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Yo love your stuff
1,000,000 x Thank you

It quite hard to find Imperial Japanese images and information in Brunei Darussalam. I am always interested in East Asian Culture and History
Ah, you're new here? Welcome to dA!

(I admire Far Eastern culture and philosophy as well).
Thank you so much for the watch kindly! :hug:
My greetings from Okinawa Japan! :wave:
あ( ̄○ ̄)り( ̄◇ ̄)が( ̄△ ̄)と( ̄0 ̄)う
Okinawa Japan?
Really ؟ I am very happy to meet you you I am talking to you from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
I'm very impressed with Japan and Japanese culture
In Saudi Arabia, a first degree rely on oil But Japan pose its position among the top countries of the world
Without relying on oil or any other source
Japanese real wealth is Japanese man
(And women)
Japan is very respectable in Saudi Arabia ,Just seeing the logo Made in Japan Makes consumers trust the product
But the Japan-Saudi Arabia Friendship And joint cooperation between the two countries Is unknown to many Saudis and perhaps also to the Japanese

I try to Put some light on this eternal friendship between the two countries

Now I'm trying to learn the Japanese language, but difficult to learn a language i Do not use it too a lot

Do not make me talk about the Japanese Letters

American movies and TV helped me to learn English Language
I tried Weblog Film Japanese, but after a lot of watching American films became see Japanese films are not at the same level

But the Japanese film outrage
It made me not want advisement Another U.S. film
The film was very cool In the end is not very good but it was an epic
The other film after the rain It was very beautiful I hope to see more battles But it was good even without frequent blood It was very beautiful
its showed the Japanese beautiful life It made me not want to see the battles but beautiful stories, such as those

Movies helped me to learn some Japanese words (minus Letters)
But I read that there are words Abnah no longer used in the current era They are frequently used in the era of the samurai But not often in the current era
So I try to find Japanese films in the current era
But I do not know I think that in the current era there is no longer the same serenity and purity
Replaced by modern and contemporary life
I want to live the life of a contemporary not be watching film them
I do not know how to watch deviated
anime it helped me to learn a lot from the Japanese words But I do not know Especially in Saudi Arabia And in Arab countries in general
consider anime Just for children Only
I saw a lot of them I'm not an
anime addict Or anything
But I say with confidence is not for kids
I was watching for nearly a year without knowing that one of my family I know they will not understand But I still see it

I am sorry to have written a lot
But I am very happy to meet you
I hope I hear ؟(Read) read from you
again And talk about the beautiful city Okinawa
I am very happy to meet you too. :)
Cause,I've never have an acquaintance from Saudi Arabia.
To tell te truth,,,
Before joining DA, I didn't know Japan is such a popular country all over the world.
It's not only me but many Japanese too.

Anime,Camer,Video game,and other technologies...
That's natural for our daily life, so we have
little chance evaluate them by ourselves.

Btw, I respect ancient Japanese from the heart.
Not only Samurai but also craftsman,farmers, and
all other industrious peoples.
I think they have given Japan it's known for today.
Especially ancient carpenters were really great.
maybe you don't believe, but Tokyo sky tree which
is a tower completed last year, and its height is
634m, its quake-resistant engineering is based on a technology of 1600 years ago in Japan.

Maybe ancient Japanese wisdom and skill are oil for us.
I think now is the time of "back to the source".
You know, Fukushima is spreading of the effects of radiation.
It has also contaminated crops and fishing waters, and regenerated global concern about the safety of nuclear power plants.
but we weren't learning anything.

oops, sorry for long text. lol
Now I'm founding a company, so terrible busy.
So maybe I cannot reply soon but I'll try.

Have a great day! :wave: