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    Benjy was a normal young man in his early twenties, but in troublesome financial standing due to some family issues. He was of average height, a bit on the taller side, slender with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. He wore his best shirt and slacks as he rode in a taxi along the edge of town, excited, but also nervous about his new job. He had been struggling to get by doing odd jobs around town for the past few months, but his prayers were answered when he found a local listing for a personal assistant, with free room and board and a nice salary with benefits. It was a vague, mysterious ad with not much information, but it had the logo of the infamous Van Horne Industries, so Benjy knew it had to be for real. One simple and easy interview later, a few too many documents to sign, as well as headshots for some strange reason they wouldn't explain, and he was in. It almost seemed too good to be true, but Benjy's circumstances meant he had to take that chance.

    "I can't believe I'm getting paid all this money to do his laundry and manage his schedule!" Benjy thought to himself, holding his backpack. "The timing of this job couldn't have been better, these bills were really starting to pile up. Thank god I kept all my dress shirts and ties from college so I can dress the part until my first paycheck goes through." 

    Benjy's mind was going a mile a minute as the taxi pulled up to the massive gates of the Van Horne property. He had only seen the massive, lavish mansion in pictures and on tv, but in person it was something else. It was definitely the house of someone with some serious dollars. Benjy began to worry if he was even ready for this job, having had no experience in being a personal assistant, but knew he had to get it together and figure it out on the go if he was to succeed in this gig.

"Phew... come on Benjy, relax... Here goes nothing!"

    Benjy nervously rang the golden doorbell and was greeted by a buxom young red headed woman in a french maid's dress, as Benjy struggled not to have his eyes wander to her vast cleavage. 

    "Hello!" The maid spoke in a cheerful voice and thick Swedish accent. "You must be Benjy! He has been expecting you!" 

    "Hello! Yes, I sure am.. I hope I'm not too early..." Replied Benjy nervously. 

    "Oh no, not at all! Come on in, we will take your stuff, Alvira can you grab his bags please?" The maid called over another equally buxom and curvy blond woman in a maid outfit who grabbed Benjy's book bag. 

    "Oh, thank you, you're too kind.." Said Benjy, looking around the lavish mansion and the three other extremely stacked and curvy maids. 

    "I guess the boss knows what he likes... and he likes to be surrounded by it at all times..." Thought Benjy to himself, looking around at the pairs of large breasts and fat asses around him. "I could get used to living here with all this!" 

    "My name is Elle, I am the head maid of the Van Horne estate, and will be your team member in Mr Van Horne's home. I am the closest to Mr. Van Horne around here, except for you of course now that you're here. Alvira will send your things to your room and will help you get accommodated to the servant's quarters." 

    "Pleasure to meet you Benji." Spoke Alvira in a thick Russian accent, and gave Benji a large way too happy smile and a small bow. " Please follow me to your chambers."

    "Nice to meet you Elle, and thank you for all your help." Benjy thanked Elle as he followed up Alvira up the massive circular marble steps, impressed by the size and lavishness of the house. 

    "Wow, I have to say this is the nicest home or building I think I have ever been in, and I went to the white house in sixth grade!" Said Benji, barely able to keep his jaw up as he looked around at Mr Van Horne's insane art collection and clearly expensive furniture and decorations, as they walked down the seemingly endless hallway.

    "Yes, Mr Van Horne certainly has refined, though very expensive tastes. You will grow used to it, seeing as this will be your home for the very long, foreseeable future." Said Alvira without skipping a beat, though in a strangely ominous tone, Benjy thought. Benjy thought her choice of words was strange but decided he shouldn't rock the boat on his very first day.

    "Yeah, I-I guess it will be..." Benjy reluctantly agreed, not sure what to say.

     Alvira set Benjy's backpack down. " Mr. Van Horne will be with us for dinner shortly, I will take you to the dining room when the table is ready. In the meantime feel free to make yourself at home." Alvira said with a sensual tone, blowing a kiss to the clearly nervous Benjy.

    "Heh, thank you Alvira. I will." 

    Alvira left the room, and the curious Benjy began to explore the large and lavishly decorated room. The floor was a shiny dark mahogany, covered by an expensive looking large rug. In the middle of the room was the large round bed, easily big enough for 2 or more people. Next to it was a large, ornate dresser with a full length mirror, next to it what looked like a make up table complete with a stool and close up mirror.

    "That's funny.. I'll DEFINITELY be needing that." Benjy thought to himself jokingly, before moving his attention to the large portrait over his bed. "Whoah... who is that?"

    Benjy looked at amazement at the beautiful painting of a full figured woman who looked to be about in her mid to late sixties, with lots of curves and her large bulging bosom prominent for the world to see. Her hair was a lush silver, her makeup perfectly made, her face round but with delicate, pretty features, showing that we was without a doubt an incredible beauty in her day.

    "Whoahh... she's beautiful..."

    "Yes, she sure was." A deep, gravely voice spoke from behind Benjy.

    "Huh?" Benjy jumped up alarmed, and was even more shocked to see who it was. "M-Mr. Van Horne!?!"

    "Hah hah.." Mr. Van Horne laughed with a warm smile. "Please Benjy, call me James."

    "Sorry, uhh... James." Benjy felt it was pretty odd to call his boss so casually by his first name, having just met him. "It's a pleasure to meet you, and I am honored to be working for you sir."

   "Ah, but the honor is all mine." James said, lowering his voice a bit, stepping closer towards Benjy in a way that Benjy found rather odd as well. "I was delighted when I heard you had accepted my offer. It's a lot to ask of a person, but you will be greatly compensated."

   "Heh.. yes, well how hard can getting your coffee and managing your calls be?" Benjy laughed nervously, becoming uncomfortable by how James was looking at him, his eyes darting back and forth between him and the painting behind him. "What is going on here? Did I sign up for something else?" He thought.

