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Constantine Eastwood ET - 05
Constantine Eastwood and the Electric Tambourine
Tier 5
Ben stumbled back to his college dorm. His long blonde hair would have been flowing in the breeze had it not been stopped by the wolf ears he was wearing. Nobody understood him. Not even he did. He hated his boss, the Boss. And he hated coffee. He hated the taste of vodka, and he hated his size 14 feet. He hated the French and he hated mustard. He tripped over a stick, and promptly began hating it.
It was a dark and stormy night. The wind hit him in the face like a wet shirt hits one in the face, except this was wind and Ben wasn't expecting anyone to take their shirt off for him.
There was an ominous looking lump in the street. It looked like a dead body. He walked over to it. Ben was disappointed to see that it was only a nearly dead body. The Figure, a particularly Dark Figure, stood up and looked at Ben.
"You look like you've just suffered an epileptic seizure." said Ben.
"I did." replied the Dark Figure. Ben considere
:iconsausabe:Sausabe 2 8
Constantine Eastwood ET - 04
Constantine Eastwood and the Electric Tambourine
Tier 4
Constantine's chicken was gone and he had nothing to do. (By nothing to do, I mean he could either do his work or sit around stare at various mildly interesting things.) So he sat there staring at the wall, which was, at that point, the most interesting thing in his sight. He blinked once. He continued to stare. He blinked again. His left eye then twitched. He began wondering how many staples it would take to fill up a grain silo half full of custard. This went on for several more seconds until he blinked again and lost his concentration.
There was an amusing FAP FAP FAP sound coming from the cubicle next to him. Mildly interested, he investigated. Upon his arrival, he discovered that his coworker was hitting a bowl of jello with a flyswatter.
Mission accomplished. Constantine stumbled down the hall, drunk on the bitter juices of chronic boredom, and fell out a window.
Constantine woke up on a mattress in a warehouse. He s
:iconsausabe:Sausabe 1 21
Constantine Eastwood ET - 03
Constantine Eastwood and the Electric Tambourine
Tier 3
Ben was a furry. He worked at Starbucks and thought he was part wolf. He wore fake ears and a tail and purred when pet. When asked why he purred if he was a wolf, his reply was "'Cause I feel like it, asshole!" And damn it, he felt like it.
"Hey, wolf-boy, don't be shedding in that coffee, aye?" Screamed the Boss.
The Boss was fat. Very fat. So fat that he could not walk without support of he'd shatter his ankles and his spine would be crushed. So he had a metal brace and training wheels surgically attached to his back.
"I don't shed, asshole, I'm only part wolf. Jeez. Asshole." ben replied. He poured some Grey Goose into his coffee and drank it quickly.
Customers came through the door.
"You're a weird kid, you know that?" said the Boss.
Customers flooded towards the cashier, Ben.
"Hey, I don't insult your stupid beliefs, asshole."
Customers begin mooing. Ben knew he'd had to much to drink.  He vigorously shook h
:iconsausabe:Sausabe 1 18


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an actual housecat
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I make glitchy art and music ヽ(・_・;)ノ


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