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Retrosaur Challenge 24: Known for Oversized Arms

By SaurArch
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Date: 9/12/17-9/14/17

Artist's notes:

    Megabrachium enigmatis “big armed mystery” was a retrosaur of unknown affiliation from the late Jurassic of North America that is only known for fossils of its massive forelimbs. Originally assumed to be a massive tyrant, some paleontologists now think that it may have been an aberrant spike tail. This theory is based on the arms two claws and three reduced digits which is consistent with the pattern of digits found in spike tailed goliaths of the time. If this is correct the creature would have lived a similar lifestyle to the extinct ground sloth. Of course nothing can be said for sure about this creature until more fossil evidence is found.

    Just a stegosaur ground sloth. Not sure how I feel about this one. Link to challenge:…

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"I was a wimp before Anchor Arms!  Now I'm a jerk, and everybody loves me!"
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It's so beautiful.
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It's basically Stegz from that Extreme Dinosaurs cartoon. :XD:
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Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that show!
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Arghh. Stego Smash puny allosaurus.
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Yeah he does look like a brute doesn't he?
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He looks as if Dr. Banner mixed gamma radiation with DNA from blood from some mosquitos preserved in ancient amber :D
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I think there is a Marvel stegosaur character. I don't know for sure though.
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