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buy me a kofi plz

buy me a kofi by satuwn, visual art


MARS - the intergalactic alien puppy by satuwn, visual art

mars coming to end eclipse

menacing aura by satuwn, visual art

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have some prozac

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press F to pay respects. thank you custom boxes for giving my page swag... rest in epicness
Your doing an amazing job^^ keep up the good work ♥️♥️ don't let anyone push you down or get to you, you gotta reach for the stars even if it may take awhile, breaks are needed, to heal and recollect yourself, everything is gonna be okay, be you and I'ma be here to support^^ your art is amazing and I hope you never give up
thank you!!!
hi there! ; v ; i hope it's okay to ask in a comment, but if you have a ping list, i'd love one if you ever open commissions for customs. i have a toy character idea and i can't imagine anyone else doing it, your style is just too perfect... * A * but if you don't have a pinglist please disregard, i shall watch like a hawk!! <3
ofc its ok! im really honored to hear that! i dont know when ill open custom officially, but i have taken to discuss design customs individually if/when someone is interested! once i finish a bit of my queue, i can defs get back to you when im available to do the custom! my prices are really flexible, usually starting at around $25 and just increasing if the complexity either in the design or reference increases, ofc when i hear your idea ill let you know a definite price! if youd like this please let me know, and if not, ill defs ping you when i open design customs officially! tysm for your interest either way <3
i’m Absolutely 100% interested! ; v ; if you’re alright with it i can note you my idea (it’s kind of silly LOL but i fear someone snatching it if i post it on a public comment!) and you can just work me in whenever you feel you have room for me, if you’re open to my request anyways! ^u^ i’m in no rush and would rather wait and have it done by you than someone else! <3