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shadowplay by Saturns-Child half lit world by Saturns-Child somnium by Saturns-Child 
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Nicely done Jovana  Love 
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Thank you so much, means a lot! :glomp:
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it is wonderful, this high renaissance chiaroscuro, black against dark green, her head turned perhaps to protect all those mortal souls…
they'd not be able to survive the glare of those eyes.
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Thank you so much! I was going a lot between 'tangible' and 'intangible' while choosing the title, but at the end I guess I experience the photo as a rather 'tangible' one :meow: :heart:  
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The color throughout is beautiful; but the modeling of the hand creeps me out.
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Thank you! I would love to hear why is the hand creeping you out :) 
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Sure (and sorry to put it so bluntly).  

Partly it is in the uncanny proportions - the thumb looking un-naturally long and the forefinger exceeding the length of the middle finger.  

The hand itself (metacarpal region) looks swollen and cylindrical, rather than flat or wedge shaped, and the bluish tint to the skin there adds to the idea that there is something wrong with it - as if it were shrivelled and deformed.  

Part of the problem may be that completely concealing the pinky finger and the outer edge of the hand with the garment gives the impression that this is an oddly shaped hand, truncated hand, with only four fingers.

It is painted so well that I have to consider that this may very well be the case.  If so, you did a great job.  I'm physically disabled and if someone painted me honestly, literally, the result would look uncanny, but it's me, my body, not the painting, that would be "off."  

Either way, I think you would want an honest gut reaction.  
Let me add that I was so engrossed with the color I didn't realize until right now that this is a photo!  I opened it in its own window and magnified the view to study it.  All the while never realizing it wasn't painted.  I find it hard to believe it's not a painting.  Guess that answers the question.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! Means a lot! :heart:
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would you mind telling me . . . does the model have a deformed hand?  
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No I don't mind :) It is a self- portrait and I do not have a deformed hand, I guess it's just the way I posed :)
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You know, this portrait breaks the rules by not showing the face.  The composition is so strong - the path of the light, the color (which I told you fascinates me), and, perhaps, the peculiarity of the fingers and hand - that one is not even aware that the face was not shown.  It is sensitive and delicate.  you must have very refined aesthetics, or really, really good luck with the camera.  

You can always count on an honest analysis from me.  Not necessarily well informed - which is why I typically limit my critiques to illustration art and keep it categorical.  I rarely give a gut reaction, as i did with this piece.  It really moved me.  All I had was a gut reaction to offer.  So glad I did (even if embarrassed), which provided opportunity to meet you. :)
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I love black and white, contrast is good....Hug 
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I love black and white as well (I suppose it is noticeable from my gallery :P ) but this one just worked in color for me :)
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This is like a painting from the renaissance
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Thank you so much!! :heart:
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Tangible beauty indeed Clapping Emoticon Pixel Rose and great photography Nod 
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Thank you dear!! :bow: :glomp:
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You are very welcome... Pixel Rose 
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brilliant lighting :clap::clap::glomp:
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Thank you Chris!! :tighthug:
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