   "Well, I'll let you get back to unpacking. We'll discuss more your er- position at dinner in a few minutes. I'll be waiting for you in the dining room." James smiled and left the room.

   "Wow, that guy is weird.. Though I guess most billionaires are. Eh, as long as I get my paycheck every week, I'm fine with whatever weird ticks he has." Benjy thought to himself, content. 

    Outside his door, James spoke with Elle. "He is perfect. Ready the serum. This time, use the merlot." Said James with an ominous smile.


    Benjy sat next to James in the lavish dining room, on a large, long, extravagant mahogany and marble dining table, a massive very expensive looking chandelier hanging from above. Benjy was surprised by the amount of luxury in James' home, and still could not believe this is where he would be working and living. 

    As they ate rich and expensive foods like lobster bisque, caviar, and fois gras, James asked Benjy about his life back home, as well as more about him. Benjy answered his questions politely, but found it strange again that James wasn't telling him much more about the job, as well as the way James was talking to him, complimenting him at every chance he got. 

    "James is a really nice boss, but it's starting to feel like a date!" Benjy thought to himself, feeling strange now about this entire arrangement. Even worse, Benjy's stomach was beginning to not agree with the food, feeling lightheaded and woozy as well as bloated, making it difficult to focus on the conversation.

    "GRRRRRGGGGGHHHH" Benjy's stomach gurgled loudly. Benjy put his hand over his stomach in embarrassment. 

    "Sorry, guess the caviar just isn't agreeing with me." Benjy apologized, his face turning red, embarrassed to be having stomach problems during their first professional meeting.

    "Is everything okay?" Asked James, still smiling.

    "Yeah, I should be fine, don't worry about me!" Said Benjy, the bloating slowly getting worse. He took a sip of his wine to calm his nerves. As he put his glass down he noticed his hand looked.... different. It seemed smaller, as well as looked swollen. His pants and chest felt tighter as well, his breaths becoming more strained. Not wanting to make things worse, he decided to say nothing for now and deal with it later.

    "Well, as I was saying, I'm looking for more than just an assistant, I want someone I can confide with, someone I can go to for anything."

    "Oh yes of course, I can uh. Do that." Benjy was too focused on how strange and bloated he was feeling to think too much. He looked down at his other hand and noticed it was also smaller and swollen, but now his nails were much longer than they were that morning. In fact, his skin looked smoother, more... feminine. His scalp began to tingle, as unbeknownst to him, his dark brown hair had begun to lighten, gray hair after gray hair appearing on his head. He scratched his head to soothe the sensation, making a hair fall from his head onto his food, before noticing it was gray. James noticed this and smiled, taking it as a sign that the serum he had placed in Benjy's wine had taken effect.

    "What the? A gray hair? Man, I have to calm down, this stress is gonna make my hair turn gray." He thought to himself, dismissing it.
    "Im also expecting something else from you. Much more. As may have have noticed, being a guy and all, I like to be surrounded by certain things." James pulls Elle towards him by the waist, her big breasts right in his face.


    Before Benjy could respond, a button flew off his shirt and flew across the room. A startled Benjy looked down and was shocked to see it wasn't just his hands that had swollen up, but his chest as well, which now had perky, A cup breasts, but were clearly still swelling and growing.

    "What the--?!" Benjy cried out in shock and horror, unable to contain his distress any longer. James looked on calmly with Elle, the both of them smiling.

     "POP! POP! POP!"

    Another three buttons flew off in rapid succession, as his new breasts swelled even faster, his shirt now halfway open, his breasts reaching a DD cup and still growing. He could barely past his new vast cleavage but could feel every inch of his body swell and fill with soft, womanly fat.

    "Argh!! What's happening to me?" Benjy freaked out, grabbing his new, still rapidly swelling plush breasts, noticing his thickening arms and legs, his waist doing the same.

    "Just relax, let the serum take it's full effect, the more you struggle the harder it will be to deal with." Said James, still smiling, now staring at Benjy's growing breasts.

    "My my, He is coming along nicely!" Said Elle excitedly. "I think her boobies will be even bigger than your last wife's!"

    "Wait, WHAT?!" Benjy's heart sank, but before he could react he winced in pain as his bones began to shift and contract. "ARRRGHH!! It HURTS!!"



    Benjy's hips burst outward, into massive child bearing hips, tearing his slacks down the seams, soft fatty flesh bulging out of the tears. 



    Benjy winced in pain as the bones in his arms and legs reshaped and became shorter, making the only decently tall and lanky Benjy now short and stocky. His long, slender arms and legs had now transformed into short and plump limbs.

    "Short and plump, just like you like them boss!" Said Elle enthusiastically. James smiled and nodded in agreement, becoming entranced and aroused by Benji's amazing and drastic transformation.

    "Not plump enough yet.. She still has so much more to go.." Said James.

    To make matters even worse the pain in Benjy's stomach intensified, when suddenly-


    The button of Benjy's pants flew across the room as well, as a soft, big round belly began to rise from his waist, swelling and swelling, at this point looking six months pregnant but still growing.

        "Arghhh! Please.. What are you doing to me?! Make it stop.." Benjy pleaded, his hands on his swelling fat belly, as he stumbled up from his chair, immediately feeling how much his body has changed in both weight and height, and could feel his body continue to shift and transform. He stumbled onto the floor, falling on his hands and knees, as he felt the seat of his pants growing tighter and tighter.

    "Arghhh... no.. noo.. please no!" Benjy pleaded in vain, as he winced in pain, as his small, toned male butt began to fill with even more soft, plush, womanly fat, rising like cakes in an oven, quickly matching his wide motherly hips, turning into a large, fat ass. Suddenly he felt something pull at his crotch, as he felt his bait and tackle painfully pull into his body, the gap between his thighs quickly filled by a soft vagina. His hair continued to rapidly lighten, becoming a bright, shiny silver.

