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From :iconszafalesiaka: :
This comic is by-product of the research on clop I made for my master’s thesis. A long, long research, leading me to the darkest corners of the fandom… This strip might become a longer series, as there’s a huge amount of weirdness in pony erotica that can be used for parody. I hope you’ll all enjoy it. ;)

As usual, I give my special thanks to :iconpony-berserker: for additional ideas and proofreading.


From :iconsaturdaymorningproj: :
Eeeeyup, 2015 starts and thankfully another collab with the one, the only, mister "imagination without limitation" SzafaLesiaka :P Gotta say I really like working on that comic, despite simple setting I had tons of fun drawing Twilight's various levels of discomfort and fear. Poor Twi. Also I noticed I draw a lot of unicron Twilight lately. Probably because no wings = less work for me :P

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