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A Rare Bird

a swallow that only nests in two locations in the in South American where it spends the winter and one in Missouri,USA......called a Bank Swallow or Riparia riparia meaning makes it's nests in holes it digs out of the side of cliff faces.....

need to edit info here? there's at least two other known locations for these guys here in the in Fort Funston, Ca....and of course can't find the other now...grrr....but these are listed as the smallest North American bird...and here i thought the hummingbirds were tiny
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Jun 2, 2007, 1:59:47 AM
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Hi there :)

I have featured your work here:

I hope you like the article!

[Please let me know if using your image offends you or if you want it removed!]
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Nice picture. And the the dreamy, indistinct background gives it a paint-ish feel. I think birds are awesome, but they are so damn hard to photograph. Well done.
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amen they're hard! if i had a better camera for that sort of photography i'd probably be addicted to taking pics of them. sadly? i'm more of a 'hold still darn it' sort of photographer so mushrooms seem to cooperate much better. :) thanx!
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The difficult of birds can't be disputed, but I'm afraid I can't condone the photographing of mushrooms. ;)
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'Take only pictures, Leave only foot prints'..........
at least? i don't catch my mushrooms in a 'frisky' sort of postition for my
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I had some mushrooms once in my "yard" (sort of forest) that wouldn't be there one day, and the next they would be 8 inches tall. Traumatized me for life. Mushrooms can be plenty frisky on their own!
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lol...most likely some sort of inky.....they have a tendency to appear and dissappear...........if they're the honey? they invite a million of their friends for the party. :)
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A horrifying thought! :cynic:
SauriaMami's avatar least u know? that both varieties are edible
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sorry, but i think your mistaken.
i live up in il. usa, and we get tons of them here.
two years again we had four pairs nest on the side of my house. it was pretty cool watching them build thier cone like mud nests honeycomed to gether :D
speaking of swallows, have you ever seen a purple martin?
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i went in and looked up more info on these seems they DO live in other locals? but they don't build nests....they live in cliff faces off of riverbanks and sand far have only found info for 3 locations here in the US on them.......if u know any other info i'd love to see?
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sorry, my bad
i was thinking of cliff swallows.
here's a link to the purple martin associations website.
them and tree swallows are my favorites out of the swallow family. the purple martin is actually the largest species of swallow in the usa.
my mother has a colony of almost 250 purple martins that return each year to our purple martin houses, and we also maintain local forest perseves colonies :D...and the blue bird and tree awallow boxes.
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are these the birds that people build ';penthouse apt's' up in the yards? when i was in tenn. we'd see places that had these HUGE white apartment looking bird houses with birds flying in and out all the time. the same place though ahd the barn swallows so i always thought they were those.....
i think when i read the short link about my little travelers they mis-typed their info? i'm finding more and more info on them and now know he's not such a rare bird as i had thought...and he's DEFINATELY NOT North America's smallest bird......i think? he's the smallest SWALLOW...but i believe the hummingbird is a lot tinnier....
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:D yes those white apartment like bird house are for purple martins,(though sadly they're mainly used by the non-native house sparrows, and european starlings..which have been known to kill purple martins and thier young for thier houses.. and other birds like bluebirds, tree swallows, etc)
isnt the huming bird the smallest bird in the world???
aww, i love thier picture
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in one article i'd read they kept swearing the bank swallow was north america's smallest bird........but i know i've found tiny hummers...i know there's a hummingbird that's smaller then u'r pinky finger for's a link i just posted fo the Bank Swallow area i took this little guy's pic at.....hope u like. [link]
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these are hole diggers...not nest builders.these only build in cliff faces and the info i have is posted in front of the one and only known area here in the US.....there's a ton of varities of swallows that are in the US.....i'll post an image of these guys' nesting area.....
i'm not the greatest with small bird id's? lol...but haven't yet seen a purple martin that i know of? do u have an image of one?
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Neat little guy... swallows are so difficult to capture :)
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I love the way he is out on the very edge of the limb, looking like he is sitting but almost to fly. Wonderful!
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thanx ...these guys are usually non stop motion
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wonderful shot, you are welcome:)
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Very nice work! :heart:
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