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The Equestrian Cataclysm - an epilogue

As the title says, this is an epilogue to the latest comic I worked on, written by :iconszafalesiaka:
As I've learned after posting the Equestrian Cataclysm comic, two weeks ago, there was actually an idea for another panel as additional fan-service for WoW players. The father of this paticular panel is :iconpony-berserker: Since I've already posted the comic I wasn't feeling like adding to it another panel, but the idea was fun enough to make it an epilogue to an actual comic. I've been working on it this last week, and it was my first digital project since I've finished "The Equestrian Cataclysm" itself - yeah I had bit of a break ;) if it won't collide with my Phantom Pain sessions too much I plan to slowly return to digital projects ;) 

The Equestrian Cataclysm:
The Equestrian Cataclysm by saturdaymorningproj
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Pinkie dont you dare to think of it!

Pinkie Pie: eh? Think of what exactly are you talkin about?

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meh i could of beat that dragon or i have afew aces up my sleeves
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I didn't notice RD till about the 4th time around.  Poor Dash just wants to fight epic monsters like Twilight gets to every other 5th episode.
Even in comics, Spike is the butt of all jokes.
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There is one they fear, in their tongue, he is dohvakiin... DRAGONBORN!
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When I saw Spike with the container named Dragon Soul I immediately expected him to sing the Dragon Soul song from Dragon ball kai. :XD:
:iconmlpspikeplz: Dokan Dokan tsuiteru! Dokan Dokan Paradise! We can find harmony. All we have to do is go go free your soul!
:icontwilightsparkleplz: Spike....what are you singing?
:iconhappyspikeplz: Just a song of a cartoon from Neighpon.
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Twilight: Uh, I'm afraid so. Sorry Spike. Nothing happened as according into ours plans. I never expected this reaction from this huge dragon.
Rainbow Dash: This.... could have been the most epic fight that ponies would have ever fought! But... he fled away! The.... the coward...
Applejack: I reckon he was afraid to lose his face against us. Ah suspect dragon pride.
Spike:  And MY pride? Do you have any idea how much I suffered for bringing that thing here?
T: Uh...
AJ: Uh...
Fluttershy: Um. B-but you did it and... we umm, are very proud of you.
S: Aww, geez... *blush* Wait! That won't do this time!
Rainbow Dash: *sniff* I know... It's not fair...
Rarity: That's okay, dear. You will "whoop" some other dragon someday. A day.... very far of this one... and presumably al-
T: What do you want? Gems? A larger bed? Let me guess, a very very rare comic book?
S: Gems could be good. But I want more!
T: *sigh* Name it.
S: Vacations!
T: Huh?
RD: Want to go with me now, Rare? We could find a cave, find a dragon and fight him for its gems... Think of the gems while I-
R: Stop it Rainbow Dash!
RD: What?
R: I know you are trying to tempt me!
RD: And?
R: What?
RD: Is it working?
T: Would you stop talking a moment? Please? I'm trying to talk with Spike!
R: Sorry Twilight. I.... We'll talk about this later.
T: All right, Spike. You got them. One week at the place of your choice.
S: Really? Sweet!
T: After you put that back where you got it.
S: WHAT?!?
Pinkie Pie: Hey, Spike. Do you think we could-
Twilight, Rarity and Applejack: NO!
T: We won't open it and take a peek into that box!
P: WHAT?! But I want to see so badly!
T: No.
P: AWWWWW..... You really are not fun at all, today!
F: I-I-I really mean it.... C-can we go back home now?
S: I know I will now...
T: Spike! Take the box with you!
S: Uh, no. Na-han.
T: What?!
S: Make it two and will do it for you. *grin*
T: *groan* FINE! I will bring it back there... myself!
S: What? Are you insane? They will kill you and... and- *sigh*
T: So, you will do it? For me?
S: Yeah. But also for two weeks and a chariot full of gems.
T: Why you... you... Grrr! Fine!
S: Yes! I'll be back in two days! Uh, rather three.
AJ: Are you really going to give him all that?
T: I'm afraid so. He deserved it this time, anyway.
RD: You wouldn't have to if we had fought that dragon.
T: Would you shut up already about that Dash?
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XD This is great!  Maybe we can get someone to animate this, LIKE FLIMFLAM!

Just so you know, I favorite'd this because of your commentary.  Good work.
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I submitted the two parts there:…

Just so you know, I made this because what you said flattered me and I felt I should have done this earlier.
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Thanks! Glad to hear that.

Fav part?
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the whole thing is great but when spike got his 2 weeks vacation and a bunch of gems made me almost shoot the water i was drinking out my nose
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Yeah. Who doesn't like a paid vacation?
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the one paying for it?
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XD haha Poor Spike is hard work deliver to help Twilight sparkle. 

Rarity: Well,don't worry..What about to playing to beat dragon? like skirm or something? 
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Spike always gets the short end of the stick. To paraphrase from The Drew Carey show:

Spike (Upset) Plz "That's me. Spike: Equestria's hacky sack."*

*In the show it was, "That's me. Drew Carey: God's hacky sack."
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Lol, yeah I remember that show xD and yup, that's an nugrateful job, but nonetheless a job someone has to do xD
At least he got to meet and help out Thrall. 
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And Dashie really is depressed here :/  aww....
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I would see something spike would if this were to happen
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