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Speaking as a friend of eboneil, the cast out one, I find Deviant Art engaging in the height of hypocrisy. Deviant Art banned eboneil for privately advertising adult content through notes. eboneil forwarded me the e-mail that banned eboneil so I know what I'm talking about. 

Yet here on the very group page eboneil started and is currently banned from Deviant Art openly advertises adult content. 5 times now I have seen Wartune openly advertise adult content on this very page. Apparently if you have money, the rules don't apply to you. 

Brother and Sister Deviants, somewhere George Orwell is shaking his head. ALL DEVIANTS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME DEVIANTS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS!

PS eboneil tried to quietly resolve this issue of such gross double standards with Deviant Art. Deviant Art refused to answer eboneil's e-mails.
Wanted to share a link to a piece with Imra in it.

Thanks for the invite to join the group.  Despite having drawn a number of pics of Saturn-Girl over the years, I'm actually not much of a fan of the character or the Legion in general, so I'm going to decline to join, but I do appreciate you thinking of me and liking my work enough to include in you galleries.  Good luck with your group!
Best wishes to you and all your future art works! deviantART 
Membership requires submitting two Saturn Girl images, individual or in a group with other characters. Images can be in color or black and white. Sketches/drafts and final completions are both welcome. All versions and innovative versions of Saturn Girl are welcome. You can certainly view the collection at any time. Crossovers are encouraged like drawing Electra Woman and Saturn Girl together or having Saturn Girl confront a villain like Lex Luthor or the Joker. Personal Computer