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I can offer three styles with different prices.

Sketches: (line art as the final output)
Bust - $10 / 1,000 points
Half body - $15 / 1,500 points
Full body - $20 / 2,000 points

Coloring Book 7 By Luckhat-d76c55v by Saureese Fb Img 1462297027630 by Saureese Sekai By Mamushii-d8dal9s by Saureese Thief by Saureese Damian by Saureese

Colored: (choose between cel-shaded or soft-shaded style - same price)
Half body - $30 / 3,000 points
Full body - $40 / 4,000 points

Background - Simple +$10; Complex - Negotiable since I haven't done much backgrounds before

Izaya By Luckhat-d7ef6wb by Saureese Terros Lineart By Luckhat-d6tz4g4 by Saureese Vampire by Saureese

Commission by Saureese Nanaba by SaureeseRoxas by Saureese Ryouko by Saureese

Chibi: (Choose from 2 variations)
Single chibi - $15
Extra props - $5
Japanese themed prom - CLOSED by Saureese My Chai. by LuckHat

Semi realism (hint of anime style) [bust and half body are only the options available at this moment]
Bust - $43 / 4,000 points
Half body - $65 / 6,500 points

Arden by Saureese Art Trade by Saureese King by Saureese Fb Img 1462299111471 by Saureese Cherry Winter by Mamushii

- I can also do character design/redesign and outfit design using the anime style - $50 / 5,000 points
Damian by Saureese Redesign(w) by Saureese Hoodie(w) by Saureese

- I can also do manga for only $50 per page.

Fb Img 1462323426029 by Saureese

Mode of payment: Paypal or points only.

Once commissioned, don't forget to credit me where it's due. I also have the right to put the final output on my portfolio.

Please fill up the form for me to easily organize things

Commission type: (Sketch/Anime/Semi-realism/Manga; if anime style, please state whether you like cel-shaded or soft)
Size: (Bust/Half body/Full body)

Please do not hesitate to comment here/note/email me at together with your deviantart name if you're interested with my services. Thank you!

[NOTE: Banishedhatred and Mamushii are both my old accounts.]

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Saureese Featured By Owner May 25, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Finished Commission:
Rawr by Saureese
Saureese Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Finished Commission:
Roxas by Saureese
Saureese Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Finished Commission:
Ryouko by Saureese
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