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The gold, russet and red season is almost upon us (unless you're from the Southern Hemisphere; you guys will need to use your imaginations). As the crop turns soft and sweet, Inspiring-Stories is looking to harvest some great autumn-themed stories. Be a part of it, and there's a unique prize in the offing!


The best three stories will be narrated by me in an autumnal, rocky landscape on the outskirts of the UK's beautiful Bristol, and uploaded to YouTube. Want to see a sample of what this will look lilke? Here's a summertime equivalent:


The story needs to have an autumn/fall theme; that is the one, truly unshakeable rule for this competition. Anything else goes, but if you need extra prompts, use this:

Pick the word the starts with the first letter of your first name.

A - Strawberry
B - Bee
C - Green
D - Centaur
E - Cake
F - Book
G - Pineapple
H - Rock
I - Movie
J - Diamond
K - Cat
L - Metal
M - Dragon
N - Red
O - Chocolate
P - Bluebird
Q - Orange
R - Marble
S - Banana
T - Mp3
U - Gelato
V - Mermaid
W - Pink

X - Fish
Y - Wood
Z - Paper

Now take the word that starts with the first letter of your last name.

A - Thief
B - Queen
C - Advisor
D - Mechanic
E - Therapist
F - General
G - Cadet
H - Marshal
I - Climber
J - Monk
K - Dancer
L - Writer
M - Fairy
N - King
O - Clerk
P - Farmer
Q - Architect
R - Captain
S - Officer
T - Admiral
U - Lumberjack
V - Pilot

W - Fisherman
X - Priest
Y - Sculptor
Z - Singer

These are the words to prompt your story. Interpret them in any way you like, or choose not to use them at all.

Time Limits

Opens: 1st of September 2017
Closes: 30th of September 2017
Judging: 7th of October 2017

How to Enter

Write up your story and submit it to your gallery, then link to it here. Or if you're feeling less confident or want to keep it private for now, Note it to me.

Word Count

3,000 words is the rough maximum, but you can go a little bit over if you need to.


  • Your story submission must be written for this competition
  • The story must have a strong, positive twist. Anything from feel-good works to black humour are fine, so long as a reader would feel good after reading it
  • You can contribute as many submissions as you like
  • No fanfictions
  • No explicit sexual content or violence

Best of luck!
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saturdaystorytellers's avatar
You responded just fine, and I've looked at the story.

It's gorgeous! And certainly I'll make a recording of this one. I look forward to it!
Gilmel's avatar
Oh thank you so much! I apologize again for my entry being late though >< I feel bad I didn't finish it sooner!
saturdaystorytellers's avatar
There's no need at all to feel bad. You did good, and you were distracted with other things. They say good things come to those who wait and I for one am happy to have traded a bit of extra time for a story of this quality.
Gilmel's avatar
Oh my gosh, you're so sweet. Thank you so much ;-;
OuroborosI's avatar
So my subject is SK Banana dancer?…

Hmmm quite weird to make a dwarf story about it ^^
saturdaystorytellers's avatar
Banana dance?…

That sounds like it's going to be a beauty!
Gilmel's avatar
I would love to try this!
saturdaystorytellers's avatar
So - did you come up with anything? I'd love to see if you did!
Gilmel's avatar
I started writing, but I knew I couldn't finish yesterday so I kinda gave up ;~; Could I submit late?
saturdaystorytellers's avatar

I meant to close the competition yesterday, pick the winners and read their stories, but there have been strong winds this whole weekend which mean that any outdoor readings I'd have done would be ruined with wind-noise, and the trees aren't looking particularly autumnal yet, so I figured I could wait a little longer.

One other person is (hopefully) going to submit a late entry, so you can too :)
Gilmel's avatar
Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I will try my best to finish it today then!
saturdaystorytellers's avatar
Hey Gilmel - did you have any luck finishing it? I'm just taking a look through entries now.
Gilmel's avatar
Could I post it today?? I'm almost finished! (Sorry, but idk if you heard about the stuff that happened in Las Vegas last weekend.... I'm from there so this week has been rather rough.)
saturdaystorytellers's avatar
Oh my goodness. Gilmel - you were tangled up in the Las Vegas awfulness? Of course you can post today, that's absolutely fine.
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Please do! Dig in, upload it to your gallery and link to it in the comments here. I look forward to seeing what you make!
AuroraTheApprentice's avatar
im kinda new to writing stuff. but i wanna try! Pearl Emote 40 
saturdaystorytellers's avatar
Oh, please do! And link here when you've uploaded it, so I can see it, yes?

Good luck!
AuroraTheApprentice's avatar
saturdaystorytellers's avatar
Heya! Did you write anything for the positive autumnal story contest? I've love to see what you made, if you did!
AuroraTheApprentice's avatar
no *facepalms* i was busy and i forgot.
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