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Well, just about.  I still need to get my oversize scanner/printer and work table from where it's been in storage with my sister, but I'm mostly set up again.  One more loose end commission project to wrap up that I couldn't quite pull off before the move, and then I'll evaluate what I have in my scanned art backlog for potential art posts, and whether I feel comfortable reopening for commission projects again at that point.
It's pretty clear that I have not been a presence on Deviant Art for a few months.  While I'd prefer to leave the glorious details of my rocky year out of things, I'm hopeful that I will be able to put it all behind me (as much as I can, anyhow) and get back to work after I move at the rapidly approaching end of the month.  Apologies to those who have slipped through the cracks of my work schedule over the course of this.  When your personal life goes up in flames, it's really hard to care and keep track of much of anything until you've gotten back to a point of stability.  At least, that's how it happened to me.  Looking forward to a better 2015.  Peace.
So, in preparation for updating my computer system, I finally bought a replacement scanner for my trusty Mustek A3 scanner.  They stopped updating the drivers a few years ago and the most recent operating system it will work with is Windows Vista.  I've been eying the new all-in-one inkjets with the 11" x 17" scanners for a while now, and finally decided on the Epson WF-7510.  I've been using it to scan for a bit now and had even done one or 2 letter sized prints, but I finally got some large format photo paper today and did my first borderless printing in the large format of my Crab Sorceress piece.  Love it!
Finally getting caught up enough to open things up for commissions once again.  Yay!

Also have a couple of commission auctions live on eBay, you can check them out here:

Still have not scanned in my backlog of inks and colors from the tail end of last year but I should be able to get to them soon.
I've been trying to take advantage of this awful drawing rut I've been in to catch up a bit on inking my catfight comic pages.  Cleared about 40 pages over the last week or so but I still have a long way to go before I'm caught up.  I'm going to try to work on something I can actually post to Deviant Art next week. (The steady pay on the catfight pages is great, and I love the freedom to do whatever the crap I feel like as I go, but it kind of sucks that I'm now in the process of penciling page 2000 of this project and I can't share it with the world.  Aw, well.)
So, it looks like the paperwork monster has been slain and we will be able to sign a new lease and get moving on Tuesday.  This is well, well past our target date of January 5 and needless to say I've been pretty stressed out through the whole process.  The moving van is now officially booked, we are living out of boxes and more than ready to get the hell out of here already.  Fingers crossed that there won't be any more last minute surprises.  I'm going to try to do some commission backlog work tonight and see if my raging hand has calmed down a bit with the good news :D
Yes, my last status update said I was moving.  Yes, I did move.  Yes, I'm moving again.  Sigh.  All artistic activity is on hold at the moment until I get everything sorted out.  Hopefully, that's soon.
Some of you may have noticed a steep decline in posting activity over the past month - well, thing is, I'm moving, and I've been busy prepping for it.  I'll probably resume ebay auctions and such at the beginning of November, possibly sooner if I'm feeling settled in before then.  In the meantime, I am doing commission projects, but not actively seeking them out.  If you drop me an email I will get back to you on quotes and such, but keeping up with all the paperwork involved for ebay and other auction sites is a bit much for me to handle right now.  Once I'm on the other end I'll catch up on posting here (I've been creating new art, just not posting it to the internet - commission art never sleeps, heh).
Whew.  I am grinding my way through page 13 of a really dense comic script right now and I have to say - super compressed material takes a long time to get onto the page!  Squeezing 5-10 characters on 6 panels per page and doing it in between large swaths of dialogue is an art form in itself.... Thankfully this guy doesn't ask for revisions so I can work it all out on my own without worrying about starting over from scratch....
So.  Due to an unexpected need to come up with some money for my wife's final semester of college, I'm listing a sizeable section of my original art collection in an attempt to lessen the impending workload crunch.  So I'm cracking open the personal comic art archives for Ebay.  Take a look, there might be something you'd be interested in:

Anyone wanting to hit me up for some commissions at the rates shown below - now would be a pretty good time.
Well, with the Barriss/Luminara kissing jedis sketch I have drawn 100 pinup commission sketches so far this year.  While a good number of those have gone to inks and colors, it's the sketch base line that I've been keeping track of as I try to pull off 365 commissions for the year.  While I should be at #115 today to be on schedule, it's still not bad, especially since I've posted considerably less than 100 commission auctions to Ebay so far this year.  Hoping to make up for those missing two weeks soon!

Lining up a daily commission isn't as easy as it looks - sometimes people take a while to get back to you with details so I've had a couple of patches where I didn't have anything I could do for the 365 Commission Project, even with 3 or 4 sold auction feelers out there.... and then, BAM!  3, 4, 5 at once... instant overload!  Lol.  But it's OK, I have other, low profile projects to fall back on in the slack moments, and it's usually pretty easy to catch up (except on the weekends - weekends are tough!).  Those few people who actually do make up their minds quickly on what to have drawn - I love it!
I am now 48 days in to the "365 Commissions Project" and I've done 49 pieces thus far, so I'm still on track to make my goal of 365 pencil commissions for the year.  It's pretty hard to just draw something every single day, though, so I've been doubling, tripling, etc up on some days to catch up.  I've also been cheating slightly as I'm counting some pieces that are being inked and colored as well, but hey, I DID draw them first!  But every one of these has been bought and paid for - no personal sketching or requests are counted.
17 days in and I've managed keep up with my goal of drawing an average of one pencil commission piece for every day of the year so far... been a little rough on the weekends but so far, so good.

You can track my progress at… Not gonna guarantee it'll have a live auction 24/7 but it should a lot more active than it was last year.....
Caught up on a couple of batch style projects (a two-parter, a five-parter and a six-parter).  Feels good to have them off the drawing table.  Now if I could get this 8 page Wonder Woman commission comic wrapped up I'd be feeling even better!
Did a lot of inking today and I have the stains on my art hand callouses to prove it :D
Well, sketching has been pretty slow going if you hadn't noticed - I guess apartment hunting will do that to you.  Sigh.  Well, I should be able to wrap up the last 2 on my list today, I think.  Maybe I should just field requests on Fridays and hope I can clear the log out by the following Friday.  At least I put the wrap on 3 commission pieces since the last time I posted here so I did get something done...
I'll be trying to knock out the remainder of the sketch request log from yesterday/this morning today but I should probably cap the line at this point :D
Gonna do a mini sketch day today - not the multi-day grindfest of the Sketchoramarathon but I'm opening up requests for the day - post any sketch ideas here and I will do a sketch post dump at the end of the day with the results.  Most likely I will only be able to get off one sketch per poster so make sure you prioritize any lists. :D

In the meantime I'll be skritching away at some comic book pages.
half-inked a sketch from 1997 (!), penciled a 3 character commission sketch and colored up two commission projects today - not much to actually post to DevArt but that doesn't mean I wasn't drawing.