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The Childlike Empress

"The Neverending Story" The Childlike Empress/Moonchild (German Die Kindliche Kaiserin/Mondenkind)
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My first crush (fictional) She'll always have a place in my heart.
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i always thought she was such a pretty little girl! ^-^ 
Great...i love this Movie,the more wonferfull fantasy movie/book and story of all time!!!i cry for patetic 2' & 3' movies,that insulte the original and prey for the remake (2014?) that make honor to Wolfgang Petersen movie!!!
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So pretty! love the textures you have used in this! :) xox
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How the hell does everyone know what Bastian said? There was a raging thunderstorm that covered what he was saying. Sure, he may have said "Moon Child", but he also may have said "Lucy" or "Alice". And really, would Bastian really have a mother named "Moon Child", anyway?
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In the film we could never hear the name,but the idea, that Bastian called her after his mother was idea of film creators. In the orginal story, I mean in the book (which is not as childllike and childish like the movie, much longer and more developed, oh more, more. Too much for even some adults) he named her MoonChild right after he saw her face.
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i have loved this since i was very little and i have always loved the childlike empress. i wanted to be her so bad. this is a lovely tribute to that. thank you.
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I never heard "Mondenkind" but "kindliche Kaiserin" is right ^^
Nice story, as child I watched it often :)
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oh how lovely.
The Moon Child is so beautiful.
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Is the empress of the "never ending history" hugs
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I love this, awesome :D
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Thanks :) hugs!
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Is this a sceen cap or did you paint it? I can't tell. It's very beautiful. Oh, and to the person who asked, Bastian named her "Moonchild".
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I fix the picture with photoshop ;)
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she´s the most beautyful girl in all the world X3. :D fav
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Thanks for your comments :D
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Very pretty! What did sebastian end up naming her, btw? I know... kinnnddaaa random. xD I never caught the name when watching the movie.
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U draw this or take pic of this, because it lok like real enough to be picture itself, lol.... pretty empress shes!
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This is very pretty...good job
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