    "Arghh.. god... no... when will it stop..." Benjy could barely react to the loss of his manhood as the transformation drained him of his energy and left him in shock, as his body still continued to swell and transform. Before he knew it, Benjy was knocked out on the floor, his body still rapidly feminizing.

    "Take her to my room to let her finish the transformation. Get her dressed as well. We have a big day tomorrow." Said James, looking down at the fat old woman on the ground.


    Benjy woke up in a haze, his entire body aching, mostly his head... and his joints? He felt extremely lightheaded as well, but also very heavy, as if something was pushing him down. He opened his eyes, and without moving his head looked around.

    "Urgh... that's the last time I eat caviar..." Bejny thought to himself, forgetting for a second what had happened before we he passed out before it came back to him. "Urghhh... what a dream... Heh... Can you imagine if I grew ti....what the?" Benjy saw that he was not in the room he set his stuff in, but a much larger, more luxurious room.

    At that moment, Benjy moved his head and was greeted by a fluff of shiny, silver hair in his face. He felt around his head and realized there was ALOT of long, silver hair around him and his pillow. 

    "Huh?" He thought out loud, noticing immediately his voice was wrong. It was now much higher, much softer, more...ladylike. He stood from the bed, lifted the covers and was immediately greeted by two massive mountains of mammary flesh, squeezed and bulging out of a low cut white lace bra. They were enormous, bigger than basketballs, almost making it unable to see his feet if another much larger mound of flesh was already blocking them, a massive, soft, jiggly belly, with a few stretch marks and cellulite, the skin of a much older woman, certainly much older than Benjy. Below his massive fat breasts and belly he could see his wide hips spilling out onto the bed, his/her thighs thick and plump, smooth with a bit of cellulite, as expected of a woman of a certain age. If the events of yesterday with him transforming into a plump older woman actually happened, he had transformed and aged MUCH further since then.

    "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" he screamed in horror in his new granny voice, putting his hand over his mouth, startled by the shrill, old feminine scream that just escaped his mouth. "What the-what the fuck?! What's happened to me?! I'm an OLD LADY!" 

    Benjy got up from the bed as fast as his now much older and heavier body could handle and ran to a nearby full length mirror, nervous and scared about what he was going to see. With each step he took towards the mirror he felt his new body jiggle and bounce in places he had never felt before, the sensations feeling alien to him, making him feel like a stranger in his own body. Everything was different, his height had shrunk by almost a foot, and his center of gravity was much lower, his new enormous and heavy breasts, belly and butt swaying all over the place, making it more difficult to walk.

    "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, no, no, this is a dream, this is a dream!" Benjy chanted over and over in his head, trying to wake up from this nightmare. He reached the mirror and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before opening them.

    Unfortunately, it was just as jarring and shocking as he expected.

    In the mirror, Benjy stared at his face for what felt like an eternity. His features were all mostly the same and he could recognize himself, but his face was now clearly that of a woman's. What was most apparent was the effect of the weight, his face round, his cheeks full and plump, his lips full and luscious.

    "How is this possible... I really am a woman..." Benjy felt and prodded his face, lifting it up and down, in disbelief he was really behind that womanly face. His heart was racing. "This is so fucked up..."

    Also apparent was the years he had aged literally overnight, his eyes surrounded in wrinkles, a slight jowl, laugh lines across his cheeks. His eyes also looked larger and more feminine, with longer lashes, he could see a bit of blush and mascara giving him a beautiful face.

    His once short, dark brown hair was now long, lush, and bright silver, now styled into a large, older woman's hairdo with lots of volume. His ears had never been pierced, yet now they had shiny white pearl earrings on each. He took another look at his ridiculously proportioned body, glancing at his new flat crotch for a moment before deciding he wasn't ready just yet to explore that part of his new body just yet, before turning around to get a good look at his new massive, beach ball sized round ass. It was soft and fat, lifted by a pair of matching lace high waisted panties, the vast, plush, jiggly flesh of each cheek straining the panties to it's limits. Benjy ran his hands across the seemingly endless surface of his new shelf of an ass, before giving it a gentle slap.

    "God... it could jiggle forever..." Thought Benjy in disbelief, desperately wanting to wake up from this nightmare and be back home in his old body, far away from this mansion and that creepy old man and his busty evil servants. 

    "Amazing isn't it. Your conversion was an astounding success, by far the best reaction to our new formula I have ever seen." A voice spoke behind Benjy, as he turned around to see James Van Horne and Elle standing behind him at the door. "My last wife was beautiful, but not as robust as you have turned out. The adjustments my scientists made have certainly been.." James stepped towards the shock-still Benjy and grabbed a handful of her massive fat ass, before giving it a smack sending it jiggling wildly. "...Fulfilling."

    "What the fuck have to done to me?! Why have you turned me into a fat old woman?!" Benjy cried out in rage, stopping his jiggling ass, and trying to cover his vast cleavage in vain. "Change me back NOW! This isn't legal!" Benjy cried out in anger, noticing even his tone and mannerisms have changed into that of a gentle old woman's. 

    "Were you not listening? Did you not read the papers you signed when you agreed to this "position"? You are going to be test subject of our "Dreamwife" DNA altering serum, as well my proud new wife. You signed the consent forms to convert your body and erase your old life and identity to the new one you will be given, as well as the marriage documents that make us man and wife upon your taking of the serum."

    "We have erased all data in the world of your old identity, now this is your new life." Elle handed a driver's license to the nervous Benjy, whose hands shook as he took it.

    "What is... this?" Benjy couldn't believe what he saw on the card. "Barbara Van Horne... age.. 67?!" Benjy's jaw dropped as the card fell from out of his hand. Had he really just lost THAT many years from his life? " I didn't agree to THIS!?!"

