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No I will not be the second or the used by saurons-bane No I will not be the second or the used :iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 0 1 Smile even when it hurts by saurons-bane Smile even when it hurts :iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 1 0
Growing away
It's over
This I know time is ticking down
You have no idea that I'm leaving
The path you choose will lead you from me away and into the night
I have accepted being alone
I suppose the we in this is over
You prefer one over the other
I leave so you can embrace your weakness
As soon as what remains of my family are given to me I shall go
I loved you
Yet you don't care
I can't compete
With one younger one older must leave
I have made the choice
The me in this cannot accept your choice
Be happy without me
I have moved on and there is nothing here for me
So I turn and walk away
I loved you for what it was worth
Into my future I walk
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Goodbye by saurons-bane Goodbye :iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 0 0 Untitled Drawing by saurons-bane Untitled Drawing :iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 0 0 Sight experiment by saurons-bane Sight experiment :iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 0 0
Forward or perhaps back?
Flames and deceit it is all that awaits
A poison and pox till all humanity ends
I have felt such highs and lows
I have seen joy and sorrow
I have been lost and alone
I have reached the last point
Perhaps I have postponed the inevitable
Till all as in me become alone
Is that a truth or a lie
I leave this for you to decide
For once was joy is only loss
For once was love comes apathy
Perhaps humanity deserves what we beget
Sun and Moon
Rain and Shine
Dark and Light
Man and Machine
Something and Nothing
Love and Hate
Dreams and Nightmares
Happy and Sad
Depressed and Joyful
Plenty and None
Dueling fates at war in the soul
Dance as the moon pool
Dark unto the morning
Ramblers and enablers
Once too when long love is fading due to a mistake
I love one I can't be more then that
Child in an adult body I pity you my lover
I wish you could see the path you walk
Twine will break eventually you can only stress it so far
Soon I too will gain a membership to the friendless society
In biting remorse I
:iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 1 0
Jthm by saurons-bane Jthm :iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 0 0
To the colors in the sky
The colors of the sky
Shooting by
The speed of the sound
Bleeding in an endless stream of color
As a ray of joy and friendship
You are so amazing
My Rainbow
Dashing through the sky
Like a beacon free and unchained
I watch you my Rainbow
Amazing and beautiful as always
In my heart you'll be
So wonderful
So amazing
Eyes full of color and joy
You are so free to me my dear
Your coat shines as it streaks across the sky
The colors trailing behind you
Amazing and free as the sky itself
Your dreams are yours to seek
Loyal and amazing as ever
I watch you
Loving you
My Rainbow
So free
So strong
So wonderful
So you
I am yours always
Following your trail into the sky
Letting the wind touch my wings
I rise to meet you
Trailing through clouds of white fluff
We join and fly
Acrobatics of lore our telling dance
You are my beacon and angel
Guiding my love and thoughts
I love you
My wonder
My Dash
Dedicating these thoughts to you always
Rainbow Dash I love you
I will always follow you
My Rainbow
:iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 2 3
Random poetry
Where is the sword
What forth does the day cast its glance of sadness
When does the day cast its long glance upon the river of life
Where does the love come upon the breast of those of us that need it
Why does the day rise and fall so quickly without reason
How does the night cast its moonlit gaze and disappear like a thief
I love thee my love
Thou does cast the day upon the breast
Tis the love of life that drives me to love you
My ethereal eternity and love
Roses lay upon  my love
I don her head with a crown of roses and love
My heart bleeding and beating inside of my soul
I cast my gaze to my love to hold her upon the day
Here is to that enter most thought of the day I see you walk down the aisle and hold you hand and say I do
My love my heart my soul
My Dana
My fiancee
My future wife
:iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 1 2
Masquerade the greater preview
Masks are a part of the human condition. To protect, to hide, to hold back a tide of pain and the truth, we create masks to enhance or show a face we don't really believe. Some people are so indebted to a mask that they forget their real selves and faces. Welcome to the show.
The order of Romulus: The main villians of the Masquerade universe the members of which strive for ultimate power and control of the game. They have many soldiers and players who gladly do their work for them. Found throughout most circles of society they are everywhere and considered extremly dangerous. Willing to go to any lengths to acquire masks of unique and strong power unknown as of now how many deaths are due to their hands. Most of the members are unknown and remain hidden in the shadows here are a few we do know of:
Goderd Mandred: Known mask Tiger, stands about 6'0 even, wears fine suits at all known sightings thus far, hair type unknown hides under a bowler hat and dark wire shades hide his eyes, known
:iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 2 4
Wtf face by saurons-bane Wtf face :iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 0 2
The Masquerade preview
Everyone wears a mask whether they know it or not. As we go through life we create masks to hide what the pain and hurt we feel inside. I welcome you the the masquerade. Let us give you a taste of what is to come. Shall we begin enjoy the party.
What is the Masquerade itself: It is a game played by those who can call on their masks to use in combat with one another. These masks serve a purpose for if you are defeated and your mask is taken you die. The masks can be a variety of forms and shapes whether they are animals, demons, beasts, or a personification of something. They grant the user a psuedo immortality that will be no more if they loose their mask. Anyone at any stage of life can be a masquerade player from a newborn babe to an age old person. The mask grants you powers based on its form and the fact is you are no longer human if you don the mask.
Characters as of now:
Deavin Lucid: Main character is of medium build, stands about 5'11, has mid length brown hair, has blue eyes,
:iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 3 7
Bastion of darkness
A thought or a piece of mind
A shade or a man
What are you fool boy
I am me
Pathetic waste of flesh may you die
A worm and a fool love and its touch should never be yours
Death and endless pain are what await you
For you are an annoying fool who should fuck off and die
All these things I feel
Daily people tell me this that and other
I can't help being myself
Or would you rather I carve the knife into my flesh and hang myself
Please I know all these things
I am a man
A pathetic perverted man
Who is anti social and depressed a lot anymore
I try to be a caring and nice person
Truly though I hate a lot of people
Truly though my face is a mask
Truly though I would rather see the world burn
But I love and am dogmatic in the approach to that love
Pathetic boy
Fuck off
Your annoying
Waste of space
Do us all a favor and kill yourself
I am confused and torn
I will kill you Travis
Goodbye Travis
It will never work
You are a man of course you are a pathetic w
:iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 1 4
Necrosis of feeling
To Love is what I am born to do
I have found the girl I desire
She is far from me for now but I see her again as my eyes drift closed
I dream of me and her again
I remember our foolish fights and want to see her to fix them and raise her above what has happened to us both
I long to hold her and kiss her
I have chosen my path I am traveling to her to see her and love her
I desire only her heart to be happy and for her to say the words back to me that I have said each night
She is my sun and my earth the ground and air through my body
I can't be me without her
All I am is hers and that is the truth
I hold these words and my heart in my hand
May she find me and I await her
For in the darkness toll stricks my mortal coil
I feel so cold and alone
When she gazes at me I remember what I had with her
No force on earth could stop me from loving her
I see her eyes and face in my mind
I love her with a fervor beyond the love for my own blood
I work for her I cry for her and I sing for her
I regre
:iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 0 4
Shooter by saurons-bane Shooter :iconsaurons-bane:saurons-bane 3 3


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