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The Dominant Species

A little project I was thinking about for quite some time, actually I was thinking about doing it some time after creating my "Doozy" vector, so yeah it's pretty old idea and changed itself few times. Glad to finally have it done, and now I can head to other much bigger project. Big thanks to :iconthejboy88: for proofreading, much oblidged ( on the side note I recommend to check on his fanfics :) )
And yes I am hyped for next Godzilla movie xD
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Aleck-Ultimate's avatar

Best best Fluttershy stare ever.

And best Pinky line EVER !

Brandon-Vortex's avatar

i thought thats ultraman cosmos job to get things settle up peacefully

ZoeyIcebin32's avatar
rollerknightwounder's avatar
wait.. the one on the left looks like ant-man to me XD
mh3umaster's avatar
u mean ultraman? he is old school hero from 1997-2003 for the show i watched when he was made idk u can always wiki him
mistressofsins9's avatar
Actually Ultra man is from 1966.
MnstrFrc's avatar
i don't like it. flutterfly is mean to godzilla? no... godzilla is the meanest of all.
awesome comic and Pinkie Pie has best line!!
FuyuStorm's avatar
Oh please, you know the real Godzilla would walk away or blast her if he in a bad mood. Yeah try using that stare on Shin Godzilla, Fluttershy.
But still, it's funny.
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I love how serious/sore people are about that comic.
FuyuStorm's avatar
Oh I knew this was a joke XD It just I get bit serious when it comes to big G himself. Well not this one because he looked silly and fat :XD:
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
I see. That said, you would be surprised how many people are sore about such stuff ;)
I can imagine that Ultraman tried to break up the fight.
Zimzilla99's avatar
Good piece, But literally let's be honest

Ultarman - Killed Kaiju that would make Galactus look small

Gamera - Can shoot pretty much a spirit bomb from his chest

And Gojira - Has killed Satan, Escaped a black Hole, Resisted Magic on several occasions

But yay funny piece
saturdaymorningproj's avatar
Well it you had fun time reading it - that's all that matters ;)
Unkownbrony52's avatar
On that day they remembered......the true power of one mare's stare.
Phaedrolous's avatar
Wait, why is she pep-talking the Terran Defenders?
Its Ghidorah, Destroyah, and Space Godzilla that need the lecture.
mh3umaster's avatar
cuz there punching each other black and blue. a time out for ghidorah destryoyah and space godzilla would be much better
Monkeyrofl901's avatar
Okay, I recognize Godzilla and Ultraman, but who's the turtle-looking dude?
Rarity's reaction to Pinkie's ...Pinkieism in the last panel was worth a laugh.
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