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The Trouble Has Been Doubled

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Published: November 30, 2013
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When my first collaboration work, "The other Rainbow Dash" (written by :iconszafalesiaka:) came out, many people felt a bit sorry of G3 Rainbow Dash, who's reception in Ponyville wasn't among the warmest. The idea about making sort of sequel to that comic was circling in my mind for quite some time, so here we are. Hope You enjoy it - also I decided to draw her in style more similar to the way I draw rest of the ponies to make it more bearable for people who aren't all that fond of styles from previous generations ;) If my understanding is correct the past Rainbow Dash was some sort of fashionista as well so I guess she would get along Rarity quite well - the g4 Dashie may not te happy about the idea though xD

Big thanks goes to  :iconpony-berserker: and :icongray--day: for advices and hints You gave me both art and grammar-wise. You were huge help and can't express enough how much I appreciate your aid. Thanks guys, never stop being awesome ;)
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SupafoxxehHobbyist Writer
Now do Rarity, G3 Rainbow Dash!
Godzilla278's avatar
Hahahaha Gand mother
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
my oh my, that escalated quickly :P
MasterBrattan's avatar
Yay, G3 Dashie finally found a friend.
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liuhyhung123Hobbyist Digital Artist
that RD face is my face everytime my mom get me try on new suit
meiyeezhu's avatar
Rainbow Dash always dresses in...
:diefantard: :diefantard: :diefantard: :diefantard: 
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burstthecatHobbyist General Artist
I hate g3
SilverWing27's avatar
SilverWing27Hobbyist Writer
XD Right. I almost forgot that the G3 Rainbow Dash is the glamor type. Suits with Rarity perfectly. :D lol. G4 Rainbow Dash, you're awesome, but you kinda had this coming. lol.
SilverWing27's avatar
SilverWing27Hobbyist Writer
All they need is to hire Coco Pommel to be with them and they're golden! :D
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
haha however I doubt Coco would force Dashie into this xD
SilverWing27's avatar
SilverWing27Hobbyist Writer
XD Lol. Of course, you're right. lol. She would never do something like that. I mean, look at how that other mare treated her and she was scared. If these two forced Coco, she wouldn't want to do it.
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chemicaIityStudent Digital Artist
Oh dear god run for the lives of your eyeballs.
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ElectricKeysHobbyist General Artist
I watched G3 MLP movie the other day, and I cringed at how much they had changed rainbowdash. It was a good change, but I was so unused to the old ones that I used to love, it almost felt alien.
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Ah I see, well I have not much knowledge about previous generations, I've learned about this RD when working with SzafaLesiaka on other comic that included her. It's funny how some characters have changed over time ;)
ElectricKeys's avatar
ElectricKeysHobbyist General Artist
Exactly! And I used to be a big fan of the older generations but that was before G4, and I had forgotten pretty much everything except the title.
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
I see haha cool, yeah it's kind of me like I see how TMNT were presented back in the 80's and how they are now via comics for example. In cartoon Shredder often was a comedic sort of character, in current ongoing series published by IDW he is serious threat and there is no fooling around with this guy around :) sort of like he was in the first movie but even more dreadful :)
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I don't  see the  team   rocket.
attack193's avatar
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Yup, the nightmare relived :P
alexwarlorn's avatar
I like G3. It has Minty. 
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Forgive me my lack of knowledge on the subject, but who's Minty?
alexwarlorn's avatar……

She was basically Pinkie Pie's best friend, and is effectively the first G3 pony we see on screen (in a charming birthday). She has an unhealthy fixation on socks (she liked socks before they were cool) and the color green, and is a general klutz. She has a minor OCD which combined with her klutziness is not a good thing. She is my favorite G3 pony.

She is however capable of surprising amount of cleverness, courage and wit when backed into a corner.

After she was 'volunteered' (drafted) into asking Kimono for advice on KIMONO'S surprise birthday party, she managed to pull it off WITHOUT giving away the surprise!

"This is why I live outside of town." Kimono said at Minty's odd behavior, implying Kimono is much more mature and controlled than the rest of the G3 ponies.
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Oh, I see, huh interesting. Thanks for sharing that info! On the bright side, they seem to include some stuff from previous generations once in a while if I am not mistaken so maybe she will cameo somewhere :) You can never rule out that option ;)
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