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September 2, 2009
A very unusual photograph, the colours are interesting and there is so much detail.
Sawfly Larva and Hexi by ~SauriaMami
Featured by dandelgrosso
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Sawfly Larva and Hexi

Not a caterpillar...but a larva of the Elm Sawfly. This variety is North America's largest....with a gorgeous blue stripe running down the back with small matching blue dots along both sides of it's body.
The adult will be a blackish/purple creature, often mistaken as wasps or even bees.
Although I'm not a sawfly fan, these larva are just amazing in their specteral beauty.
This one is curled up on the underside of a Hexigonal-pored Polypore fungus.
Nothing like waking up to see over 1000 clicks on an image. A huge thrill to get a DD on this image. Thank you so much for viewing and enjoying this image...even with the watermark on it!
Please know that there is NO way that I can thank each one of you individually for you're 'fav' on this image...but know that each and every one is appreciated!
Image details
Image size
1712x2288px 1012.96 KB
Shutter Speed
10/1000 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 19, 2009, 11:31:03 AM
© 2009 - 2021 SauriaMami
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Dlus's avatar
Haha. This is awesome! Fat little guy isn't he?
Kaiju-popsicle's avatar
The lighting makes it look so "brand new" like a newborn baby. It's actually...honestly...kinda cute. I almost wanna wrap it up in a leaf and sing it a lullaby.
Tzutzy's avatar
great shot!!
SeriantSlyjarr's avatar
Hi, your picture appears as favourite in my journal.:D [link]
icantglowinthedark's avatar
makes me think of Upper in ang the last air bender
Mondkringel's avatar
this picture has been featured here: [link]
:wave: Mondkringel

...i know, it isn't a caterpillar, but it looks like ;)
Raemo's avatar
stunning, unreal in detail and beauty.
999999999a's avatar
steppeland's avatar
Awesome! That's really a beautiful larvae! ans what a gorgeous combination with that mushroom! Congrats on the DD, much deserved!
SauriaMami's avatar
thanx a TON! I had the fungi on hand when we found this little beauty. amazing to know it's a fly. it was just an incredible looking insect
SeriantSlyjarr's avatar
Wow! Amazing picture.Gratulation!
laura-yuki's avatar
wow this is a really amazing shot!!
SauriaMami's avatar
thanx! i'm glad he cooperated with me :)
ReachForTheStarfish's avatar
WOW! Absolutely incredible shot! I love how you even FOUND something like this! Great job :)
SauriaMami's avatar
a true surprise! it was AWESOME! i still don't think i got enuf photos (i took over 100) lol
ReachForTheStarfish's avatar
I do the same thing! I end up each day I take out my camera with hundreds of photos of just a few things lol
SauriaMami's avatar
lol...guilty as charged!
people hate hiking with me because i can take 50 shots of one item to 'study' it...then stop 5 feet further away..and start all over. what SHOULD have been a 1/2 hour hike turns into 3 hours for me because of all the shots i take. :giggle:
ReachForTheStarfish's avatar
YES! I go hiking all the time with my best friend and I probably slow us down so much because I take a picture of everything, but she's used to it by now :)
SauriaMami's avatar
i've a fellow 'myco-phile' who i hike often with...who i think is as slow as me? if not more so...soooo i don't feel THAT bad when he's around :D
indojo's avatar
a fantastic shot
SauriaMami's avatar
isn't that just an amazing looking maggot? i'm still in awe of how beautiful it looked only to turn into a black fly!
indojo's avatar
it`s really amazing, camera is tool and help
for better seeing
xMurasaki's avatar
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