    "Oh Barbara honey, Mr Van Horne has the best lawyers who now how to write the best contracts." Said Elle, smiling and wrapping her arms around James, the nature of their relationship becoming very clear. 

    Benjy thought back to the day he accepted the job, all the innuendos and signs of what was to come. He was too desperate and the promise of lots of money he badly needed made him sign all those papers without reading them. "What the fuck...No.. no!.. this can't be happening! I can't have just lost FIFTY years of my life!! I can't be your wife! I can't be an OLD LADY!! I'm a man! A YOUNG man!"

    "Oh sweetie... even if we wanted to turn you back, we can't. The transformation process is so stressful on the human body if you were to go through it again you would die. Your new gift of a body is yours, forever, whether you like it or not." James  said, stepping towards the increasingly upset Benjy. Suddenly Benji felt a wave of pleasure and tingling sensation run across his body as James came closer, untl he wrapped his arms around Benjy's plush, wide waist, running his hands across Benjy's soft skin, feeling every inch of Benjy's new bulging granny curves. Benjy stood still, letting James embrace him and grope his massive breasts, feeling James' hardening cock press into the deep, plush flesh of his fat ass. 

    "what.. the... what is.. happening now.." Benjy found it difficult to think, finding James' touch too pleasureable and overwhelming for his new sensitive and now seemingly horny older woman's body.

    "I've designed your new body to react to my touch... to help you adjust to your sexuality.. and to help you.. submit." James ran his fingers across Benjy's hair, before kissing her neck.

    "Whoooahh... no.. please.. stop this.." Benjy tried to resist but only found himself cooing in delight. "No.. this can't be happening.." 

    "It's happening my dear Barbara... Soon, all you will know is being my loving, happy, and satisfied wife. I'm not a young man, so I plan to spend OUR golden years... together..." With that, James kissed the disturbed Benjy even more, massaging his bulging breasts even more intensly, Benjy's body overloading with all of these new alien sensations. As Benjy looked at their reflection in the mirror, unable to recognize himself in the sexy old woman and old man in the mirror, the reality of the situation finally hit him. This was for real.

    "Oh god.." Was all Benjy could moan, deeply afraid of what was to come next in his new forced life as a married 67 year old woman.

COMM: Forced into Marriage (GILF TG, WG, AP)
Commisson for :iconbenjybum:

A young man in hard times and nothing to lose takes a suspicious "job offer". Little does he know he just signed up to become an old billionaires GILF wife.

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Commissions Closed until 7/21UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who commissioned me, your business is very much appreciated! I will be back in a few weeks when I clear some space. Thanks!

PRICES (subject to change if pose or clothing is very complex)

Basic Color - $30 per figure
Linework with flat color. 
Basic Shading - $35 per figure
Linework with flatcolor, and shading for light emphasis.
Full Color - $45 (+$40 per extra character, Max 2 extra characters per slot)
Linework with detailed shading and value, full color and depth. the big kahuna! (drawn backgrounds not included)
Writing Commission Special Sale! 2 Slots Only!20% off all stories involving forced TG transformation into GILF!
Haven't had a chance to write many GILF tg stories, so im offering a special sale on commissions where a young man is forcefully and reluctantly transformed into a GILF.
Transformation must happen during story. Could be any type of GILF, aged 52-70, big or small. I will close commissions once these 2 Slots are filled. Note me if you think you have an idea that applies!
I'll stay pretty open but here are some subjects I will not write about:
-Underage sex
Since Im more of an artist than I am a writer, Ill be a little more selective with these, If I am just not into an idea, I wont do it, sorry guys no offence. Note me and we can see! 
$8 for every 500 words, 1000 word minimum. As simple as that.
The stories wont n
Terry the Heroine
"Are you okay?"

Fatal Cutie! Been obsessed with the announcement of a TG'd Terry Bogard in the new SNK fighting game SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. Always loved those games, have many fond memories of Neo Geo cabinets from the 90's. Really hope they address his transformation in the game.

Want your own commission? Find out more about commissions here!
Commissions Closed until 7/21UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who commissioned me, your business is very much appreciated! I will be back in a few weeks when I clear some space. Thanks!

PRICES (subject to change if pose or clothing is very complex)

Basic Color - $30 per figure
Linework with flat color. 
Basic Shading - $35 per figure
Linework with flatcolor, and shading for light emphasis.
Full Color - $45 (+$40 per extra character, Max 2 extra characters per slot)
Linework with detailed shading and value, full color and depth. the big kahuna! (drawn backgrounds not included)
Writing Commission Special Sale! 2 Slots Only!20% off all stories involving forced TG transformation into GILF!
Haven't had a chance to write many GILF tg stories, so im offering a special sale on commissions where a young man is forcefully and reluctantly transformed into a GILF.
Transformation must happen during story. Could be any type of GILF, aged 52-70, big or small. I will close commissions once these 2 Slots are filled. Note me if you think you have an idea that applies!
I'll stay pretty open but here are some subjects I will not write about:
-Underage sex
Since Im more of an artist than I am a writer, Ill be a little more selective with these, If I am just not into an idea, I wont do it, sorry guys no offence. Note me and we can see! 
$8 for every 500 words, 1000 word minimum. As simple as that.
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    "Oh Nanukins... where are youuuu?" The high pitched voice of a middle aged woman cried out in the distance, with a bit of a stuck up tone, the kind that came with people of nobility and money. 

    It was Naruto's first recon ninja mission on his own, something he had begged for for months, hoping it would solidify his reputation among his fellow ninja of being a true dedicated warrior.  A new gang of thieves and ransackers had been moving across to land, looting and often times murdering noble houses and any one they found to be wealthy and without protection. Knowing they had begun to target houses and people in the Land of Fire, Naruto had been sent to protect a mysterious but extremely wealthy Noble woman named Madame Shoju, a cousin of the famous Madam Shimji. Unfortunately for Naruto, she loathed having dedicated guards (she believed they ruined her joyous and luxurious lifestyle), and was forced to go undercover as one of her usual "purchases": 

    A Male servant.

