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What Goes Around Part 4

The contination of AJ/Luna shenanigans. Luna certainly wants to have the last laugh in this one, or at least a giggle :P I should be able to finish the 5th part in about a week, I hope, in the mean time have a good friday and upcoming weekend :)

Previous parts:

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4:
You are here darling :iconrarityplz:


Big thanks to :iconwhisperer-of-winds: for proofreading and additional advices on dialogue :)

AJ and Luna belong to Hasbro
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Did Luna and Big Mac do what I think it is??? If yes, oh boy......

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I so envy Big Mac now XD
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This is my favorite part! XD
Wait, why doesn't AJ like Luna sleeping with Big Mac? Does she want him to be forever celibate?
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Whoa-hoo, She's Pissed! XD
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Why AJ mad doesn't that mean she gets to work more on the apples by herself I thought she loves working alone... hm still though Luna you better watch your flank... literally
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You have quite a talent for drawing comics.  I particularly like the facial expressions and your detailed backgrounds.

I wanted to address something that seems to have upset a few people -- it's panel four.  While I don't mind shipping Big Mac with Luna (and it was done to a small extent in one issue of the IDW comics), but I think that this really detracts from your story as it opens a big can of worms regarding ponies and casual sex; Big Mac's and Luna's relationship; and it also involves Big Mac in a nasty battle of revenge pranks (which doesn't seem fair to Big Mac, nor does it seem in character for him).

If you are interested, here's a very easy fix which allows for the main prank shown on this page to work.  You just add one more panel at the end, showing the roof of the house flying off and the windows exploding out, from an explosion (from Applejack's rage) with Big Mac already out in the field, plowing (he got out of bed early to start work early).  Big Mac has raised his head and is looking over, wondering what's going on at the house.  You see, after Mac had left to go to work, Luna would have seen him out in the field and Luna could have then popped into Mac's empty bedroom to play her joke on Applejack.  This way, Big Mac doesn't get personally involved in the prank battle plus there's a nice little gag in the last panel when he's looking at the house, wondering what the buck is going on.  Just a suggestion.

Love your comics.  They're really nice.  Your comics remind me a bit of Don Keno Rosa's duck comics.  :=) 
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Cool idea, actually wish I would hear it sooner, it's been a while since making that part, and after all that time passed I'm not sure I feel like modyfing this page, since I am kind of "what's done is done" kind of person when it comes to art, especially after longer period after posting it. Sure some people may have problems with it but I can't expect everyone to like it, neither was it my goal, for folks who enjyoed it - yay for them, for those who didn't, welp, alrighty.

But thanks for the input, it is a good idea in general, I may take it under consideration, at least when I feel up to make something like that between the projects ;)
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I thought a bit more as to why I didn't care for panel 4 of this page.  Luna's action of claiming she's slept with Big Mac seems very "mean-hearted," especially for what is considered to be a practical joke.  If anything, Luna is NOT mean-hearted.  She is mischievous or playful, but she's never been "mean."  And it doesn't seem fair for her to involved Big Mac in an overblown prank towards Big Mac's own sister.

   Also, my suggestion for the last panel -- I thought about it more and I would have drawn Big Mac in the foreground, out in the field and plowing.  Big Mac would be looking towards the viewers (us) and reacting to hear something (but he's not sure what the sound is).  In the background, the house would have the roof flying up (like an exaggerated explosion has happened from Applejack's temper).  This way, this page has a logical conclusion to the action of Applejack yelling and going "red" in that last panel shown.  Plus, it lets Big Mac "off the hook" for Luna's prank because it can be interpreted that Luna was simply lying to Applejack for the sake of the prank gone too far.

Anyway, just suggestions.  I only do this because I think this comic was very well done, except for the "meanness" of involving Big Mac.  :)

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hahaha more funny wwork here  love applejack expression
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omg that angry face, holy shit!
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wait did Princess Luna + Big mac=GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! GIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! 
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I can't believe it. Somehow i managed to miss both part 3 and 4 of this serie. I blame dA and not my premature senility.

What makes me so mad is that i risked missing out on two fantastic works like these. I absolutely adore this serie, every one of these made me laugh so hard!

The face from AJ in the last panel here...i like to draw very cartoonish and overly exagerated expressions but you outdid me tenfolds drawing just her eyes and a bit of her mouth...that face is just amazing! :D

Seriously, keep up the good work, you're doing an awesome work with these! :D
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thanks man, I do think I made some improvement with face expression ovetime, hence it's fun to draw a bit extreme reactions, like great fear, shock or anger, anyway thanks, hearing it from You means a lot, also, yeah no worries DA did a number on me like that numerous time, for example unwatching some people from my list etc, sometimes weird things happen here :P
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Ah, so it isn't me going senile yet, then, that's a great news :P

Anyway, yes, you definitely improved a lot with expressions, as well with many other things, the quality of your works was great before and is even greater now :D
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no worries, and thanks once again, You did some awesome job too, I enjoyed your vectors but You just jumped on the whole new level with drawings, really man, that's some outstanding gallery You got there, keep it up :D
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Thank you for your kind words, i'll keep trying my best :D
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This one I like a lot less. I really hate when people use sex as a weapon to hurt people.
I know, it's just a joke. But it's one that I'm uncomfortable with.

That's just my two cents though. Everyone else seems to like it. =)
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