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Numix - Name of the Doctor - Wallpaper

Numix themed wallpaper with The Doctor's name written on it in High Gallifreyan!

This wallpaper is a part of the Numix Project.

Available sizes


Installation from PPA

Ubuntu users can install the wallpaper from our PPA using the following commands,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:numix/ppa
sudo apt-get install numix-wallpaper-notd

Extra goodies

Numix GTK theme (Including Dark version) -

Numix Light GTK theme -

Wallpaper (Glimpse of the future) -

Icons (Numix uTouch) -

Gnome Shell theme (Numix preset) -

Cinnamon theme -

QtCurve theme for KDE4 -

User style for Chrome -
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No 1366x768 for 16:9 or if I'm missreading the sized which resolution belong to which aspect ratio?
ThatWasLeftHanded's avatar
I'm getting a not found error when trying to install this, was it taken down?
souravsaha's avatar
getting error:

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree      
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package numix-wallpaper-notd
shadowrunner2323  Remember to update (`sudo apt-get update`)
shadowrunner2323's avatar
it says that it can't locate the package. using ubuntu 14.04 LTS
joedf's avatar
I ABSOLUTELY love the touch of color there!
cjeffers469's avatar
Any chance for a version of this without the monitor in the image?
satya164's avatar
You can download the image without the wallpaper by clicking "Download".
maniat1kster's avatar
why! Why! Only ubuntu!!! when are you going to make the move for let's say Parachameleon  OpenSuSe ;D
satya164's avatar
There will be a repo for OpenSUSE. Haven't got enough time actually. Ubuntu PPA is easier since we can have automated builds in Launchpad without any user interaction. But things are different with OpenSUSE.
maniat1kster's avatar
that's true.... ok hope sometime you can do that...

Lynnais's avatar
Hi, do have this without the shapes (Name of the Doctor!).
satya164's avatar
Hmm... I've to find out if I still have the xcf.
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Hi there :wave: !
Your wallpaper has been featured in my weekly journal: Wallpaper Wednesday #28!
I'd love if you could come check it out and let me know which is your favourite piece :D
Don't forget to also comment on your fellow wallpaper artists piece, and offer your support!
satya164's avatar
Hi. Thanks for featuring my work :D
51tanmay's avatar
Nice i use the numix theme from its release date. But i change the your GTK Color Software to blue instead of red. And hence i created a blue version of this wallpaper. Here is the link ...
Under Construction is great.
51tanmay's avatar
the link is down .. and that link expires in a month or so. Just change the color in gimp.
puntigamer's avatar
Hi there! How can I change the red color of the theme to blue? :)
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