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Gnome Shell - Elegance Colors

Elegance Colors is a highly customizable chameleon theme for Gnome Shell. It can change colors according to the current GTK theme, current wallpaper (uses imagemagick to get color) or use a user defined color.

Currently Elegance Colors supports Gnome Shell 3.6 to 3.14.



Ubuntu users can install Elegance Colors from our themes PPA using the following commands,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:satyajit-happy/themes
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors

Fedora and OpenSUSE users can add the appropriate repo from opensuse build service -… and install the package gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors via the distro's package manager.

Arch Linux users can install Elegance Colors from aur -…

If you use another distro, you need to compile from source. This is needed for the GUI.

Don't worry, it is easy and straight forward.

You need to install the build-dependencies first (package names may vary depending on your distro),

glib2-devel gtk3-devel vala

Extract the archive, navigate to the directory and type the following commands in a terminal,

sudo make install

To derive color from wallpaper, you need to install ImageMagick.

Also install the User Theme Extension for Gnome Shell…


A process runs in background which detects changes, generates the theme and reloads the theme accordingly. After installation, you must run the following command to start the background process,


To set the theme, run the following commands,

gsettings set name 'elegance-colors'

You can launch the GUI from the menu which lets you customise various aspects of the the theme. You can also export your customized theme, import/export settings from the GMenu. Click on the title in the Gnome Shell top bar to get the GMenu.



It is recommended to stop any previous instances of elegance-colors when updating to a new version. You can kill running processes of elegance-colors with the command,

killall elegance-colors

To view any error messages produced, run the process in Terminal,

elegance-colors start

To manually apply changes, run,

elegance-colors apply

If your theme fails to apply after an upgrade, it is likely that the config file doesn't include new options. To update the config file, run,

elegance-colors update

To export the theme, run,

elegance-colors export /path/to/



Code and documentation:…

Bugs and feature requests:…


Credits: Thanks to Alin Andrei and Brian Bentsen for their valuable suggestions and testing.


License: GPL-3.0+
© 2012 - 2021 satya164
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elleti-brainvision's avatar
How the hell can I download this from Numix homepage???
AJHunter's avatar
I've got an error with the PPA:
W: The repository '… xenial Release' does not have a Release file.
N: Data from such a repository can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use.
N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.
E: Failed to fetch… 404  Not Found
E: Failed to fetch… 404  Not Found
E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

any chance at an update for Xenial (16.04 LTS)?
glib2-devel gtk3-devel vala

Debian 8 (jessie):
libgtk-3-dev libglib2.0-dev libvala-0.26-dev
Jusko's avatar
Thanks for AWESOME app! There is no good documentation about writing GTK3 theme. Your app solved my problems!
thefunvampire's avatar
Will this work with Debian? Because I've just updated to Jessie from Wheezy and can't use your lovely Shine (had tons of other themes but none compared to Shine) anymore and wondered if this would make a suitable replacement?
This is a fantastic theme. Making my Gnome desktop look so cool. I am very grateful for your work. Please support this theme also for newer Gnome versions. It would be so pity to let such great theme die.
kap3tan's avatar
Is this project dead ?
this ppa does not work with ubuntu 15.04 vivid please do something 
Ignocent's avatar
Update/Support for Gnome Shell 3.16, pleaseJuggle 
May it be ported to gnome-shell 3.16 soon?
gutigen's avatar
Yea, Gnome Shell feels wrong without Elegance ;)
mcddennis's avatar
Hey! When I apply the theme my gnome-shell theme does change, however it does not look like the pictures it looks like a "base" theme, since it is so simplistic. Any ideas why?
Very nice work Satya, everything works fine except that the top panel color never changes on any preset and does not decrease its opacity either. i am using ubuntu gnome 14.04
willowlee's avatar
Hey, your tool, it's really something! I've been through so much trouble editing css etc, so now I am happy to find such a simple and at the same time many-faceted customizer. Thank you and good luck!
gfandrea's avatar
I can't compile your theme from AUR and also from your zip. here the message:

[gfandreaPortatile elegance-colors-master]$ make
valac --pkg gtk+-3.0 elegance-colors-prefs.vala -o elegance-colors-prefs
error: Esecuzione del processo figlio "cc" non riuscita (File o directory non esistente)
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
Makefile:14: set di istruzioni per l'obiettivo "elegance-colors-prefs" non riuscito
make: *** [elegance-colors-prefs] Errore 1

I am using ArchLinux with gnome 3.14.3
satya164's avatar
Do you have gcc?
yaraguldenG's avatar
me dice lo mismo :(
MadmanRB's avatar
this is really neat, I normally hate gnome shell but this helps give it more a personal flair
thelame22's avatar
Hey !
Is it nomal that menu items in terminal (for exemple) are highlited in blue if I have choose a Grey and Red preset ?
satya164's avatar
Terminal uses GTK theme, not the GNOME Shell theme.
webflashing's avatar
Hi! Im pretty new to Linux so I wanted to ask you: I managed to use this theme as Shell Theme, which is really pretty btw, congratz. But is it possible to use it as GTK+ theme too? I noticed that in the mid photo, your Elegance Color Preferences app has style in the menus, which I haven't been able to achieve. (I installed it from the PPA)

satya164's avatar
The screenshot is using the GTK theme "Numix" -
eyeofdevil's avatar
Hey dude, can you make some settings files for this please?
Also if possible, can you make a version of the Numix settings, but with a whitish translucent color? kinda like, retain these (the underlines indicating active) but so that it look more like "Clear"
Thanks and great theme/tool btw
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