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Retrosaur Challenge 3: Long-Necked Goliath

By SaurArch
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Artist's notes:

    Proboscisaurus elephas (“elephant trunked lizard”) most distinguishing feature is the bony crest above and behind the orbits which supported the nares. Paleontologists have speculated that this unusual arrangement of the internal nostrils may have supported an elephant like trunk in life. As most long necked goliaths would have had to support their great bulk underwater subsisting on a diet of aquatic plants, this trunk may have functioned as a kind snorkel. The trunk would be lifted above the surface of the water and inhale then shut its nostrils closed before resubmerging. Many holes were found in the vertebrae which may have housed air sacs in life helping to keep this creature buoyant in the water.

    Basically an old school Brachiosaurus with a speculative trunk to assist in its semiaquatic lifestyle. I'm surprised I've never seen the two outdated theories of sauropod trunks and aquatic lifestyles combined. I've also noticed that old paleoart never really showed these creatures doing anything underwater other than just standing there, probably because it is very hard to convincingly depict these creatures swimming even when using elephants for reference. Link to challenge:…

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A trunk! I like how it is unique and at the same time gets the feel of old paintings.
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Thanks! I watched a lot of old kaiju and classic dinosaur films as well as practiced emulating Charles R. Knight and other classic paleoartists' stlyes to prepare for this challenge.
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heh... interesting dasign :)
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Thanks, it is a bit goofy looking.
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i remember something about it but it is odd to see