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Bob's Burgers Cast adores DDR Cast

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After “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie” was taken away from the 2021 movie release calendar and this movie was getting delayed during the coronavirus outbreak this year, here is a meme that contains pictures of Robert “Bob” Belcher, Jr., Linda Belcher, Tina Ruth Belcher, Eugene “Gene” Belcher, Louise Belcher, and Theodore “Teddy” (Bob’s Burgers) are adoring the cast of characters from the “Dance Dance Revolution” video game franchise by Konami, Emi Toshiba, Alice Ip, Charmy Anderson, Yuni Verse, John “Johnny” Hurley, Reiji “Rage” Itoh, Ryo “Akira” Kongoji, Maho Babahara, Disco (Afro), Naoki Maeda, NMR, MC “Izam” Warner, Cole “Astro” Mackenzie, Janet Lyze, Baby-Lon (Ronpei Babahara), Scott G. Parke “Spike” McCullin, Ni-Na (Nana Nitta), Jennifer “Jenny” Hurley, Dread Snake, Tracy Lyze, Christine “Lady” Azcona, and John “Jack” Bordeaux (Boldo), who wants to make new friends with the six of them.

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