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Aside from the shell atop its “body” this ultra-beast is nothing but pure muscle. What appear to be eyestalks are actually siphons and are how Valvarian breathes. Sometimes after quite a while a beautiful pearl might appear beneath its shell which is also sometimes thought to be its eye but in actual fact the true eyes are the tiny blue spots, just below its shell. Valvarian don’t have any attachment to their pearls and tend to save them only long enough to pelt at an opponent. Despite the sheer density of its muscular “body” it can in its entirety retreat into its shell.

I’ve seen the concept of a literal mussel/muscle a few times but the idea is so perfect I couldn’t resist. Valvarian originally had no eyes but the real eyes of bivalves are so endearing I had to include them somehow. It was also pure Fighting type but I had a few of those already, so I added the Water type to spice it up.

And with that, i’m done, Auzz is finished. Toying with some regional pokemon concepts using my fakemon from either region but for now at least i’m all done with my second region.

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