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Retrosaur Challenge 26: Rivals Part 2 Herbivore

By SaurArch
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Date: 9/15/17- 9/18/17

Artist's notes:

    Clypeoceratops equesauratus “knight shield horn face” was a horned goliath from the late Cretaceous of North America. It was first discovered by Charles Swamp as part of his rivalry with Eddard Dope during the great Fossil Wars. Unlike most other horned goliaths Clypeoceratops possessed a frill of solid bone, rather than one containing large fenestrae, which would have provided great defense against large predators. Its large tusks would have been used to dig up tough roots for food but could have also been used to deal a powerful defensive bite as mechanical simulations demonstrated that Clypeoceratops may have had the strongest bite force of any herbivorous animal. The thickened tail club may have originally evolved as a counter balance for this creature’s large head only becoming an effective weapon after several generations. Skeletons of smaller retrosaurs found in association with the remains of this creature suggest that they might have had a symbiotic relationship with each other with the smaller animals providing an early warning of predators and Clypeoceratops providing protection from said predator. Toward the end of the Cretaceous period the diversity of herbivorous retrosaurs in North America, especially that of club tails, were on decline while populations of Clypeoceratops continued to increase suggesting that this powerful herbivore may have been outcompeting other herbivores. Some paleontologists suggests that Clypeoceratops and Sarkastosaurus are an example of a coevolutionary arms race, both evolving newer and better armaments to keep each other’s populations in check.

    Probably one of my better creature designs. Based on a variety of ceratopsians as well as Armadon and Bastiodon and of course both of these rivals are based on the  famous painting of Charles R. Knight depicting the prelude to a battle between Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. I am now back at school again so I won't be able to post anything for a few more months. Link to challenge:…

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The Ultimate Herbivore
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Yeah, Armadon was always my favorite character from that game.
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thaths the cooolest and awsmeesest trike i hav evar sew
you sohuld post in the carnivora forum is fullll of wonderfuol people thaths guoing to apretuiate it
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Makes me think of Lizardmen Stegadon :D
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Yeah they do look very similar but I think this one looks even more like it: Retrosaur Challenge 30: Artist's Choice by SaurArch
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