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(INUYASHA) Natsuhi of the East Revisited

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Name: Lady Natsuhi of the East
Species: Dragon Deity
Status: Alive, Lady of the East
Age: Physically a young woman, but is closer to 700s
Personality: Has a resting bitch face but is one of the kindest people you'll meet. Doting and compassionate, Natsuhi seems better suited to being just a noble lady and not a war general. She's adaptable and likes to go with the flow of things, and usually doesn't have a strong opinion either way. Likes to take the pacifist route when she can help it.
Hair color: Dark purple-red
Eye color: candy apple red with yellow white slit pupils
Skin color: peachy pale
Height: 5'7
Love interest: Undecided
Friends: Koga, Inuyasha's group, 
Enemies: Naraku, Kagura, Most Mikos and Monks

-Sister of the esteemed Empress Asuna of the East
-Daughter of Lady Hinata and Lord Asahi 

-Simple sword made of her own scales
-Natsuhi makes blades of fire to cover her hands, not only do they cut but they burn whatever they touch.

Backstory: Older or younger? Twin? sister is currently reigning as the Empress of the East. Used to be her sister’s Advisor, did a short stint as her General for a while. Before the story begins, she met a young Inuyasha post his mother’s death, and she saves him from some humans. She sticks close to the area to check on him, eventually running into Sesshomaru for the first time. He does not fall for her then, thinks of her as foolish for caring for a half breed, and leaves.

Taking him with her traveling wasn’t what she originally wanted to do, but she soon realized she was the only place he fit in with. She becomes a bit of a mother/older sister figure to him, and the two have a very close bond. One day while looking for a rest stop, they stumble upon a mountain with a small village in it.

They stay away from the village for Inuyasha’s sake, as only Natsuhi can conceal her demonic nature. A priestess still finds Inuyasha and tries to purify him when Natsuhi takes the arrow for him. It sticks her to the mountain wall and she is sealed away, the arrow becoming immovable. Inuyasha transforms into a full yokai for the first time and kills the priestess in his rage. The earth around it continues to grow lush even after Inuyasha eventually moves on, and he believes it’s because of her kind nature.

He tells Kikyo this when they become close, and this is what inspires Kikyo to seal him away as well. It’s only after he is freed by Kagome that he realizes Natsuhi might also be freed. The two set off to free her, meeting Miroku along the way. When they reach her side of the mountain, they notice the offerings and lush greenery all around the arrow and see people even praying to her. It’s revealed that while she is locked away, her aura still protected that side of the mountain and so they believed her to be a deity. 

When she’s finally freed, it’s as if it were yesterday for her. Seeing Inuyasha so much older and bigger causes her great anguish, as she had wanted to be there to see him grow. She promises to stay by his side as long as he wants, though she doesn’t trust Kagome for her priestess abilities. 

VA Japanese-Ai Kayano as Diphda Alisha
VA English-Brina Palencia as Touka Kirishima
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