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Thanks for adding me the group! :) (Smile) 
question, does this group take prosauropods like plateosaurus or would that not fit here?
Basal Sauropodomorpha (especially Panphagia, Saturnalia, Chromogisaurus and Unaysaurus but all are fascinating) are my favourite group of dinosaurs!!!! (followed by early thyreophora and abelisaurs)
Nice group! I joined recently.
I think it will be better if by instead of 4 folders (macronarians, diplodocoids, other sauropods and other sauropodomorphs), you only make 2: sauropods and prosauropodos :3!!
On the Discovery Science Channel on Wednesday.

6am When Dinosaurs Ruled China
7am When Dinosaurs Ruled
8am When Dinosaurs Ruled: Birth of Giants

All times listed are for Eastern Time.
On the Natgeo Wild channel on Friday Feb 24, times given are eastern time.

12pm Dino Death Trap
1pm Bizarre Dinosaurs
2pm When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs
Forgot to say Dec 18