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Commission for :iconbalthamel19: sequel to 

Mature Content

COMM: Accidental Secretary by saturnxart

Mature Content

COMM: Accidental Secretary Pt. 2 by saturnxart

Our hero turned heroine is getting really into the perks of her new job.

:iconbalthamel19: has also been working on an awesome TG game Zenofae Gene, check it out here!

Want your own commission? Find out more about commissions here!
Commissions Open! 20% off SUPERHERO TG!20% off all Superhero related TG commissions until 2/4!! Note me for more details!

PRICES (subject to change if pose or clothing is very complex)

Basic Color - $30 per figure
Linework with flat color. 
Basic Shading - $35 per figure
Linework with flat color, and shading for light emphasis.
Full Color (Soft Shading) - $45 (+$40 per extra character, Max 3 characters per pic unless sequence)
Linework with detailed shading and value, full color and depth. the big kahuna! (drawn backgrounds not included)
Writing Commissions Closed20% off all stories involving forced TG transformation into GILF!
Haven't had a chance to write many GILF tg stories, so im offering a special sale on commissions where a young man is forcefully and reluctantly transformed into a GILF.
Transformation must happen during story. Could be any type of GILF, aged 52-70, big or small. I will close commissions once these 2 Slots are filled. Note me if you think you have an idea that applies!
I'll stay pretty open but here are some subjects I will not write about:
-Underage sex
Since Im more of an artist than I am a writer, Ill be a little more selective with these, If I am just not into an idea, I wont do it, sorry guys no offence. Note me and we can see! 
$8 for every 500 words, 1000 word minimum. As simple as that.
The stories wont n
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