    However, as Naruto soon found out, Madame Shoju did not order just regular male servants, but special, "happy ending" escort style servants, and ALWAYS got her money's worth.

    He was now only four days into his mission, and Naruto struggled to hold on to his cover harder than ever, as his will power and patience was now being tested further than ever before in his Ninja training. Naruto was standing inside the living room of the noblewoman's lavish villa, in front of the patio doors leading to the outside.

    "We're waiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiing!! And you BETTER have your uniform on young man!!" Madame Shoju continued, her tone growing just slightly more impatient. But also aroused.

    What was most distressing to Naruto was the “uniform” (as she calls it) he has been forced to wear. A bright blue and pink polkadot speedo, barely grasping his family jewels, and well below his belly button. A far, far cry from his preferred uniform for combat. Naruto was practically shaking from embarrassment and frustration, vowing to take revenge on his Jounin Kakashi for assigning him on this insulting objective.

    “This woman doesn't need protection from me... I need protection from her!” Naruto thought to himself in distress.

    “Oooh Nanukins.... I SAID weee areee reaaady for you my darling.... don't keep your lovely audience waiting anymore my dear!!” Madam Shoju belted with her deceptively cheery voice from outside on the patio. “Come out and show us WHAT YOU GOT!”

    Naruto had predictably and foolishly picked the alias “Nanuro” for his first undercover misson. Subtlety was unfortunately never his strong suit.

    “Shake it for us!” An older woman's voice cried out in agreement.

    “Let's see those buns!” Another older woman's voice yelped out in unison.

    “Argh... I hate when she calls me that... sigh....doesn't seem like I have much of a choice here...” Naruto looked down in sadness as he thought to himself about what he was about to do.

    Naruto took a deep breath and swallowed his pride, stepped out onto the patio and faced his “audience”. Naruto could only stand and pretend to be into his new older “suitors”, giving them the full view of his buns and bulge, much to the delight from Madame Shoju and her four other aristocrat and noblewoman friends.

    “Wooooooo!” Screamed one of the other noblewomen in delight and glee.

    “That's what I'm talkin' about!!” yelped another.

    “This is so disgusting....” Naruto thought to himself, as his face could only deceive with a happy and sexy facial expression for Madam Shoju, as to not blow his cover. Naruto began to put on his best sexy male stripper/gigolo impression, essentially the opposite of his sexy jutsu technique. He went full on magic mike, flexing his toned, ninja trained muscles,  gyrating his crotch and bare toned buttocks in the faces and groins of Madam Shoju and her friends. With each gyration, his penis flopped about, sending the older horny women in pure mania, their post menopausal hormones raging at the sight of Naruto's bare, pert, young, masculine body. Naruto had trained and prepared his entire life to someday become a respected and elite Ninja warrior, aspiring to become the respected and educated Hokage someday. And now he was shaking his little ass, being objectified left and right as nothing but a piece of meat for an older woman who disgusts him, having to act every bit her lover and plaything.

    “Focus on the mission... come on, just take it and focus on the mission...” Naruto would repeat to himself every moment of every day inside his brain, having to remind himself full well that Madam Shoju was unbeknownst to her, in very real constant danger.

    But despite the urgency of the situation, and Naruto's famous immaturity and impatience, he had to keep this act up for as long as it took until he caught scent of these perpetrators.

    “Come here you, my wittle Nanukins....” said Madam Shoju seductively as she stood up from her patio chair. “Let me get a better look at you...” She continued, lowering her voice to a seductive tone, putting her face disturbingly close to Naruto's cheek, as he felt her every warm breath hit his face.

    “Of course... Madam...” Said Naruto, still struggling to keep his cover under such stressful conditions for him.

    “Let me... smell you... your manly musk....” Madame Shoju moved her head down Naruto's body, taking a looong wiff of his oiled chest.


    “ masculine, so STRONG!” She proclaimed to her fellow perverted noblewomen.

    “Hee hee!” They laughed in unison.

    “Get a FEEL of him now!” Yelled the oldest noblewoman in delight and excitement.

    “Yes.... lets get a FEEL of what our dear Nanukins is working with, tee hee...” Agreed Madam Shoju, still standing incredibly close to an uncomfortable and appalled Naruto, as she gently ran her manicured hand up Naruto's toned thigh.

    “Gulp.... no, oh god please no...” Naruto pleaded internally, unable to do nothing but honor his training to maintain his cover and take it.

    “....and... FOUND IT!”

    “EERP!” Naruto was audibly startled as Madam Shoju  suddenly and firmly grabbed Naruto's cock and testicles, moving his full youthful sack around in her palm, and stroking his cock with her thumb, shockingly sending waves of pleasure across Naruto's body.

    "God... this is so weird...” he though internally, struggling to mentally block the blood that uncontrollably flowing to his cock. Even with his Ninja mental training, he was unable to stop some of the blood from going through and giving him a chubby. "Focus!" Naruto scolded himself mentally.

    "Tee-hee! wow Madam, just at the boy, he's already almost at full attention!" Cried out one of the other madames, pointing at Naruto's noticeably bulging package.

    "wow, you have got to tell me the name of the escort service you got this fabulous young stud..." Said another one of the elder women, who was seated behind the poor Naruto, giving his muscular pert buns a firm smack.


    "Argh!" Naruto winced audibly.

    "So firm and ripe!" The woman smiled after the smack, enjoying it thoroughly.

    Madam Shoju smiled at the internally falling apart Naruto as he stood stoically, giving in the unwanted attention. She moved her face even closer to Naruto's, giving a gentle yet sensual kiss on Naruto's lips, Naruto forced to endure the sensation of her old, wrinkly thin lips, catching a slight whiff of her slight halitosis and elder breath, making him gag slightly.

