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Gift to Korea: Infinity Love Snakes

By SaturnGrl
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This was made in addition to:
Gift for Eemo Minju Gift for Eemo Moon Joo by SaturnGrl

In addition to working on the project for my 이모 (Auntie) 민주 ("Moon-Joo"). She had asked me to make a pair of snakes for my cousin and his wife in Korea.
Since both of them were born in the year of the snake, Moon Joo asked that each snake be colored in their favorite colors; Gold for her son, and Blue for his wife. I have never met them before, but I wasn't going to say no to my auntie. ^_^

This was a fun project to take on as well as the Chao. Coming up with the design was a challenge in itself. I had an idea on what I wanted to do, but I had nothing to reference it to, so this is all original in its design. I just knew, I wanted to have the snakes be able to stand as individuals and as a duet.
I first started with pieces of foil to try and create individual snakes that could be entwined together into a heart shape. Took lots of trial and error, and lots of ripped up tin foil, but I eventually found the perfect forms for the snakes.

I then molded thin layers of Scupley over the foil, making slight adjustments as the bulk changed the original thin shape of the foil skeleton. Felt almost like I was making clay-mation. Once I was sure the shape and mass was perfect, I sculpted the head shapes, and added glass beads as the eyes. I used a blue glass bead for the gold snake, and a green one for the blue snake...but you can't see the green beads very well. :(

I then started molding the little scales over the eyes to give the snake heads better dimension and to make the eyes look more real. I then poked deep holes into the mouth area with a headpin.

While the snakes baked, I thought of putting them on a pillow for display purposes. I looked in hobby shops, doll bedding and doll house accessories, but I couldn't find any pillows the right size for them and the Display case I bought. So I picked up some fabric and various threads and made my own pillow to the appropriate dimensions of the Display box. Came out very nice, and I liked adding the golden tassels for flare.

After baking the snakes, I put together little bead ornaments that would dangle from their mouths freely. The ornaments are made of Czrch glass beads, colored green and clear with a red heart with gold stripes across it in the middle, tipped off with one single silver bead on a silver plated ball point headpin. the ornament is then connected to an Eye Headpin which is then fitted to the holes in the snake's mouths.

I painted the snakes with a metallic gold and a metallic blue mixed with silver. The color combinations worked beautifully. I then dotted the bodies with colored scale spots and painted the belly scales on the snakes; Rust/copper red with gold specks on the Gold Snake, and Dark metallic blue with silver specks on the Blue Snake. Can't see the dark metallic blue very will in the photos, but its there. :)
these run from the heads of the snakes to the tip of their tails.

After painting and glazing was finished, I permanently fixed the ornaments to the mouths and they were all finished and looked beautiful as individuals and together as a set. I liked how they came together and how their tail tips touched to make an infinity-like loop with their entwined bodies. And the way the heads came to meet with the free dangling ornaments just looked lovely.
I then used elastic thread to sew them onto the pillow so that they wouldn't jostle around. The thread can be cut and removed if they wanted to, so no worries there.

For the display box, I picked that up at Hobby Town like the one I used for the Chao, only this one was originally designated for displaying baseballs. Like the Chao display, I press molded Super Light Scupley into little lotus flowers and colored them pink to differ from the purple ones on the Chao display. I used the same leaves from a plastic "eucalyptus" plant to make the Lotus lilies and fixed them to the case with Mod Podge. I also used gold colored chains, caps and headpins instead of silver. The beads are a blue and clear Czech glass beads for the short dangles, but the long dangle has a Siam Swarovski Crystal Heart on the ends of the chains.
I got a little elaborate on the case by adding the two additional hanging chains across the sides, but it looked very nice when it was done.

I got a letter from Moon Joo that said she, her son and his wife were very impressed and they loved the gift. I now have word that my other relatives in Korea now want to request sculptures.
Things could start getting busy... O_o

Sculpture art © Me.
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Wow. Seriously, good job! I love that you made them as both individual pieces, and a set! I do wish the picture was bigger, so I could see the details on the stomach and head. Also, I love how the pieces look when they are together. Entwined, it gives a romantic feel, which is lovely. It is really amazing how you added more then sculpting. The beads and chains are a really nice touch. And the pillow, that is just awesome. A final touch of elegance.
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Thank you very much for your wonderful comments!
Y'know, you can see the detail much better if you select the "Download Image" option to the right of the page. The image is about 3686×1383 pixels, so you can get a better look at the smaller details.
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Wow, I can. Well that's embarassing! lol
Love the details, I hope you make more like this soon. :)
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That is intricate and classy as hell.
The intercrossed snakes really complete it well, as do the flowers on each of the top corners.
You've got talent in making these.
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Thank you! You never know what talents you can discover until you try, y'know?
You should try making something with Sculpey too.
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That's a definite maybe for me.
Still tryin to just get better at freehand.
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The final idea is wonderful. No wonder everyone wants your sculptures!
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Thank you! ^_^
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Woow, looks amazing! You did an amazing job with execution and design. :D
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Thank you!
It was a lot of hard work to get them just right. ^_^
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Hello :D your lovely work was featured here [link] have a great weekend and keep it up :la:
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This is so beautiful, such a lovely idea and incredibly well exectued as well.
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Thank you! I'm ery proud of how well this came out. ^_^
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Ooooo 8D So pretty~~ Wonderful work!
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Thanks for the compliment. :) I'm glad you think so!
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No problemo indeed! :bow:
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Wow very beautiful work here.
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