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Hello there. I'm Farish as known as Saurukent....
See this simpel explanation about Islam.

>>>>>What is Islam?<<<<<

Answer. Faith of divine guidance for Humanity, based on peace, spirituality and the oneness of God.

Al-Islam, The One & Only Religion That Covers EveryDay Life!

"This Day I Have Perfected Your Religion For You,Completed My Favour Upon You,And Chosen For You Islam As Your Religion."The Holy Qur'an (Surah 5, Verse 3)

Islam is just so easy....

the rules are there for us to follow, not to oppress not to be cruel... just simply to guide us through our life here on earth in the correct way.
If we follow the rules that Allah gave to us we cannot be wrong... we may stray occasionally for we are Human... and Allah knows this which is why he gave us prayer so that we may praise and love and ask forgiveness of him. .... and Allah is all forgiving.....

Who is Allah?

Allah is the one God who created the heavens and the earth, who has no equal and is all poweful.

Say; He is Allah (God), the One and Only,

Allah, the Eternal, Absolute,

He begetteth not, nor is He begotten,

And there is none like unto Him.

The Noble Quran (Al-Ikhlas).

>>>>>Who is Muhammad (S) ?<<<<<

Muhammad ( Peace be upon him ) is the last
and final Messenger of God. God gave him
The Noble Qu'ran.

And they say;Be Jews and
Christians, then ye will be rightly
guided.Say (unto them, O
Muhammad) Nay, but (we follow)
the religion of Abraham, the
upright, and he was not of the
(Al-Baqarah; V135)

Lo, We have sent thee
( O Muhammad) with the
truth, a bringer of glad
tidings and a warner.

The Noble Qu'ran

>>>>>The Noble Qu'ran<<<<<

What is the Noble Qu'ran?

Divine revelation sent to Muhammad (s)
last Prophet of Allah. A perfect guide for Humanity.

The Noble Qu'ran
Guidance, Mercy and Blessing for all Mankind.

He (Allah) hath revealed unto thee(Muhammad) the scripture
with truth, confirming that which was (revealed) before it,
just as He revealed the Torah
and the Gospel

The Noble Qu'ran
(Al-Imran;Verse 3)

The Noble Qu'ran
Without any doubt an eloquent guide from Allah.

The Noble Qu'ran
Guidance for the wise and sensible.

>>>>>Islamic history<<<<<

What does history say about Islam?

Muslims created a tradition of
unsurpassable splendor, scientific thought
and timeless art.

Islamic Art and Architecture

Islamic Art

Inspirational, Exquisite and Beautiful

Islam Science and Philosophy

Muslims rediscovered the lost sciences of
architecture, engineering
medicine, astronomy and
agriculture becoming the
greatest patrons of science and
art in the Middle Ages while
Europe languished in the dark.

>>>>>Who are the followers of Islam?<<<<<

People from all across the world are
united in one community of ISLAM.

One God, One People
from all over the world, one
Umma ( community)

Islam;fastest growing faith in USA.







Islam is............

A shining beacon against the darkness of repression,
segregation, intolerance and racism

An Arab has no superiority
over a non-Arab and a white
man has no superiority over a
black man, nor a black man
over a white man - except by
piety and good actions.

Prophet Muhammad
(Peace be upon him)

This day i have perfected
your religion and completed
my favor on you and chosen
for you (mankind) as religion

The Noble Qu'ran
(Al-Ma'idah;Verse 3)

>>>>>A Poem written by a sister...<<<<<
What is Islam ?

Poem written by : Maymoonah MS Adly

"What is Islam?” is the question you ask.
Answering this question is every Muslims task.

Describing Islam can be a lot,
But first I’ll tell you what Islam is not.

Islam is not Faraqan and terrorism.
Nor is it oppressing women and racism.

Islam doesn’t teach these things.
On t...he contrary it forbids them.

Islam isn’t focused on selling news papers and bean pies.
It’s not about drinking goats milk and having many wives.

Most people think Islam is just a religion.
But, it is actually a detailed way of living, prescribed by Allah, the merciful, the forgiving.

