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(ATLA) Yanyu

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Basic Data:

  • Name: Yanyu, but was born as Xia to a noble family (shyah)

  • Nickname/s: Yan, yu-yu (Jet and the Freedom Fighters)

  • Age: 16

  • Gender: cis-girl, she/her

  • Sexuality: heterosexual, mostly

  • Occupation: freedom fighter (formerly), Gaang member (currently), Fire Lady and Royal Blacksmith (future)

  • Nationality: Fire Nation

  • Animal Companion: An adolescent boar-q-pine named Jun or affectionally dubbed Little Brother. He’s big enough to carry two people but small enough to rid on Appa’s back. Yanyu is often using him as a pillow as they fly. He’s a mean little shit to everyone but her and will squeal loudly (which is terrifying) in your face if you annoy him.


  • Bending: Firebending basics, only after learning with Aang.

  • Non-Bending: Ax wielder (formally), halberd (currently). Uses the halberd expertly, is swift and efficient in her movements with no wasting of energy. She’s a decent hand to hand fighter but excels in armed melee


  • Physical features: Light brown skin, green eyes, and messy dark brown hair 

  • Height: same height as Jet, up to Zuko’s chin

  • Defining features: Scar on right cheek from jaw to above her eye.


  • Good Traits/Habits: goofy, compassionate, easily makes friends

  • Bad Traits/Habits: easily jealous, bottles everything up. Refuses to do things that she can’t get the hang of right away. Seems to have a single braincell. Pouts when she doesn’t get her way, which is often.

  • Likes: the roaming plays, music, weapons

  • Dislikes: the fire nation, fire bending, flying, heights

  • Talents: good with most weapons and can make excellent artillery. Can also do math in her head really fast surprisingly. Makes really good tea.

  • Hobbies: playing the bamboo flute, yoga, and watching plays

  • Strengths: using and making weapons, distracting the enemy

  • Weaknesses: usually can’t lie to save her life, firebending, Jun

  • Fears: being found out, her family hurting her, Aang losing the war, never finding her place in life.


  • Family: Mother- Father- Stepfather-

  • Friends: The freedom fighters, the Gaang

  • Romantic Interest/s: One-sided love for Jet who sees her as a sister, and then slowwww burn with Zuko.

  • Enemies: Most of the Fire Nation



  • Early Life: Becoming Yanyu- Born to a Fire Nation Noblewoman and an Earth kingdom peasant, Xia was an illegitimate child. Due to this, she was treated rather poorly by the other noblemen and considered a peasant herself. The more she say of the Fire Nation’s cruel side, the more she became convinced to get out and find her father. When the news that her mother would be remarrying reached her, afraid of how her new father would treat her, Xia ran from her home to find her birth father. 

She’d met her birth father, only to be rejected by him. He had loved her mother and still does till this day, but he never wanted children, especially in the political climate they live in. Dishearted, Xia wondered helplessly for days. Just when she passed out from exhaustion, The Freedom Fighters had found her and taken her in, mistaking her to be on the run from the Fire Nation. This is where Jet helped her pick out her new name- Yanyu. Here she felt wanted and needed, becoming their blacksmith.

When the Gaang arrive, in an effort to stop Jet’s plan, she firebends for the first time in ages and is exposed. Jet rejects her and the two fight. In his rage, Jet leaves Yanyu with a scar across her face with one of his hooks before Aang and Katara step in and save her.

  • Where they are at present:  Currently Yanyu is traveling with the Gaang, in hopes to learn how to firebend and help Aang win the war. 

Extra Information:


  • Main goal: Help the Avatar

  • Hopes/Dreams: find her place in the world and learn firebending

  • Colour: the color of peonies, pink (which surprises people since no pink is every found on her)

  • Season: Spring 

  • Instrument: Bamboo flute

  • Theme song:…

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Ok so Sankkkk

Let me love her

I already adore her

And plus Jun is best Boar-Q-Pine!!!
And plus i love the detail of herrrrr
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ahhh thank you so much!!!

and yes you can love herr
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Perfect ill make her happy wjth my supportive love