    "Oh, you can't you buy this kind of quality attention and affection in any escort service.." said Madam Shoju in a condescending tone typical of people of her status, a smug expression on her face, her eyes still locked on Naruto's. She knew very well Naruto's feelings toward the situation he was finding himself in, but only found it making her want him more, and made her look forward to the rest of his time staying with her at the Shoju estate. "Nanukins why don't you be a dear and fetch the rest of us gals some more sake and orange juice, we are famished and need to cool down from all this hot, HOT heat you're bringing.." She ordered Naruto with a smile, giving him another smack on his ass.

    Naruto grunted and grinded his teeth, before giving them a fake but warm grin. "Anything for you my dearest Madame.."

    The afternoon continued and Madame Shoju and her aristocrat friends continued to tease and sexually provoke the scantily clad Naruto, who was growing more and more sick of this mission. The most disparaging part of this entire ordeal was that is was only the FIRST day of a mission with no specific end date in sight.

    "Be strong Naruto... you've fought stronger opponents than this!" He thought to himself, trying to keep up morale and motivation, even if it was just to keep dressing and acting like an old woman's living sex doll servant.

    Eventually sundown came and the older women began to leave in their respective coaches (their bedtimes were all very early thanks to their age), leaving Madame Shoju and Naruto all alone for the night. Naruto began to grow nervous and uncomfortable, never having been alone with her at night.

    With the last guest gone, Madame Shoju made a quick turn back to Naruto, who was startled by her sudden movement. She began to slowly mince her way towards him. "Oh my sexy stud Nanukins... I cannot give you enough gratitude for the afternoon and show you gave my beloved guests. And I know just the perfect way to end such a perfect day." By the end of her sentence her face was now barely inches away from the terrified young adult Naruto, catching the scent of her breath again. 

    "Gulp.." He gulped loudly in nervousness.

    "Nanukins, we are going to rock each other's world... you are going to remind me of how a young man rides his wild lover... and i am going to show you how an experienced woman who has been around the training grounds has perfected her methods..." She began to loosen her long lavish silk robe.

    "Madame Shoju, I must respectfully remind you we have not prepared dinner? I can prepare some rice and cod, or even some noodles, I don't know very many recipes but I believe we can-" Muttered Naruto, desperately trying to maintain his cover but still get out of this terrible situation before being shushed by Madame Shoju's fingers on his lips.

    "I'm hungry for something else you've shown me... you're going to feed me YOU my dear Nanukins...You're going to break me in tonight like a good little boy toy..." She continued to walk forwards, making Naruto stumble backwards, until he realized she had been leading him to her master bedroom.

    "no no no no no no...." Naruto muttered internally. His mind said no but his cock betrayed him, growing harder by the second. This strange, plump, stout, older woman shoved Naruto on the floor mattress, and began to undo her elaborate hair bun, and untied the last strap on her dress, letting it slip open on the center, giving enough of a glimpse of her large, sagging breasts, soft paunchy belly, and thick plush thighs that Naruto knew what he was about to get into.

    "I'm going to be sick!" He thought, but his groin said otherwise, as his cock grew even harder and more rigid, ready to explode from beneath his man thong.

    The Madame knelt down to her hands and knees, her large pendulous breasts hanging freely, moving side to side as she crawled closer to the horrified Naruto. She smiled once she reached his face, and bent down to push her large, wide nipple into his open mouth.

    "Mama wants to suck on her sensitive tits my little Nanukins...tee-hee..." She spoke, her voice now lower and more sultry than before.

    "Mrrrph! Mrrrph! mmmmm..." Naruto was shocked to find he could not help himself, and reluctantly continued to suck on her nipple, rubbing it in circles with his tongue, before grabbing the other and smooshing them together to do both at the same time.

    "Ahhh...AHHH...AHHH YES! Momma loves it when her nanukins plays with her breasts.... oh god... you're so good..." She continued to moan, beginning to thrust and grind her pelvis against Naruto's increasingly hardening cock.

    Naruto could feel himself becoming more and more hard with each taste of her large breasts, and tried to think of other non sexual things to calm himself down. "Ramen... dogs... food... fish... come on, you gotta keep thinking!!" He tried to frantically distract himself and stop the blood from rushing to his cock.

    Unfortunately for him Madame Shoju was well aware of the affect her behaviour was having on her new boy toy's member, and could see the look on his face that he was trying desperately to get out of what was clearly about to happen between them.

    "Oh no you don't my nanukins... your body.. your COCK... its mine tonight!" She thought to herself as she fiercely and suddenly grabbed hold of Naruto's now throbbing erection.

    "Argh!!" Naruto winced.

    Madame Shoju began to stroke and caress Naruto's erection from outside of the man thong, the sensations of her touch sending waves of pleasure across Naruto's body, who had never been treated like this by a woman, even if this woman was at least three times his age.

    "Ahhhh... please..." Naruto tried to plead, but remembered his diligent Ninja training taught him NEVER to blow his cover on covert missions, and most importantly.. never give up. Although the truth was that as much as Naruto tried to rationalize his body's reaction and him continuing it to being based on his training, the fact of the matter was the strange older noblewoman that was keeping him a reluctant hostage was turning him on. And with her decades of experience, knew exactly how to convince a man that wasn't initially attracted to her to fall for her.

    "Ahhh... yes... YES! RIGHT THERE!" Naruto immediately slapped his hand over his mouth in an effort to shut himself up, in shock over what he had just said, but couldn't help but lose himself in the pleasure.

    "What's the matter honey... you know you like what i am doing.. How I am treating you..." Madame Shoju began to slowly disrobe while continuing to stroke his cock through the fabric. Naruto's eyes widened in disbelief and slight disgust at the sight of Madame Shoju's aged yet plump and shapely body. She sat down on Naruto's lap, in front of his cock, and grabbed his hand to lead it to her ass, giving her ass a slap with his hand. 


