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A little project done on the span of last 2 days. Ever knew a person who's only redeeming quality was the fact you and him/her share a friend? Yeah. Awkward.

I keep hoping that somewhere through the course of the show we will get episode that will do justice to Twilight & Trixie, after the little misfire "No Second Prances" was.

Oh, here's little dialogue by :iconcajobif: inspired by the comic above:

:iconstarlightglimmerplz: "So, it wouldn't bother you to keep her company for... I don't know... two more days?"
:icontwilightshappyplz: "Uh..."
:iconhappyspikeplz:"Uh, Twilight? Is that..."
:icontwilightshappyplz:"One minute, Spike. I'm talking with Starlight." 
:iconhappyspikeplz:"But I..."
:icontwilightshappyplz:"Spike? Please?"
:icontwilightshappyplz:"Sorry Starlight, you were saying?"
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: "Can you keep Trixie two more days?"
:icontwilightshappyplz:"That would be..."
:iconhappyspikeplz:"I think that this little blue unicorn just "flavored" your tea."
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: "Huh? What tiny blue unicorn?"
:icontwilightshappyplz:"Ah! Why... y-yes I could..."
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: "What have you done to her?"
:icontwilightshappyplz:"Ugh! I couldn't take it anymore! She kept talking about herself endlessly! She like teacups? I made it her bed!"
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: "What? How long the spell lasts?"
:icontwilightshappyplz:"One full day, why?"
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: "Um... C-can you teach me that one? You know... J-just in case."
:icontwilightshappyplz:"Of course. Just... in case."
:iconhappyspikeplz:"Twilight? What I do with that?"
:icontwilightshappyplz:"Huh? Oh. Just wash it under the sink."
:iconhappyspikeplz:"I mean Trixie."
:icontwilightshappyplz:"Don't forget to dry her."
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Tricup... Hey, Trixie hiccups.

Bwa ha ha. So when Trixie hiccups, she said her name rather than hiccup like everypony else.
Trinity-Alchemist's avatar
Twi: "She talks a lot."

Starlight: "Just open the door, let her run around the yard for a while. She'll tire herself out."
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Quite like dogs. And children :P
aqdrobert's avatar
Now, it's time for Starlight to talk about herself....
JNRedmon's avatar
The looks on their faces in the first panel are hysterical.
JNRedmon's avatar
You're welcome!
That seems like an inefficient solution. Surely you know a muting spell?
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Trixie probably needs saying her name as much as breathing so that could turn out disasterous in resutls :P
dancinninjac's avatar
I like the part where she says "Trixie"
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Yup, she would make for a good Pokemon.
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Looks like Twilight has reached breaking point, and Trixie reach shrinking point... :XD:
BB-K's avatar
Well, turning Trixie into a mini Trixie in a teacup sure keeps her quiet. :XD:
*takes a nice big sip*
>8)... delicious...
DrWhoFan611's avatar
Looks like it's time for a Little Nightmare.
BrutalityInc's avatar
Teacup... for when you ABSOLUTELY HAD ENOUGH.
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
Mini!Trixie "T-Trixie has learned her lesson and would like t-t-to be b-big again, please!"
BrutalityInc's avatar
Starlight, [Not noticing Mini!Trixie] "My, did that trip make me thirsty... Twilight, can I have some warm lemon tea?"

Twilight, [Forgotten Mini!Trixie's in the cup and immersed in reading] "Sure! Here's a cup. Knock yourself out!"
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
[Mini!Trixie is hit with a bout of vertigo when the cup is suddenly yanked upwards in a violet glow, and when she recovers she sees the now-gigantic Starlight's mouth open as the cup tilts...]

Mini!Trixie: [Floating in the tea, too shocked to emote] "...Oh dear, that isn't good. Perhaps Trixie should jump?"
BrutalityInc's avatar
[Starlight started drinking, and Mini!Trixie, finding it impossible to jump in liquid and in desperation, grabbed hold of a lock of Starlight's mane as she was swept into her mouth...]
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Twixie is canon. You can taste it in the air. If Starlight left, it would take all of ten minutes for things to start getting adorkable. By the end of weekend, they'd be FEBFFFs.
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