Peace, submission, and morality,Respect, kindness and charity.
And worshipping one God, the All Mighty, This is Islam.

It demolishes the cloudiness and confusion in our brains.
Faith in God is one thing Islam sustains.

It makes clear our purpose of life, beginning and end.
People take our wealth and freedom, but our faith we must defend

3 Statements to describe Islam.
PEACE - As in other Abrahamic religions, peace is a basic concept in Islamic thought. The Arabic term "Islam" itself (إسلام) is usually translated as "submission"; submission of desires to the will of God. It comes from the term aslama, which means "to surrender" or "resign oneself"

Love- is one of the greatest blessings Allah has bestowed on humanity. Allah has created human nature in such a way that a person will take pleasure from loving and being loved, from friendship and from intimacy.

Harmony - ISLAM: THE RELIGION OF UNIVERSAL HARMONY To be at peace with the Earth one must be at peace with himself and this is not possible without being at peace with Heaven.

Finally the first word in the Holy Qu'ran are alif-laam-meem..literally these are letters of the Arabic alphabet... it is believed that it is to draw your attention to the contents.. the following word is READ..

Sura 96 first ayah:

Read in the name of your Lord Who created. (1)

Therefore we see before us the equivalent of

A.B.C Read in the name of your lord who created.....

the message given is read and educate yourselves.

May God help us all find the true faith ISLAM. . . . .


Favourite genre of music: Rock,Sentimental
MP3 player of choice: Sony
Favourite cartoon character: kakashi,cloud strife n sephiroth

Favourite Visual Artist
slipknot,cromok,avril lavigne,korean song
Favourite Movies
Lord Of The Ring,my boss my hero (japan)
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need for speed,metal gear solid
Other Interests
Assalamualaikum and Hello, everyone! I'm joining a contest, the prize is iPad PRO at Mac City. Can u please help me to take a chance to win that contest? Hehe.. Please on your Facebook and click LIKE .. Thanks a lot, and sorry for my bad English.. :P;theater
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TO ALL MY CHRISTIAN FRIENDS.... I want to apologize for not Wishing u Happy Xmas... There r few reasons.. (1) I don't believe that Jesus was God or Son of God... (2) God's birthday itself is a Myth because Creatures r Born not the Creator, (3) Jesus has no relation with Santa clause.. And I don't keep my Faith on fairy Tales, (4) I love Jesus that is y I don't want to Celebrate Xmas in Bars and clubs drinking Alcohol and dancing with Girls which might end up in Adultery which is Against the 10 commandments ... Please no Hard feelings.. Its nothing personal... I still respect u :)
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Artrade, should i try? huhu
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Hello, if it´s okay I´d like to ask some questions about religious topics:

The Qu´ran calls Jesus the Messiah as well but I suppose this term has a different meaning in Islam. What´s the muslim view on the significance and role of an ´Anointed One`?

Also, what´s the muslim view on Paul of Tarsus, with his abolishing the Torah and all?

I´m asking because I´m interested in what christians and muslims think about the similarities and differences of their religions. So far I only got to ask christians and now I´d like to hear the opinion of a muslim as well.

Wah! No wonder your art looks so familiar and reminded me of Malaysia! I used to lived there and If I'm not mistaken, I remember always seeing your art on the front cover page of Islamic magazines in stores! Tak sangka saya jumpa DA kamu! I always wanted to see more art from you! I remember I tried to copy the way u drew from the front page of those magazines aaah happy pula saya boleh tengok lukisan yang lain daripada engkau!

Hello there... Assalamuala manittaba'al huda.. hehe... thanks! Tapi majalah tu dah dihentikan. So sad..

Happy Birthday.
I think you're one of the few Muslim artists who still draw on DA.
Hello, Farish. awak dari Malaysia, kah? Saya dari Indonesia, negara jiran sebelah. saya nak berkenalan dengan awak, siapatahu dapat menjadi kawan. saya sngat suka gambar gambar awak, saya ingin belajar banyak dari awak. maaf jika bahasa saya kurang betul, saya masih belajar..
Hello. Ya, saya dari Malaysia... Nice to meet u.. ^^