybrid. Custom make-up. Comes with Dollzone Reiko head. Comes with Leekeworld Art Body. Leekeworld Art Body comes with Leekworld Art legs, feet belly part, and Dollzone chest & arms. Comes with Fairyland B-line hook-on hands. Very rare, OOAK, never-been-seen before hybrid. I'm the only person in the world who has put these parts together to make a doll like this. The Reiko head is retired, and so is the Art Body. This is a Once In a Lifetime chance! Leekworld Art Body has been modded, it has a hole in the bottom for a magnet. My Reiko used a magnetic tail for a while because she was a fairy, but the magnet is not included, nor is the tail. Comes nude. Comes with a wig & eyes. Strung with elastic. Comes with her unused body parts - Leekeworld Art Body chest, Dollzone legs & feet, Dollzone hands. $305 OBO.

Pipos limited edition retired minty green Ringo kitty-cat. Custom make-up. Comes with eyes & COA, box, pillows. Nude. Strung with elastic. $45.

The Mushroom Peddler Eli the Eliphant. Comes unstrung. Damaged feet -- needs to have a bit of glue on his feet (easy repair.) Dyed brown/red. Comes nude, no eyes. Unstrung. $25 OBO

Peakswood normal skin immature girl body. No head, comes nude, unstrung. Purchased second-hand from reputable Den of Angel forum member.

Fairyland Minifee white skin A-line body. Small bust. Model legs. B-line hook-on hands. Comes unstrung. Comes with Minifee head connector. No head. $75

Resin Soul light tan Wu. Default face-up. Comes nude. No eyes. No wig. Broken hand. Unstrung. Purchased from The Junky Spot. $50

Leekeworld normal-skin L-type solid muscle body. No head. Comes nude. Comes unstrung. Purchased from VERY reputable second-hand owner via Den of Angels. Body is DAMAGED and needs to be badly restored. I never got around to fixing it, but it was purchased originally as a fixer-uper project. I just don't have the time to do it right now. :-( $100 OBO

Fairyland Pukifee normal skin body & head part. No face! Just a body & headback. Nude. Unstrung. Missing a neck kip. $50.

IMPLDOLL pink skin Coco head. Damaged default face-up. No wig, no eyes. No body. $10.

Fairyland Minifee normal skin heads - open eye Seorin with default make-up & sleeping Seorin with default make-up. $100/both OR $50/each!

Hujuu OOAK kitty-cat with fairy wigs. Comes with magnetic wings. Comes with magnetic body parts. Comes with eyes. Strung. Purchased at The Junky Spot. $15.

Dollmore normal skin body. Modded - he no longer has a penis. (he has a unisex body.) Purchased from Dollmore . net. Unstrung. If you're willing to wait for a week or so, his head will be back from Canada, where he was getting his face painted by a Den of Angels member. I can provide photos. Head sculpt is Vian. $150 for everything; $65 for just the body.

I am getting other heads back from my customiser, if you are willing to wait a week or 2 after Monday, they will also be available for purchase. I can provide photos. My customizer is sending the faces back from Canada. The other heads I have are:

Fairyland Minifee white skin sleeping Shiwoo. Does not come with a wig. Custom make-up.

Souldoll retired normal skin Miryu. No eyes, no wig. Custom make-up.

Dollzone normal skin Renata. No eyes, comes with a wig. Custom make-up (this one is my FAVORITE! You'll be lucky if you get her.)

I have videos of these dolls on my Youtube page. You can see some of the dolls I have for sell here:

These two will be sold on a different body...but here is Littlefee Luna &…

She is the same doll as in the other video....she comes with a different body....Littlefee Luna...…

The Minifee open-eye Seorin head on the Minifee body that Luna & Bisou come on....I'm willing to sell them as a set.... and also, Dika Doll grey skin Bianca....…

Grey skin Dikadoll… (She's really a girl....)

OOAK Dollzone Reiko hybrid with the Leekeworld & Dollzone body parts....… You'l NEVER see a doll like this again because I'm the only one who has put these body parts together. This doll is NOT sold like this, I spent over $1200 on her, getting several different parts & bodies & heads in order to make this doll. Please feel free to make me a reasonable offer. Try to be fair, these dolls are very expensive and some of them are OOAK. I'll accept almost ANY *reasonable* offer. Feel free to ask me anything about these dolls, and also, we can meet somewhere locally, so you can look at them in person if you would like. I can meet you at any time at anywhere, as long as we meet at a cafe during business hours. I'd prefer Starbucks, just because my wife and I don't drive and we get lost easily -- Starbucks is easy to find. We'll consider other really easy to locate public areas -- we can meet in Downtown Oakland near 12th Street & 19th Street. We can also meet in the lobby of our apartment complex. We live in a very large spacious building with a fireplace and a furnished sitting area, if you'd like to stop in and keep warm to chat & look at the dolls, please let us know. The lobby is always open to guests.

Please e-mail me, and let me know in the "subject line" that you want to information about my BJDs....just type in BJD or Dolls or something into the subjet line, my Gmail has a strong spam filter and I want to make *sure* I don't delete your e-mail.

Thank you so so so much for helping my wife and I. We are REALLY thankful. We're devastated that we have to give up our dolls, but if it means moving back home closer to family, & being safe, & getting out of a really bad situation, we will do anything. God bless & keep everyone safe this year & into the next."

In this case, please Note me via DeviantArt,
OR EMAIL ME @ somekindofsavage @ gmail . com - please put the words "BJD" or "dolls" in the subject line, my Gmail has very strong spam filters.

I've never really known what fear was before this...I've been a victemn of abuse, my Dad was very mean to me when I grew up. I can honestly say this is the worst thing that's ever happened to me, and I feel so let down by the entire world. I feel like God Himself has left my life, and that I have been utterly forsaken. I've been trying to sell these dolls for months. Please buy them from me.

***Edited To Add: I forgot to list a doll in my Ad. I also have a Dear Mine white skin Priscilla. I was in the middle of wiping her blank 3 days ago; she still needs to be cleaned, I've only cleaned her face off by 60%. Her ears still have make-up, her head does not. She is unstrung. She is nude. She has no wig. I was going to mod her & dye her, but I have not. She comes to you as-is. $140 .

Taking all reasonable & fair offers. I've had to write very embarrassing e-mails to people explaining to them why I can't trade with them anymore. As much as my other dolls needed those clothes, I need $, and I can't move away with SD clothes. :( I'm so sorry if you were in a trade with me...please, please, please, log into Facebook & read the private message I've written to you. I cannot complete my trades with anyone right now. I need money, not doll clothes. I am so so so so so sorry!
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