    "Spank me Nanukins... spank me like I've been bad... How I embarrassed you all day today... take it out on my fat ass!" 

    Naruto freaked out and relented, Spanking it hard, sending the flesh of her fat cellulite ridden ass jiggling uncontrollably, the sight of the moving flesh turning him on even more, to his shock.

    "yes Nanukins! Just like that! AGAIN!"

    "Arrrgh!" Nanuto grunted as we wound up and spanked her ass again, this time making a very loud smack noise and leaving a perfect red fingerprint on her wide asscheek.

    "Argh!" Madame Shoju moaned in a type of pleasurable pain. "yes, treat me rough... treat me like the bad, bad girl i've been.." She continued to moan as she lifted up Naruto's face and smothered him in her breasts, making his barely able to breathe under the fatty breast flesh.

    "MRRRPHH MRRPPH!" Naruto yelped, the sound muffled under her breasts. "mmrrphhh... mmmmmm" The moans became pleasuarable as he began to enjoy the old woman scent of Madame Shoju and the taste of her breasts.

    "Ahhh... I can't take it anymore... you're going to fuck me.... NOW!" Madame Shoju spoke with an authoritative and agressive tone that took Naruto by surprise, before whipping Naruto's cock out of the underwear, letting it stand tall at full attention.

    "Woww.. you're so big..." Madame Shoju moaned before giving it a slow lick, sending even more intense waves down Naruto's spine. Naruto had finally accepted that despite how much he hated this woman and how she treats him, there was no getting out of having sex with her now.

    "oh god..." Naruto moaned in reluctance but also pleasure.

    Madame Shoju wasted no time, and grabbed Naruto's cock assertively as she lifted her self up and slammed down on it, letting slip entirely into her pussy, which had been overflowingly moist.

    "AHHHH!" They both moaned loudly from the pleasure.

    Madame Shoju began to grind hard on Naruto's cock, bouncing up and down cowgirl style, her massive sagging breasts wildly from side to side as well up and down. Naruto could only lay still as the old woman he was sent to protect fucked him wildly and aggressively, sending him on the wildest sexual experience of his life. Naruto had never been treated like this before, but then again he hadn't had much experience with women in the first place. We was unsure of how to feel about the experience, but all he knew was he had never felt more pleasure in his young life.

    "Ahh..Ahh..yes.. ahhh you're so big my sexy stud Nanukins... so hard... so GOOD!"

    "ahh..ahh... this is so intense!" Naruto could only nod in agreement, almost hypnotized by her thrusts and the sight of her pendulous breasts swinging and jiggling wildly, before instinctively giving her big ass another hard slap.


    "Ahh! Yes! hit me harder! Be rougher Nanukins!" She moans in pleasure at Naruto becoming more forward and aggressive.

    Naruto suddenly found himself instinctively lifting her up from the mattress with his impressive strength, and switched positions, throwing her down onto the bed. Madame Shoju yelped in surprise and delight, her big, sagging breasts now spread out, her tits and belly jutting upward like mountains.

    "YES! Fuck me, Fuck me my servant!" She yelled in pleasure, her pussy growing more and more moist, becoming more wet than it had been since she was a young woman. The fact that she dominated and controlled Naruto like this turning her on even more.

    Naruto found himself slowly losing himself in Madam Shoju's fantasy, having gone from being completely repulsed by it to now enjoying it. Dare he say, LOVING it. She had him tied up with an imaginary leash, whatever the Madame wanted, Naruto was going to give to her.

    Madame Shoju stripped off her rope completely, revealing her thick, bingo winged arms, her plump, rubenesque rotund body in full display, every curve, every imperfection, all for Naruto's newfound pleasure.

    "Ohh Madame.." Was all Naruto could say quietly in his turned on voice, as he proceeded to ram his rock hard cock into the Madame, each thrust more powerful and penetrating than the last.

    "AHHHH!!! YES!!! YESSSS!!! OH MY GOD YESSS YOU ARE INCREDIBLE MY NANUKINS!" Moaned Madame Shoju loudly inbetween thrust, before unable to speak from the intensity of her orgasms. Madame Shoju had had alot of sex in her today as well as today, but nothing could compare to the pounding Naruto was giving her. 

    "Ahh... yes... oh my god.. This pussy feels so good... How is it this good?!" Was all Naruto could think to himself as he was lost in his own ecstasy. This fat, old woman he hated only hours ago was the best sex he had ever had in his life.

    They continued to swap positions for what felt like both hours and yet seconds at the same time. Naruto and Madame Shoju explored every side and angle of the bed, as Naruto explored every inch and crevice of her sweet, mature pussy with his rock hard cock. As they eventually found themselves back into missionary position, with Naruto thrusting away on top, Naruto could feel the climax of night coming.

    "oh god... im going to cum!" He yelled out, as he kept nearing to the most intense orgasm of his life.

    "YES! CUM INSIDE ME!!" Madame Shoju demanded in an aggressive tone, wrapping her legs around Naruto's pert backside.

    "Arghhh, no, wait I need to- ARRRRGH!!!" Naruto came with intensity, the hot, white fluid shooting out, the force of it stimulating Madame Shoju even more, as she climaxed herself. She clenched his towards her pussy even harder, as Naruto continued to cum.

    "Ooooohhhh man...." Was all Naruto could speak, as the orgasm continued.

    "Yes... yes my boy toy, keep giving me your sweet young cum..." the Madame spoke with a husky tone as she pulled out Naruto's still rock hard cock and licking the semen off with her tongue, as it continued to splurge out.

    "aaaaaaAAAAAHHH" Naruto moaned loudly she kept sucking his cock as he came, the intensity of the orgasm and the sensations overwhelming. 

