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On of those ideas I came up at one point at time only to make it happen few months later :P Slow day at Ponyville so mane 6 decided to switch their jobs for a day. That should liven the things up ;) Desperately tried not to make same switch ups as seen in Magical Mystery Cure, so I could come up with something original instead of episode-based. I guess Rainbow Dash is my favourite idea on this piece, ironicaly, hence she's on foreground in relation to other characters ;)

Well this is my last full-digital art so far. For few weeks now I've focused mainly on traditional art, and I intend to do some more too. I think about traditional drawing and digital colouring OR digital inking of IRL sketches, I think changing my working methods will help me to develope some more, plus returning to traditional art has prooved to be as challenging as it is satysfing, seriously. It never hurts to have verious MOs to keep yourself fresh I think, doing various art related things really motivates me to go on and draw even more. Also, starting October 19th I go on week-long holiday so I hope to make even more art stuff :D And finally buy that damn scanner because so far I'm keep being occupied with stuff randomly happening. So I hope you folks gonna be patient for a hopefully short absence of sumbissions for me and that you will enjoy some of my works I spawned so far, when I'll finall publish them. Until then, have a nice weekend, enjoy your daily dose of pony this saturday ( I know I will) and see you around ;)
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So, noticing that Flutters still has butterfly butt, does that mean all they did was switch occupations?