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Published: January 16, 2015
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From :iconszafalesiaka: :
This comic is by-product of the research on clop I made for my master’s thesis. A long, long research, leading me to the darkest corners of the fandom… This strip might become a longer series, as there’s a huge amount of weirdness in pony erotica that can be used for parody. I hope you’ll all enjoy it. ;)

As usual, I give my special thanks to :iconpony-berserker: for additional ideas and proofreading.


From :iconsaturdaymorningproj: :
Eeeeyup, 2015 starts and thankfully another collab with the one, the only, mister "imagination without limitation" SzafaLesiaka :P Gotta say I really like working on that comic, despite simple setting I had tons of fun drawing Twilight's various levels of discomfort and fear. Poor Twi. Also I noticed I draw a lot of unicron Twilight lately. Probably because no wings = less work for me :P

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Word of advise: every known fandom has it's dark and murky sides that is beyond understanding not just MLP

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Word of advise? heh, more like common knowledge :P
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Hope so. I forgot: hat off to you making humorous MLP comics with style Tuxedo Hat Off Icon

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thankies. Funny someone found that one. Darn, few days ago it was 4th years since I posted it. Time flies xD
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Nightcaster460 Digital Artist
Annoying. Honestly, just ignore that stuff.
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Looking into the internet can sometimes be like staring... into the Immaterium.
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HamburgerMarsupialHobbyist Writer
Wouldn't an octopus and a 'giant tentacle monster' fall into pretty much the same category?
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Hmm, well octopus is an existing, I know they can look freaky but still ;)
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SnowyfooxStudiosHobbyist Digital Artist
Damn it Discord. I mean, you easily the 2nd best character in MLP, but why?!
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drewmasterStudent Digital Artist
Yeeeeaaaahhhh......Twilight, uh....that black screen with the white text in Mortal Kombat 3 that reads "There is no knowledge that is not power" is true, but that doesn't mean your gonna like what you learn. New knowledge is great until you find erotic fan content of yourself for all to see.

Great job on this. Although every franchise imaginable seems to have at least one "what if they saw porn of themselves on the internet" post, I do like this one. Twilight wanting more knowledge is a nice angle to work with that keeps this tired old trope interesting somehow.
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XxWarriorsleafxXStudent Artisan Crafter
XD Twilight Sparkle (Run) 
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It's one thing to clop (I don't judge), it's another to clop sibling like I never get that.
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Didn't Scribbler do a comic dub of this?
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XxWarriorsleafxXStudent Artisan Crafter
Yes Scribbler did.
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I am aware that few of the comics I've worked on have been dubbed - is this one of them? I don't know ^^'
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ColgateWorldHobbyist Traditional Artist
It is.
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I'd love to see this done with the other five.
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hit a little close to home
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MiragePotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
"More knowledge is never bad, right?"
everyone who has entered that dark void known as internet for the very first time
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JewelSamuraiHobbyist Traditional Artist
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trgloverStudent General Artist
Please make aversion of this with everyone from the mane six.
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