    As his cock began to soften and spit out it's last drops, he plopped down on to the mattress in exhaustion, covered head to toe in sweat, his hair wet and his face red from strain. Madame Shoju layed back down and pulled herself up to Naruto on the bed, and began to to stroke his hair gently and affectionately.

    "wow my little Nanukins... That was amazing... I can't believe we're going to be doing this every night and morning for the next month!"

    Naruto was lost in their after glow for a second, before Madam Shoju's words finally registered in his head. "every night and morning... for the next MONTH?!?" He retorted.

    "well of course, I already paid for it. But I think this is something special. You're not fooling me. You loved tonight. You loved fucking me with all you had." She spoke with a smug smile.

    "huh? yeah... I um.." Naruto could only think of his cover, before realizing... she was right. Naruto had just had the greatest sexual experience of his life. As much as he despised day to day life with this insane woman, she was strong in the sack, and looked forward eagerly to repeat this experience, as long as it takes until he catches the criminals. If he ever gets around to it after insane hardcore sex.

    "yes... of course... Im all yours my madame... All yours..." Spoke Naruto, with a warm inviting tone, half meaning it.

    "great! It is almost sunrise.... How about one more before breakfast!" She jumped up on top him, making him wince from the weight.

    "ohhh mannn... this is going to be an interesting month..." Naruto thought to himself nervously.
COMM: Naruto, Boy Toy Undercover
Commision for :iconsnakeman12:

Naruto must go deep undercover to protect a rich middle aged woman who treats him like a toy. How far deep undercover will he have to go?

20% off all stories involving forced TG transformation into GILF!

Haven't had a chance to write many GILF tg stories, so im offering a special sale on commissions where a young man is forcefully and reluctantly transformed into a GILF.

Transformation must happen during story. Could be any type of GILF, aged 52-70, big or small. I will close commissions once these 2 Slots are filled. Note me if you think you have an idea that applies!

Examples:  COMM: From Fox to Foxy: The New Mrs. ClausIt was a cold, december afternoon in Zootopia, the holiday spirit in the air. Nick, the sly con artist fox, was walking down the busy bustling streets of downtown, looking for his next big hustle of the day. It the afternoon, the entire day ahead of him. 
"hmmm... could go to the park, and move those counterfeit eucalyptus leaves to those dumb koalas, or call up that Raccoon Finnick knows and see whats up with that shipment of smart phones coming in..." he thought to himself, eyeing a particularly plump female hippo.
"geez, can't imagine get around in a bulky bod like that!" he snickered to himself, before spotting something shine in an alleyway. "hmm? is that... a ring!"
What a score! It was a medium sized ring, too big for a fox like him, but much too small for any larger mammal.
"hmm, never seen a medium sized ring like this, wonder what kind of animal this would belong too?" he thought to himself, puzzled by not only its size but the way he found it. "who just drops a ring lik
COMM: A Big and Happy New Life (Raven wg tf)    “HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Cyborg and Robin laughed loudly, kneeling and rolling on the ground of the living room at Teen Titan’s tower, unable to contain himself. “HAHA AHAHA!!” Beast boy stood next to him with his arms crossed, a smug expression across his face.
    “Ah hahahaha… oh man…. that’s a good one...” Cyborg said as he stood up, wiping a tear from his eye.
    “Yeah Beast Boy, I totally didn’t see that punchline coming..” Agreed Robin, still snickering from laughter.
    “Geez guys, I didn’t think it was THAT funny, hehe but it was a good one.” Beast Boy agreed, satisfied from making his team member laugh with his own joke. Beast Boy was pretty passionate about jokes, and humor, watching tons of stand up and comedy movies in his spare time when the Teen Titans weren’t out fighting some big booger monster or bee-th
COMM: Ana and Lucio: Shanghaied Love    Ana Amari had once been a strong and legendary sniper, one of the original members of Overwatch, and never ran away from a fight. She was a mother, and a warrior, one of the greatest that Egypt had ever seen, even into early fifties. All her life she fought on the front lines, and never thought twice about her life full of war. That all changed however, when she took a critical hit in action, her right eye  shot out by the sniper Widowmaker during a rescue mission.
    Ana was presumed dead, as no one could have survived an injury like that. Unbeknownst to the world however, the resilient Ana survived, and spent the next years struggling to recuperate. She began to reflect on her life of war, and what it had done to her, when she made a decision. That Ana Amari would never fight again.
    Jaded by her experience, she began to find comfort from her troubles in food. The constant fighting in the world only continued to stress her, ma
COMM: Brock's GILF BrideBrock awoke in a haze, the room spinning around him. What had happened last night? He couldn't recall right away, all he could think about was the blaring headache. He was hungover for sure. 
"Ughh... my head is killing me..." He thought to himself, the room becoming clearer slowly.
The first thing Brock noticed was the pink ceilings, with white accented walls. This was definitely not his room, let alone his own home.
"what the... I dont live here...where am I?"  He noticed the different smell. The room smelled flowery and sweet, like potpourri and fresh baked cookies. Suddenly he felt something around his waist. "what the-"
Immediately it all came back to Brock....
It had been just another night in Pewter City, or so it seemed. Brock and the rest of the Pewter City Gym were celebrating the evolution of his second in command trainer's Graveler finally evolving into a Golem. The team, celebrating the strengthening of their gym, had headed to a local poke bar, and round after r

I'll stay pretty open but here are some subjects I will not write about:
-Underage sex

Since Im more of an artist than I am a writer, Ill be a little more selective with these, If I am just not into an idea, I wont do it, sorry guys no offence. Note me and we can see! 

$8 for every 500 words, 1000 word minimum. As simple as that.

The stories wont neccesarily be that length, I might go a few over, but I will never go less. If youre interested, send a note, thanks!
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