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Numix Light - GTK3 theme

Numix Light is a modern flat and light theme. It supports Gnome, Unity, XFCE and Openbox.

Numix Light is a part of the Numix Project.

Available on Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu users can install the theme from Ubuntu Software Center.

Manual installation

Extract the zip file to the themes directory i.e. /usr/share/themes/

To set the theme in Gnome, run the following commands in Terminal,

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme "Numix Light"
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences theme "Numix Light"

To set the theme in Xfce, run the following commands in Terminal,

xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Net/ThemeName -s "Numix Light"
xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/theme -s "Numix Light"


Please a drop a mail to if you have any problems or queries. We'll try to respond as quickly as possible.


GTK+ 3.6 or above
Murrine theme engine

Extra Goodies

Numix GTK theme (Including Dark version) -

Wallpaper (Glimpse of the future) -

Icons (Numix uTouch) -

Gnome Shell theme (Numix preset) -

Cinnamon theme -

QtCurve theme for KDE4 -

User style for Chrome -

Known issues

To fix the small font issue in LibreOffice Calc sheet tabs, create a file .gtkrc-libreoffice in your home folder with the following content,

style "libreoffice-scrollbar" {
GtkScrollbar::trough-border = 3

widget_class "*" style "libreoffice-scrollbar"

Then launch libreoffice with the following command,

GTK2_RC_FILES=$HOME/.gtkrc-libreoffice libreoffice

Code and license

Report bugs or contribute at GitHub

License: Numix
© 2013 - 2021 satya164
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Is this package still maintained? The website is full of broken links and the mailbox isn't responding..
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It doesn't seem to be :(.

I had to switch to… - I still like numix the best, but I can't get access to the light theme any more as it isn't available for being bought (or downloaded when already bought) on any of their websites, and I like light themes much better than dark ones.
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There seems to be no way to download this theme from this page, nor from the numix store. Is this still being actively maintained?
Does it work on gtk 3.16?
It works, but looks a little bit messy.
Theme in some applications such as Firefox, GIMP and LibreOffice looks like Windows 95. How do I fix it?…

Upd: Fixed it by installing gtk2-engines-pixbuf and gtk2-engine-murrine.
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Works with 3.16
Does this theme have the same flat look for the Unity bar as Numix Flat?
Thanks satya164 for all the great work. You mentioned that one could ask for a custom version, I'd love to have (and would be happy to pay for) the light theme with blue instead of red for the accent color. I'd be happy to change it myself if I knew how...
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Send an email to
I think I figured out :).
Actually, I almost got it (at least as far as I have checked) by replacing the instances of the red color by a custom blue one. But I'm having trouble with Firefox, which is still using the old red color when showing accented text (not in webpages but in some links in toolbars and stuff like that). Do you know how to fix that ?
Is it normal for the light theme to have some bugged elements on Unity top-bar? For instance the sound indicator menu does not have the play buttons visible at all with light theme (Icon theme is set to Numix light). Maybe I used the wrong Light version out of the three I downloaded here? My Ubuntu is 14.10 and I used the GTK3.14 version. Not sure which one to use as it's hard to distinguish my current version of GTK on this machine.
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Can you send me a screenshot at ?
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Thanks for update to 3.14 :)
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What is your GTK version?
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Hi satya164  , I am still waiting for your reply :)
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This is weird. Have you tried logging out and logging in back?
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Yup, i even tried restarting my computer couple of times. Maybe i missed something while installing? Here is what i did:

1. After downloading the archive from here, I extracted the "Numix Light for" 
2. And extracted the folder "Numix Light" from the "Numix Light for" 
3. Copied the folder "Numix Light" to "usr/share/themes" directory.
4. Changed to Numix Light theme from Unity tweak tool.
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Okay. You installed the version for GTK3.4, You should install the normal one.
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From the "Numix Light - GTK3" ?
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