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pinkie diane pie

I was kidnapped by the show:P
still founding a style suitable for drawing this LOL.

pinkie ---> Lauren Faust
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Would it be okay if I used this image as cover art for one of my coming stories about Pinkie's past? Credit will be given where it's due, of course.
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This reminds me so much of myself,especially my two sides of happy and.. depression or sad?
This is so perfect I can't even *______*
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This is very awesome!! XD
KFChickenFuzzNuts's avatar
amazing and creepy at the same time
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I like the concept. :)
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Perhaps our precious Pinkie Pie has more depth than perceived by other ponies.  On the outside, she seems manic, but on the inside, could be panic.  She might worry about disappointing her friends, or worse: herself.  What if she can't do the very thing that is her destiny?  (haha i might use that in my fanfic xD  amazing drawing and idea.  its such a yin yang.)
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two sides of the same pony
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Very cool idea :jawdrop:
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Used your Picture as sketch practice hope you dont mind 

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made this my background image.
just now.
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Awesome. Check mine out. It's not as good as your but its ....ok I guess
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omg i love this sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I saw this picture on a youtube video ^^
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This is why pinky pie is one of my favorite pony.
At least in my eyes i see her as fragile, covering up sadness and doubts with a happy face, hoping no one sees the truth behind her smile.

I might be over thinking it though, great pic.
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got this in a 3840x1080 format? :3
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I'm using this for my desktop background.
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Very interesting duality theme. Looks good.
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Really cool idea, love it.
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I love it *-* This is amazing <33 *-*
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