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Flat and Blurry v1.0

Rainmeter Skin with Flat Icons and Blurry Background.

Weather skin:-
  • Hover over the skin ,  Settings Button will appear in the bottom-right corner of the skin,
  • click on the Settings button to open Settings skin,
  • click on the "Weather Code"  ,  and put your weather code there,  press Enter,
  • click help (?)  to get your weather code from,
  • chose between F or C by clicking on the "F" or "C"  button on the Settings skin,
  • there is a Close button in bottom-right corner of Settings skin,
  • click on the Icon for Refresh the Weather skin,

Music skin:-
  • Working buttons are  Play, Pause, Next, Previous,
  • Hover over the skin to reveal  Next, Previous button & SeekBar,
  • use the SeekBar for forward & backward song,
  • Mouse Scroll up-down to control Volume  of the player,

  • Click on the RAM/CPU con to open Task Manager,
  • Click on Drive Icon to open the Drive,

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wallpaper link plz



great and tnx a lot!

how do i change weather

For some reason the weather stopped working after I cloned my HDD to SSD, I did try other location codes, reinstalled it but still wont work. This is my most favorite skin in my setup, Please help!!!

Screenshot (59)

I installed from scratch and it still doesn't work

don't think this this is mantained anymore.

how do i change weather
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Where is the wallpaper from? Such a classic shot, but I love that particular one.
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What folder should I put my music files in so my music player can detect it? I tried the regular music folder and the rainmeter folder and it doesn't seem to work.
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Rainmeter Music skin only control your music player, it can't play music by itself ,
You have to add your favorite music player name to Rainmeter Music skin,

 # right click on the Music player skin and go to  Edit Skin,

 # Then look for   [Variables]  

 # Under that  you can see     Player=AIMP

 # Change AIMP to your favorite player name  [ see here  for player name ]

 # Save the file,

 # Then right click  on the skin and  Refresh skin,

Now when you play something on your player , You can control that with The Music skin.

:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) Clap

***  Get the next version of this skin here   ****
The time is incorrect, how do I change it? I looked in the time & date.ini file and I couldn't find anything.
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Please use the new version   link
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Hey !
Nice skin. I'd like to show my system uptime with this skin and the sensor temperature. Did you have any tips for do it ?
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Nice one,   Clap 

I will add a Uptime skin in next version.   :D (Big Grin) 
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Currently CPU only shows core 0, any way for them to include them all(in my case 4)?
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Sorry about this problem,:| (Blank Stare) 

This skin code to show the average uses of of the CPU,
I don't understand why it shows only core 0 in ur system.

If i get some fix for it, I will let you know :) (Smile) 
Play button does not work? Everything else works?
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